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The digital divide panelist


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Danieta Morgan, Tom O’Connell, Nate Higgins, Tunisia Mitchell, and Marc Prensky.

Published in: Education
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The digital divide panelist

  1. 1. The Digital Divide: Poverty and Equity Panel Thursday June 30, 2016 6:00 PM Danieta Morgan started her career as a public school educator in Harlem, New York City, Danieta quickly became aware of the vast systemic organizational problems schools and students face. Her love for education and learning led her to live and teach in Chennai, India for 2 years where she led the redesign of the American International School of Chennai, India technology program. While in India, Danieta was also selected to become a Google Certified Innovator. Currently, Danieta is an educational engineer at New Visions for Public Schools with a mission to disrupt poverty by creating and integrating technology solutions for NYC public schools. Danieta and her team support over 200 schools with the incorporation of instructional and operational technology systems that support curriculum and promote student centered learning. With over 100,000 users, the New Visions’ created Add-Ons have supported schools internationally in managing workflow and creating schoolwide, useful data systems. Her successful program strategy of adoption, Drive to Write, was awarded the highly selective, United States Department of Education Investing in Innovation (i3) Grant for $3 million. Danieta seeks to disrupt poverty by creating better schools. Tom O’Connell leads Code/Interactive's rapidly growing program team to solve a huge problem -- students around the world, especially our lowest income students, do not have access to quality computer science and coding education. Code/Interactive is training teachers and empowering students to solve this problem, implementing one creative solution after another. Along my journey, Tom taught high school students, lead student backpacking adventures, organized impactful events, ran smooth operations, and built a network of individuals and organizations that truly care about students and communities across the country and the world. Nate Higgins began his career in education working at the Lorraine Monroe Leadership Institute in Harlem, NY, which helped to train and coach school leaders to turn-around and lead effective schools for all children. His work at the Lorraine Monroe Leadership Institute compelled him to further his interest in education and he joined the leadership team at The Biondi Elementary School where he spent the next few years honing his leadership skills. Nate’s hard work at Biondi allowed him to secure a position as the Middle School Assistant Principal at Bronx Preparatory Charter School where he worked for several years to improve standardized test scores and overall school culture. Recently, Nate was chosen by the Springfield Empowerment School Zone, as one of two leaders from across the country to be the founding principal of a middle school. Nate i founding Principal of Impact Prep Middle School in Springfield Massachusetts, which will officially open its doors for students in August 2016.
  2. 2. Tunisia Mitchell is a self-taught developer who got her start doing cultural studies within the United States. While conducting research and filming documentaries to shed light on history and community issues, she learned how to program to create solutions using technology. With her tech knowledge and experience in community relations, Tunisia has taught over two hundred youth and young adults at The Knowledge House how to code and use technology to create and foster solutions, gain jobs and become leaders within their own communities. Marc Prensky is an American writer and speaker on education. He is best known as the inventor and popularizer of the terms "Digital native" and "digital immigrant". Prensky holds degrees from Oberlin College (1966), Middlebury College (MA, 1967), Yale University (1968) and the Harvard Business School (1980). He is the author of seven books and 100 essays on learning and education. Prensky began his career as a teacher in Harlem, New York He has taught in elementary school, (New Haven CT), high school (New York, NY), and college (Wagner College, Staten Island, NY) He worked for six years (1981-1987) as a corporate strategist and product development director with the Boston Consulting Group, and six years (1993-1999) for Bankers Trust on Wall St., where he created game-based training for financial traders, and started an internal division, Corporate Gameware, later spun out as games2train.