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Green IT cities & The Green Digital Charter


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Nikolaos Kontinakis - EUROCITIES

Published in: Technology
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Green IT cities & The Green Digital Charter

  1. 1. final event Brussels, 17/01/19 Green IT cities & The Green Digital Charter Nikolaos Kontinakis EUROCITIES, senior projects coordinator final event Brussels, 17 January 2019
  2. 2. final event Brussels, 17/01/19 Two slides on the green IT cities
  3. 3. final event Brussels, 17/01/19 ICT has a large potential to help cities become greener (more energy efficient & environmentally friendly) Adding more ICT (power law increase) results in a considerable carbon and environmental footprint for ICT itself Gains are expected to be a multiple of the losses Still…
  4. 4. final event Brussels, 17/01/19 Why is it difficult to have ‘green IT cities’? “ICT promises to solve our problems, how can it be a problem in itself?” Cities don’t understand the size of the problem ‘ICT  Environment  Financial’ departments Standard methodologies are usually difficult, demanding and time-consuming to apply Difficult to calculate gains and losses of a given solution Many of the solutions require a re-thinking and behavioural change …benefits are unclear and green IT is never a priority
  5. 5. final event Brussels, 17/01/19 Why a “Green Digital Charter”?
  6. 6. final event Brussels, 17/01/19 What is the Green Digital Charter? The Green Digital Charter aims to improve the quality of life in cities through the use of digital solutions. Four commitments undersigned by the signatory-cities: - Work with other Green Digital Charter signatories to promote the best applications and results of ICT solutions - Establish local partnerships to implement the Green Digital Charter 's commitments, and to make these central elements of the cities' wider strategies - Deploy five large-scale and replicable ICT pilots per city within five years and communicating the impact of these to citizens and local stakeholders - Decrease the direct carbon footprint of the ICT sector by 30% per city within ten years.
  7. 7. final event Brussels, 17/01/19 How far have we gone? 53 European cities from 21countries representing more than 27 million citizens
  8. 8. final event Brussels, 17/01/19 Show me some results! A guidebook for peer-to-peer learning for cities - Three collections of city projects - 10 webinars, 3 trainings and 2 work-shadowing events - Awards to the best city projects - More than 40 videos with city experts and events - An overview of cities’ status towards the GDC objectives -
  9. 9. final event Brussels, 17/01/19 Thank you! @GDCharter Green IT cities & The Green Digital Charter final event Brussels, 17 January 2019