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  • Bina systems Cloud Applications

    1. 1. Bina Systems –Cloud Applicationsmaxim@binasystems.comChisinau,April, 17, 2013Maxim Dumbrava
    2. 2. Bina Systems (2012) Ltd.CEO: Maxim DumbravaPrimary activities: Expertise in development of cloud computingsystems and services for the commercial, municipal, and governmentsectors.Number of employees: 20International experience: In the 2012 year, we signed an agreementwith Jetro Platforms Ltd. (Israel), as well as with a distributor inRomania who is now beginning activity in Bucharest.Website:
    3. 3. Native Data Systems (1995) Ltd.CEO: Moti FrenkelPrimary activities: Expertise in development of cloud computingsystems and services for the commercial, municipal, and governmentsectors. Today we seem to be the leading provider of cloud applicationservices in Israel.Number of employees: 84Revenues (2012): $8,500,000International experience: In the past year, we signed a marketingagreement with Motorola in the US, as well as with a distributor inRussia who is now beginning activity in Moscow.Website:
    4. 4. Native Data Systems (1995) Ltd.More than 80% of big food retailcompanies in Israel use COMAX
    5. 5. Cloud PlatformCloud is today the only known technology which allow to bringthe computing abilities of the big companies to the SMB market.The companies who work withus can focus in the mainbusiness they have and not tospend time and money onmanaging computing abilities.
    6. 6. COMAX Cloud PlatformFull Cloud: To use our services customer don’t need the desktop client besidethe internet browser. We sale our services using the SaaS business model. We use the Cloud Computing technologies, browsershow to customer only result of the calculations.
    7. 7. COMAX cloud smart servicesTo the business community: Retail market Wholesaler market Transportation market Financial companiesTo the Municipalities: Parking supervision Urban supervision Water billing
    8. 8. COMAX ERP services – list of modules
    9. 9. COMAX ERP services – screenshotsMain menu of Comax ERP
    10. 10. COMAX ERP services – screenshotsiPad special design
    11. 11. COMAX cloud. Smart City – parking systemThe problems created by cars:1. Parking on pavements2. Parking in buses places3. Parking in handicapped places4. Parking where You are notpermitted5. Double parking
    12. 12. COMAX cloud. Smart City – parking systemWhen the report isputted on the car it isalready valid for thecenter.Test data withdatabases store isauthorized vehicle topark.Report with picturesand a soundtrackabsorbed managementsystem.
    13. 13. COMAX cloud. Smart City – Water collectionmanagement.U-Max is an advanced cloud system that wasdeveloped specifically for Municipalities and watercorporations.U-Max intended to Control and conduct periodicwater consumption of consumers.With smart interface that transmits the meterreadings via mobile devices, and high level ofinfrastructure that contain huge storage servers thereadings are saved and being processed around theclock.After many complex calculations the U-Max exportingthe necessary data to a various of collection systemsin order to produce the residents periodic bill for thewater consumption.This system is unique and innovative in its fielddeveloped by a team of programmers from Moldova.U-Max will start to work in Israel in 2013 and isexpected to serve about 1 million households.
    14. 14. COMAX cloud. Smart City – Water collectionmanagement.
    15. 15. COMAX service customers in IsraelWe provide 24 hours 365 days in a year high level customer supportWe offer: Competent, qualified personnel Live chat Remote control utility installed in COMAX Landline/Skype call center FAQHundreds of customers and thousands of users enjoy the serviceand by that proving the COMAX concept, robust infrastructureand high level customers support.
    16. 16. COMAX service customers in IsraelWe provide 24 hours 365 days in a year high level customer support
    17. 17. COMAX – proved cloud platform Every day: 12 000 unique users use at list 1 application. COMAX: 6 000 unique users work every day on the ERP system. We provide: solutions for more than 1 000 companies around theWorld with a total yearly turnover 4 000 000 000 USD.
    18. 18. COMAX – very cheap Cloud Platform1. Stability.2. Working with huge databases.3. Distribution of resources between servers and end positions.4. Implementation of structured development methods in order to reduce the development costs of endsystems. Today we are able to develop systems very quickly, by so teams go through a short training withoutneed to be very experienced engineers - which cheapens the end systems development. We use Methods that dont require large investments of points in equipment but are based on aconstant increase of "simple" servers in accordance with the changing consumed system resources. We have Monitoring tools to be able to monitor any problems before users. We use automatic sets to prevent the formation of momentary load on the system that can causedowntime. Unique UI - gives experience of working on the computer more than browsing. Support work patterns that were common in applications In order to facilitate users work in thecloud.Great efforts invested in Platform development to provide a response the following points:
    19. 19. Information Security StandardsIn order to assure the privacy and secrecy of the material and of thecommunications in the network, we use the following technologies:• Internet free walls.• Secure netting configurations.• SSL.• Detection of breakdowns.• Dual hardware installations and backups.• Regular reinforcement and storage at a remote site.Data security is carried out on a number of levels which include thesecurity of data, its completeness and its protection.We use a variety of products of the leading companies in the field.
    20. 20. Information Security Standards
    21. 21. Схема работы
    22. 22. Интерфейс
    23. 23. Список документов для оплаты
    24. 24. Платежное поручение - Заполнение
    25. 25. Платежные поручения – Выбор счетов наоплату
    26. 26. Список Платежных поручений для ЭП
    27. 27. Электронная подпись - создание
    28. 28. Платежные поручения -отправить в банк
    29. 29. Выписки
    30. 30. Реквизиты банковской выписки
    31. 31. Cводка по банку
    32. 32. Aвтомат. Сводка- Банк и Бухгалтерия
    33. 33. Отчет по открытым транзакциям-Выписки иБухгалтерия
    34. 34. Bina Systems – missions1. To create a cloud developingcenter in Moldova with professionalprogrammers, UI designers, graphicdesigners and application designers.2. To develop smart cloudapplications.3. To market the applications all overthe world but mostly in Ukraine,Romania and Moldova.4. To develop a help centers for allthe area.
    35. 35. Thank You!www.binasystems.commaxim@binasystems.comTel./Fax: +373 22 81 50 50ICS “BINASYSTEMS” SRLRepublic of Moldova, Chisinau,Office 13, 90 Bucuresti str.