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GreenConcept - digital services eco-design


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GreenConcept - digital services eco-design (ICT2018 Vienna)

Published in: Technology
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GreenConcept - digital services eco-design

  1. 1. ICTFootPrint - December 4th GreenConcept, digital services eco-design 29 companies in Region Occitanie >80% small (<50 empl.) Managed by Supported by Commu- nication/ DATA Agriculture Media Marketing Industry Health Operated by IoT WebDesign App Digital services
  2. 2. ICTFootPrint - December 4th Main results to date (sessions 1&2 = 19 companies) LCA method light&robust Has delivered individual main issues Ready to be duplicated 5/19 : [>50%] reduction  Success stories including side-benefits 10/19 : « moderate » reduction [10% to 50%] NEXT STEPS ➢Spread the eco-design know-how : training sessions (since May 2018) ➢Share the results with (regional) ICT sector: White Paper (May 2019) ➢Get the clients involved (to be done)