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Ireland's FDI locations 2014 - Infographic


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Facts and figures about IDA Irelands nine FDI locations nationwide.

Updated April 2014.

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Ireland's FDI locations 2014 - Infographic

  1. 1. Ireland’s FDI Locations 33 of the world’s contact lenses are manufactured in Ireland 50 of all leased aircrafts are managed in Ireland 166,184 €1.3bn 1,153 companies employing Exports of €121bn Annual spend on R&D Leading Research & Technology Centres located outside of Dublin and Cork focused on industry orientated requirements in areas such as next generation telecommunications, composite technologies, etc 41 80 of the global supply of stents are manufactured in Ireland 100% of Botox is manufactured by the fastest growing Medical Technology company in the world, based in Ireland (source: Fortune 500) SOME FACTS & FIGURES For more information visit @IDAIRELAND LETTERKENNY SLIGO DUNDALK LIMERICK MIDLANDS GALWAY DUBLIN CORK WATERFORD Many of the world's leading corporations continue to choose Ireland, with 40% of IDA clients currently located outside of Dublin & Cork 196,000 students in third level education in Ireland of the world’s alternative investment funds are administered from Ireland circa © IDA Ireland 2014