How to build successful IT start-up for world market from Eastern Europe, Ragnar Sass


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How to build successful IT start-up for world market from Eastern EuropeRagnar Sass, Co-founder, Pipedrive/Garage48, Estonia

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How to build successful IT start-up for world market from Eastern Europe, Ragnar Sass

  1. 1. How to build successful internet startup for world market from Eastern Europe Co-founder of Garage48 & Pipedrive Ragnar Sass ! !
  2. 2. Pipedrive CRM System to help you sell better
  3. 3. 40 000 users from 120 countries
  4. 4. TEAM ✔ Your team-members will be your new family ! ✔ Choose always smarter people then yourself
  5. 5. Founders Martin Henk Former CTO of, Hacker with 10+ years experience. BA in Marketing. ! ! Martin Tajur Former Senior Web Front-End Developer at SkypeCo-founder of world 2nd pet owners sn Hacker with 10+ years experience. Ragnar Sass Serial startup entrepreneur. Co-founder of world 2nd pet owners sn & Urmas Purde Salestrainer and Co-Founder in Vain & Partners (trained over 20k salespersons) for 15 years Timo Rein Co-Founder Vain & Partners (leading Sales Training company in the Baltics), Top 1% door-to-door Salesman with Southwestern Comp Founders with 10 years direct B2B sales experience
  6. 6. PROBLEM ✔ All succesful companies are solving problems ! ✔ Choose worldwide problems for BIG markets
  7. 7. Almost half (42%) CRM software licenses go unused (Gartner)
  8. 8. PRODUCT ✔ Your team should have somebody who knows EVERYTHING about market ! ✔ Focus 100% to product development in first years
  9. 9. PRODUCT
  10. 10. CUSTOMER ✔ You have to treat your customers like your good friend ! ✔ Focus: How to make CUSTOMERS HAPPY
  11. 11. Word of Mouth
  12. 12. Great software, beats anything else I've used including Salesforce Pipedrive is changing the way that CRMs actually work I can honestly say this is the best CRM I have seen I've used a number of different CRM and sales pipeline systems, but yours is by far the most user friendly and simple to use I love it. I just made a presentation to my company about it. I just added my boss as a user
  13. 13. Go abroad ✔ You have to live next to your customers ! ✔ Find only world class advisors & investors
  14. 14. Don’t give up!
  15. 15. Have FUN!!
  16. 16. Some advice ✔ Work to get experience before start your own company ! ✔ Learn new things every day ! ✔ Make mistakes to learn ! ✔ FOCUS to be best in with one area
  17. 17. ✔ Be patient - success will take TIME! ! ✔ Dont ask investors money before revenue ! ✔ Focus on REVENUE
  18. 18. Useful reading
  19. 19. Thank you! @ragnars