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The Internet of Things & Ireland, August 2015 - Presentation


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Ireland is one of the most connected place in the world. People, process, data, & things - the internet of everything. for more information, #IrelandofThings

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The Internet of Things & Ireland, August 2015 - Presentation

  1. 1. Internet of Things (| oT) 8 lrelan Collect, Connect 8 Transform ; II3“; i?S‘é‘i': ”I3I§°” & IDA Ireland
  2. 2. Internet of Things (IoT) 8 Ireland Collect, Connect 8 Transform Did you know. .. -21- National Geographic cited Dublin as leapfrogging the competition in the race to be a smart city a: :- Ireland is one of the first countries in Europe to establish a Ministry of Data Protection -: ::- Ireland can provide test 8 trial access to the Radio Spectrum -xx Ireland is home to numerous IoT Industrial test beds — Ignite from Intel, IoT Dell, Infinite from EMC and Vodafone IIIC Approved) and many more -3- IBM’: SmartBay has its own floating sea laboratory facility “SeaIab" Ireland's ecosystem is unique, the ease of collaboration between industry, academia and government agencies %II- One of the first formal internet of things qualifications was created in Ireland %. ‘<- Ireland a ‘stand out’ in global digital development, Harvard Business Review 2015. g‘. IDA Ireland
  3. 3. Internet of Things (IoT) 8 Ireland Collect, Connect 8 Transform Research Landscape _-__| _=_§ Ireland's largest IoT research centre €TY“d¢‘*" Microelectronics and MEM's (Microelectromechanical Systems) Nanotechnology and Material Science II—mI; IIr Largest publicly funded data analytics R8D centre in Europe cogiiscr Communications networking, services, applications 8 technologies ‘Q30 Digital Content, pioneering intelligent behaviour Telecommunications Systems 8 Software 9 Industrial design and data representation ’. c.. s«; Performance through speed, accuracy, scalability °°'“! '“ Innovative implantable ‘smart’ medical devices g‘. IDA Ireland
  4. 4. Internet of Things (IoT) 8 Ireland Collect, Connect 8 Transform Smart Ireland I y 1 culture -I .3 I Smart 5 m Transport Manugafaturing fa ~ ‘-26 , @ Retail 8 Logistig Q Health/ AQIVIQ I X L. - '11- I Homes Environment ”3:Ys’; f§Ei': “§‘S°“ 3. IDA Ireland
  5. 5. Internet of Things, #lrelandofThings Collect Connect Transform Physical Data Data Data Data Value World Harvesting Transmission Hosting Analysis Discovery 9% IDA Ireland
  6. 6. Internet of Things (IoT) Er Ireland Collect, Connect 8 Transform Collect Ireland has developed resources 8 capabilities in the semiconductor Er microprocessor industry for over 30 years Movidius~‘< idecawave SE'‘/ ifs? V. i_ _ ram _. 3'3 5M£t‘3.I. ‘£Y. ‘:?1:>§ S'"'"m°' k, "“°' www. idairc. ~|and. Com @iDAIRF| ,AND ‘. Q Ireland
  7. 7. Internet of Things (IoT) 8 Ireland Collect, Connect 8 Transform ‘. -w. w.', ldmr n5:rn'“. -""~7’1 V3 l'f. l.flr FTT; M JD Connect Ireland has an ideal climate to host data 8 was recently named as having the fastest average broadband speed in Europe & second globally (Akamai 2015) ‘ ERICSSON 3 V“ EMC’ d""“ """'°"‘5 vodafone . ... ;_. ’. . |I| .III. , CJR‘E>KIv1'TE c € CL-‘SANTA CISCO CUjBICMTIE‘I; E,COM g‘. IDA Ireland
  8. 8. ~. ~.vv. u:d: =nInhn-1 = ’“~’ V3 llfl, FIT: M M}! Transform ((93 In Ireland many corporations have established centres of excellence in data analytics, cloud computing, big data 8 future internet §. Rf5,P o$. ..GeoPaI Aou Eoch60tber InTouch rr:1t: H accenture MVP if | DIt Ireland
  9. 9. Internet of Things (IoT) 8 lrelan Collect, Connect 8 Transform Connect with us #lrelandofThings www. idalreland. com H (a| DAlRELAND m_ www. linkedin. com/ company/ ida-ireland &