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Data Intelligence: come abilitare il valore aziendale


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IDC evidenzia che in media l’80% del tempo che un’azienda dedica ai dati viene speso in attività di gestione e soltanto il 20% in attività analitiche a valore. Grazie alla data intelligence, questa proporzione può essere invertita. Ecco la presentazione che Diego Pandolfi, Research & Consulting Manager di IDC Italia, ha portato all'IDC Data Intelligence Conference 2019 del 18 giugno a Milano

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Data Intelligence: come abilitare il valore aziendale

  1. 1. Data Intelligence: enabling the enterprise value Diego Pandolfi Research & Consulting Manager – IDC Italia
  2. 2. Data is at the heart of digital transformation (DX) 2 From 2022… From 2015… From 2007… Source: IDC, 2019
  3. 3. The value of data 3 DATA: asset that needs to be protected, managed, and maintained to increase asset value… Source: IDC, 2019
  4. 4. Business goals driving data strategies 4 Which of the following business goals are driving adoption or consideration of Big Data and analytics in your organization? Source: IDC, October 2018 38% 38% 39% 39% 41% 42% 43% 44% Improve fraud, and risk management Implement better regulatory compliance and financial controls Improve facilities, and equipment design, maintenance Better understand customer behavior and expectations Optimize pricing strategies and go-to-market programs Product, services, or program improvement / innovation Better understand of the market and competitors Improve and optimize business processes and operations Processes and operations Market Products and services
  5. 5. Data is a Common Factor Between OT & IT 5 IT / OT Convergence Connected customers / connected products New IT Systems  Cloud  Multicloud  Edge  4G/5G Networks  New applications  Internet of Things  Automation  Advanced Robotics Machine-centric Human-centric DATA DATA DATA Source: IDC, 2019  Customer Experience  New business models Asset Optimization Predictive Maintenance Manufacturing Improvment
  6. 6. Percentage of Time Spent on Data-related Activities (Weekly) 6 Q.How many hours per week on average do you spend on each of the following data-related activities? n = 300 Source: IDC's Data Integration and Integrity End-User Survey Data intelligence has the potential to change this ratio: - ability to find data easier - understand context and definitions for better integration More time to perform analysis!
  7. 7. Data Intelligence provides the knowledge required to govern data assets 7 Source: IDC, 2019 WhoWhy WhenWhat WhereHow Data Cataloging Data lineage management Master Data Definition & Control Data Profiling & Stewardship
  8. 8. Data Intelligence: which benefits? 8 More time for data analysis activities Optimization of data life-cycle management Improve compliance to regulation Improvement in employees productivity Competitive advantage Source: IDC, 2019
  9. 9. Trends for the next years 9 Agile Infrastructures and Architectures Real Time Cloud Artificial Intelligence Source: IDC, 2019
  10. 10. It's not a technology-only problem… 10Source: IDC, 2019 Regulation / Compliance Budget / Costs Organizational silos Technologies / Solutions Skills
  11. 11. Data alone does not distinguish the enterprise. How the enterprise is enabled by data is the differentiator.