Digiital Story Telling Apps


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A collection of great apps to help with digital storytelling.

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Digiital Story Telling Apps

  1. 1. Digital Storytelling Apps D. Norman ICTforEducators.com Twitter @ictforeducatorsThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons AttributionNoncommercial Share Alike 3.0 License.
  2. 2. A collection of apps tocreatively tell your storyAdd your own suggestions or email them to me: ictforeducators@gmail.com
  3. 3. Story Patch ($2.99)● Story Patch makes it easy for children to create their own stories by selecting their own illustrations and characters.
  4. 4. Puppet Pals HD (free for basic)● Lets you choose your actors and backdrops and create plays with animation and audio.● Directors Pass ($1.99) gives access to all themes.● Can personalize characters by adding your own photos
  5. 5. Toontastic ($1.99)● Lets Children create animated stories with music and narration while also teaching them the key elements of a story.● Stories can be uploaded and shared around the world.
  6. 6. Strip Designer ($2.99)● This app lets you create your own personalized comic strips.● Various page templates, effects symbols, text balloon styles, fonts and borders to choose from.● Can import photos from different sources.
  7. 7. Writers Studio ($0.99)● Word processing app with ability to edit text, graphics, voice recordings, music and more.● Various options available for sharing final product.
  8. 8. iMovie ($4.99)● Add your photos and videos to easily create your own movie.● Add music, themes, sound effects and more.● Various options for sharing final movie.
  9. 9. Photo Puppet HD ($2.99)● This app has a learning curve but is a powerful cartoon creator.● I would not recommend using with beginners.
  10. 10. Story Wheel (free with in app purchases)● Basic theme is free and each add on theme is $0.99● Fun and collaborative way create a narrated story with animated images.● Stories can be saved and played back again later.
  11. 11. Scene Speak ($9.99)● Recommended for those with special needs or learning disorder to aid communication.● The app includes generic scenes which children can use to create sound areas.● These can be combined to make a book.
  12. 12. PlayTime Theater ($2.99)● Individually or collaboratively create, record and playback puppet shows.● Can import your photos to personalize the story.
  13. 13. My Story ($1.99)● Lets children create stories by combining tools for drawing, writing and recording.● Can work collaboratively to develop art and literacy skills.
  14. 14. Sock Puppets (free)● Puppets automatically lip sync to your voice as you record.● Ability to add puppets, scenery, props and backgrounds.● Children can work collaboratively to tell a story.
  15. 15. iMotion HD (free)● Create stop motion videos with this time-lapse and stop-motion app.● Perfect for recording events over time such as plants growing, movement of people or clouds moving.●● Playback speed can be adjusted.● Can also iMotion remote
  16. 16. Blurb Mobile (free)● Can use video, photos and audio to create and share short media stories.● Full featured upgrade costs $1.99
  17. 17. Phoster ($1.99)● This app is great for creating posters and invitation cards.● Various templates, styles, editing tools and ways to share.
  18. 18. In a World...Drama ($1.99)● Designed for children and adults alike.● Lets you be the star of your own movie trailers.● Includes voiceover of famous movie trailer actor.● Various options for sharing including the ability to upload to inaworldonline.com
  19. 19. Story Buddy Jr. ($5.99)● Uses multi touch interface to create and read stories.● Stories can be shared with friends and family and added to iBooks.● Can flip through created books with a swipe or tap.
  20. 20. Animoto (free)● Animoto for Education lets you create a free plus account● Use the app to create and playback easy to create slideshows from your photos and videos.
  21. 21. Photo Speak ($2.99)● Transforms any portrait photo into a 3D avatar that repeats your every word.● You can record your avatar as a movie and share it with others.● Can download hairstyles, glasses and other accessories to add to the avatar.
  22. 22. Book Creator for iPad ($6.99)● Lets you create your own books to share, including in iBooks or the iBookstore.● Ideal for childrens picture books, photo books, art books, textbooks and more.●● Add photos, edit text and fonts and customize the layout
  23. 23. Reel Director ($1.99)● Video editing software similar to iMovie but with its own unique features.● Cheaper than purchasing iMovie.
  24. 24. Storyrobe ($0.99)● Choose your images/videos, record your story and then share it.● Ability to add narration.
  25. 25. Tappy Memories ($0.99)● A great app to record family histories.● The whole family can share the same iPad to record memories.● Multiple Categories and ability to add multiple users and photos.