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Why Ireland for Cyber Security - Presentation


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Why Ireland for Cyber Security - Ireland is the ideal location to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover for all aspects of cyber security.

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Why Ireland for Cyber Security - Presentation

  1. 1. Why Ireland For Cyber Security There's safety in numbers Z. YfDiII‘§EE§l§"3°‘°°m . % IDA Ireland
  2. 2. Wl1y lrelancl For Cyber Security + The Top 5 worldwide security software companies are located in Ireland‘ Ireland, the 4th best country in the world For business 20152 + Ireland has a strong talent pool, highly skilled multilingualworkforce -I- Ireland has one ofthe highest graduates and enrolments in mathematics, science and technology field in the EU-283 + 12.5% corporate tax rate & 25% R&D tax credit ~i- Ideal base From which to serve global markets + Neutral country with high geopolitical stability -l- 12th most peaceful country in the world“ www. idaireIand. com (a| DA| RELAND ' . Ireland
  3. 3. Ireland, proven For Global Industry + Technology -213 —l- Data Content 6: Media -1- Financial Services 7 , + Data Centres ~! - Utilities -1- Telecoms + Biopharmaceuticals + loT and Manufacturing + Medical Technologies A ~: - Engineering 6: Automotive wwwidairelandcom (a| DA| RELAND C" C Ireland
  4. 4. Established Cyber Security Ecosysizern in Ireland Protect : - Respond ! 5 Identify Detect Recover QUALCONWV :3}: tqca , // x wc—: eRooT in- . av . c_ 2 [HEAT software MasterCard ZURICH L‘. AN DlANT' EMC. espion (intel — ~. in accenlure l‘ _ V Trustev m1‘R'! nmwn- Dnwrrm <35’! . $—VlG'lTRU5T ‘Vwaratek , llfie3|_vy3§[gV (E5 FireEye www. idaireland. com (EIIDAIRELAND __l PWC *JI'. ‘§': "2— lIIlDT€"i1 / Symantec. I" Ireland
  5. 5. Some ofthe activities undertaken in Ireland Research 6: Security Software Global Security Development Operations Development Innovation Forums 8: Centres Labs Events Threat International QA/ QC Data Risk & Research Operations Centres Compliance Centres -1- Tyco is undertaking cutting edge R&D and creating an integrated data and smart services platform for | oT based solutions from Ireland + Intel Security has a worldwide Centre of Excellence For Enterprise Security Solutions in Ireland -1- FireEye has a leading European Engineering and Security Operations Centre in Ireland + MasterCard Ireland Labs teams constantly innovate to create the next generation ofsecure payments, which will define and defend the future of payments -l- Trend Micro has over 16 functions at the company's EMEA HQ in Ireland wwwidairelandcom (d| DA| RELAND H‘ . Ireland
  6. 6. lariecl Academic llesearch Landscape includes Cybercrime & Fraud Analysis Cblero gzgggrgfisgmgr Software FOF Analytics & Security Insight Network Analysis & Data Analytics C05 = ' 55¢‘-T Networking Services & Security Privacy & Cyber Security Market Opportunities Applied Connected Health Research wwwidairelandcom (a| DA| RELAND . . Ireland
  7. 7. Connect with us T www. idaireIand. com @| DAIRELAND flu wwwlinkedin. com/ company/ Ida-Ireland What Makes Ireland Great for Business IDA's Landscape App, Download Now http: //www. idaireland. com/ app/ landscape/ Sources: ‘Gartner (May 201 S), Forbes. Best Country For Business 201 5, ‘ Eurostat 201 5, 4 Global Peace Index 2015, ~‘ National Institute of Standards and Technology. Ireland