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IDATE\'s DigiWorld Yearbook has become an essential tool for digital industry professionals – providing a compact and accessible review of the main events of the past year, the latest data on the markets and market players, and the major trends playing out on the world stage. As always, the 2011 DigiWorld Yearbook delivers all this along with the reputed insight of IDATE experts.

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DigiWorld Yearbook 2011

  1. 1. The Atlas of the Digital World 11th editionw w w . i d a t e . o r g 1 June 2011 - London
  2. 2. Agenda - Steve Durbin, Chairman, DigiWorld Club UK DigiWorld Yearbook 2011 Core telecom, Internet and media market issues - Jean-Michel Chapon, DigiWorld Programme London - Yves Gassot, CEO, IDATE Other DigiWorld Initiatives 2011 - DigiWorld Summit Programme (16-17 November 2011) - Collaborative Research programmes in UK 2
  3. 3. The DigiWorld Institute by IDATE … … the European Digital Economy Think Tank A team of dedicated consultants specialised in the telecom, Internet and media industries A Digital world observatory: analysing market and business strategies, trend-tracking and forecasts A European forum that helps deepen interactions between enterprises, public decision-makers and academia DigiWorld Programme by IDATE 3
  4. 4. DigiWorld® Programme, an ambitious projectDigiWorld Paris Club London Club Brussels Club (monthly) (monthly) (launching in 2011)Clubs 3 conferences Transatlantic DigiWorldDigiWorld in Paris Dialogue Summit 2011Events (Columbia University) DigiWorldDigiWorld Catalogue of Economic Journal DigiWorldPublishing Market reports (Communications Yearbook & Strategies)DigiWorld OTT & The future of Smart LivingCollaborative Managed video advertising & Smart Cities services datamining (launching in 2011/2012)Research 2011 4
  5. 5. DigiWorld® Yearbook, an original initiativeAvailable in English and French, the 2011 edition will be launched in Parisand London. 5
  6. 6. DigiWorld® Yearbook, an original initiativePublished with the support of DigiWorld Programme members 6
  7. 7. DigiWorld trends by regionA market worth €2,754 billion in 2010, reporting 3% growth Market recovery in the US, but growth still on hold in Europe Emerging markets still the key driving forces… but not all faring the same 7
  8. 8. DigiWorld trends by sectorRecovery still tentative in most industry segments Halting performances in hardware markets Very slight growth in service markets, with the exception of TV 8
  9. 9. UK 2011: Not leading the recoveryThe UK is experiencing a slower DigiWorld recovery than itsleading European counter part ICT trend Growth rate of ICT revenue per capita – EU 5 mirrors GDP 4% trends but with lower 2% 0.84% amplitudes 0.27% 0% France Germany -2% Italy Spain -4% -3.35% United Kingdom -6% -8% 08-09 09-10 10-11 9
  10. 10. IT in the UK : the lion shareIT revenue share per capita is bigger in the UK than to theEuropean average (at €2060 per capita) IT services + Breakdown of DigiWorld revenue per capita in 2011 IT hardware: 2500 UK = 45% EU = 38% 2000 Consumer electronics TV services 1500 Computer hardware Business share is Software & services 1000 pulling UK figures up Telecom equipment Telecom services 500 Private consumption 0 is lagging France Germany Italy Spain United Kingdom 10
  11. 11. TV services & equipment for IT & TelecomUK areas for DigiWorld Growth Despite all the 2011 DigiWorld growth rate per segment – EU 5 “buz” on new 6.00% devices, most TV negatively 4.00% services impacting SW & services 2.00% segment is Telecom “Consumer 0.00% services Consumer electronics” electronics -2.00% Computer hardw are -4.00% Telecom equipment -6.00% France Germany Italy Spain United Kingdom 11
  12. 12. Beyond the DigiWorld’s core… New Internet markets Online video Online 0.7 Bn€ IPTV advertising 0.8 Bn€ eBook eCommerce Online 210 Bn€ gaming Media Mobile 2 Bn€ 125 Bn€ apps 1 Bn€ Telecoms Social networking 310 Bn€ Software VoIP 0.5 Bn€ & IT 265 Bn€ eHealth Search 6 Bn€ Smart Cloud Saas, IaaS, M2M Grid & PaaS IoT Cities 5.7 Bn€ 0.5 Bn€ Source: IDATE Note: Figures are for the EU-27 2010 12
  13. 13. Facts and commentary: 2010 - 20111. Will devices be king?2. LTE: promising first steps…3. FTTx: hesitation and impatience4. Net Neutrality: Act II 13
  14. 14. 1. Will the device be king? Google’s Android bet likely to pay off Apple’s iPad bet paying off The Nokia-Microsoft alliance TV gets connected…… Will the Device be really King? In the great battle of the online ecosystems? 14
  15. 15. 2. LTE: Good News!First large-scale rolloutsprogressing very differentlyfrom earlier 3G/UMTS ones…Sizeable gap in European andAmerican cellco’s revenuegrowth… Will new pricing schemes and the huge popularity of smartphones put European carriers back on track? 15
  16. 16. 3. FTTX : hesitation and impatience► FTTx: Europe lagging behind…► The appeal of fibre needs to be bolstered by new tiered pricing schemes and attractive content…► No single European market has emerged as a model, each one offering up a different view of the future Underpinning telcos’ (and financial markets’) hesitations is uncertainty over ROI and, ultimately, the position of telcos vs. OTT… Stepped up rollouts in 2011-2012? How will this affect the sector’s structure? What prices and what new services can we expect? 16
  17. 17. 4. Net Neutrality: Act II Upstream as a % of traffic in N-A Act II … as a certain degree of clarity has set in 31,00% Of which 44% for P2P and NN= non-discrimination only 12% for the rest 25,00% 24,00% 23% + justified traffic management + and segmented access (incl. for managed services) but must not affect accessibility of the open Web 2007 2008 2009 2010 Act II … as the debate shifts, notably Source: Cisco Ups trea m to the topic of how and whether the top aggregators should help finance infrastructure given the growing asymmetry in traffic at network delivery points (cf. Netflix – Level3 – Comcast affair) How to generate new revenue when traffic is skyrocketing? What’s involved in making the transition to smart pipe? Are we going to see more mergers and alliances? 17
  18. 18. 5. Also noteworthy …►Talking again about an Internet bubble: $25 billion for Groupon…►Google’s troubles in China►The role of social networking in popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt►AT&T’s planned takeover of T-Mobile►Vivendi buys Vodafone’s stake in SFR►… Save the date! 16&17 Novembre, Montpellier Will the Device be King? Smart Devices: what’s Next? Devices issues in digital markets: Mobile Internet, TV & Video OTT, Press Beyond Devices, the Cloud’ battle! 18
  19. 19. Thank you! 19