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2014 04 01_icv_bulletin_april_2014_short


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2014 04 01_icv_bulletin_april_2014_short

  1. 1. Controlling - Creating Future Publisher: International Controller Association ICV | Poznań Office Dear Readers! With the new year we have new goals and new ICV top topics. In 2014, along with volatility and sustainability, we’d like to concentrate on controllers’ and CFOs’ career! Your personal development is as much important for the Asso- ciation as the development of your company! Therefore this year we’ll answer questions like:  What are problems and challenges of the volatile times? What are the chances?  What's important for sustainable ecological activities and sustainable "green" controlling? How to „go gre- en”?  How does the role of a controller change? What does our future look like? Volatility and sustainability were among the topics touched on at the 8th International Controller Congress in Poznań. We you’ll try to bring the speech of professor Rainer Kal- wait closer to you! How the finance world will look like in the future, predicts Stephan Göppert in his article “The Future of Finance – will be more nuanced than we expect”. It’s a new article trans- lated into English from the German “Controller Magazin 2/2014”. Another one we’d like to recommend you is “Working abroad as Financial Controller for the Airbus Group in Toulouse, France – Finance Controlling at a glance” by Thomas Hubert — it’s published on our home- page! As in every issue you’ll read about one of the Board mem- bers. This time it’s going to be… Karl-Heinz Steinke, the last of us! He’s a wonderful exam- ple how to combine a job with a pas- sion! Much pleasure while reading! Spring is the time of new ideas — so don’t miss the chance and use them! Good luck! Yours Dr. Adrianna Lewandowska ICV Board Member International Controller Association ICV Bulletin | April 2014 In this issue:  The Future of Finance – will be more nu- anced than we expect  Working abroad as Financial Controller for the Airbus Group in Toulouse, France – Finance Controlling at a glance  Karl-Heinz Steinke —Board Member In February 2014 BARC and the ICV surveyed 400 companies in the “BARC Planning Survey”. For the first time, the number of “Controllers” has been determined: 100,000 in Germany - equipped with very good academic and professional education. Many of them will meet the 39th Controller Congress in Mu- nich organized by the ICV on May 19-20 to listen to the speeches of our experts and exchange experience and con- tacts among other professionals from the branch. Controlling has never been as important as today; nor has it been as challenging. Volatility has become the “new norm”, where companies must recognise opportunities and risks early enough and must act appropriately and quickly. This is where they fall back onto Controlling - the teamwork between managers and controllers. But how many controllers are there really? Across Germany, around 100,000 employees can be classified under the professional job description of a “Controller”; this has recently been determined for the first time. The challenges faced by Controlling are greater today than ever before. Early detection is required, as well as simplified planning, which must be supplemented with dynamic elements, such as rolling forecasts. Processes and organisations change as much as the tools; the role of the controller trans- forms into that of a business part- ner of the management. The train- ing requirements for a controller are correspondingly high. That’s why the ICV invites you to the an- nual Controller Congress „Successful Controlling methods and instruments in the praxis”. Find out more on http:// CC_Programm.154228.html. We’re looking forward to seeing you! Controlling has never been as challenging as today — visit the 39th Controller Congress in Mu- nich and find out what the trends are!
  2. 2. ICV Bulletin | April 2014 © International Controller Association ICV | Poznań Office order and look for a new one. For increasing our company value, for the social good, for our clients, for us. Being still responsible for the financial results of the company, but also for the corporate social responsibility. We hope that the knowledge, experience and contacts from the Congress will allow you to prepare even better for the role of the manager’s partner supporting the innovative com- pany development. Next year we invite you the 9th international Controller Con- gress on April 23-24, 2015! The topic of the Congress aroused controversy: what’s the connection between controlling and innovation? Can control- ling be innovative? Should it be innovative? And if yes, how? What exactly is an innovation? On these questions answered our experts during their speeches, but also you, participants, contributed to the conclusions during the panel discussion. It’s beyond doubt that in such volatile times controlling must stronger and stronger stimulate innovative solutions. We’re responsible for searching for chances, creating changes, starting difficult sometimes discussions that destroy the old After the 8th International Controller Congress “Innovative Controlling Solutions” One of the most interesting lectures during the 8th Inter- national Controller Congress was the last presentation, delivered by professor Rainer Kalwait from Germany. For several years professor Kalwait has been a Member of the Board of the Risk Management Association e. V., which deals with the problems of risk management. His speech was dedicated to risk management as a chal- lenge associated with planning and control. The main message of his presentation was to make the con- trollers present at the Congress aware of the fact that allow- ing for risks in their everyday analyses was of crucial impor- tance. A project which at first glance seems fine, may be rejected after the application of a risk analysis which takes into account the probability of its success. An important ob- servation which inspired the lecture was that each and every calculated risk should be treated as probable to some extent. However, an analysis which assumes a 100% chance of occurrence of a given risk is unacceptable. Yet another aspect of the lecture was to locate risk within the structure of the controlling system. Currently our systems often fail to contain this element. They are based on the ra- tional components of a given analysis, failing to give consid- eration to certain possible events. As maintained by Profes- sor Kalwait, today's modern controlling must allow for risk, its identification, evaluation, classification and reporting. It is most often accomplished through the analysis of scenarios. As a result of this process, a model is created which includes the main course of the planned events as well as the possi- ble deviations which may arise when taking certain events into account. It is nothing but corridor planning, which gives a much broader look at the result of the analysis and the possi- ble scenarios in a given situation. A summary thus prepared allows us to make more informed business decisions. In this case, defining the risks and opportunities for a given project becomes a very valuable ability of the controller. The control- ler does not have to, or even should not do it on their own. This process should be carried out in cooperation with appro- priate department managers. In the conclusion of his speech, Professor Kalwait empha- sized the fact that corridor planning is becoming increasingly important today. Obviously, businesses face many problems related to risk management, however, it is worth focusing on their identification, and then trying to solve them, in order to be able to make decisions based on certain scenarios. How to successfully manage risk in a company? By Robert Panufnik CFO, Vistal Construction Sp. z o.o. Leader of the ICV Work Group Gdańsk, Poland ICV member
  3. 3. We’d like to invite you to compete for our annual reward: Controlling – Newcomer Award 2014. The aim of the award is to support Controlling – Newcomers and to spread innova- tive and practical ideas among the Controlling Community. Awarded will be innovative master or bachelor theses written at any European university after April 30, 2012. The right of nomination have thesis promoters. The theses can cover a wide spectrum of controlling topics and can be written in German or English. The Jury – controlling practitioners and universities’ representatives – will award scientific cha- racter, innovation’s level and possibilities of practical use of the ideas described in the thesis. Controlling Newcomer Award (worth 4,050 EUR) is sponsored by Haufe Verlag and Haufe Academy and it will be given to 2/3 authors and 1/3 promoters of the the- ses. Additionally, all winners will be given International Controller Association membership for one year with the sub- scription of the Controller magazine. The award will be given on November 15, 2014 at the 14th CIB in Berlin. All applicants are authori- zed to participate at the CIB free of charge. More: Awards.158549.html ICV Bulletin | April 2014 Imprint Publisher and Copyrights: International Controller Association Public Relations Committee Editing Brigitte Dienstl-Arnegger Dr. Adrianna Lewandowska Hans-Peter Sander Anna Włodarczyk International Controller Association ICV Office Poland Ul.Fredry 7/1 61-809 Poznań PL Phone/Fax +48 61 853 20 10 Mail: Non-German speaking work groups Bosna and Hercegovina Slavko Simić, Bulgaria Denko Yamboliev, Croatia Jasmina Očko, Great Britain Milena Heim. Estonia Toomas Haldma, Hungary Budapest 1 Ervin Nemesdy, Budapest 2 Andreas Kovacs, Poland Gdańsk Robert Panufnik, Katowice Anna Jarkulisz, Kraków Dorota Gołąb-Bełtowicz, Lublin Katarzyna Żuławska, Łódź Karolina Zielińska, Poznań Dariusz Gulczyński, Szczecin Aleksander Socha, Toruń Andrzej Derkowski, Warszawa Karol Sikora, Wrocław Honorata Ulatowska, Zielona Góra Małgorzata Lepak, Romania Cristina Hodea, Russia Valentin Usenkov, Serbia Bojan Šćepanović, Slovenia Dragica Erčulj, Spain Ulrich Müller Bosom, The English Bulletin is not the only publication of the ICV! Every month we publish International Controller's e-News where you can read the news from the controlling scene and the Association. The E-News provide you with specialised controlling information from competent partner by e-mail. Subscribe for free on: eNews_subscription.135410.html Or read the e-News archiv on our English homepage: http:// International Controller's e-News Controlling – Newcomer Award 2014