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Toolbox Entrepreneurship Know How Repository Ppt Final

  1. 1. Entrepreneurship Know-how Repository FITT (Fostering Interregional Exchange in ICT Technology Transfer)
  2. 2. What?  The Technoport Academy is an online training and education platform developed to give access to entrepreneurs to courses and media content specifically created following pedagogical patterns  Purposes: • Keep in-house the knowledge brought by external experts and lecturers • Document success stories and business cases to build up a repository of internal generated knowledge, i.e. extract and keep useful knowledge • Provide current and future entrepreneurs with a recurring and accessible source of information presented in a pedagogical fashion  Goal: • Assist entrepreneurs in acquiring business competences • Provide coaches at Technoport with a powerful and helpful tool to support their coaching activity 2 | 05.02.2010 Entrepreneurship Know-how Repository
  3. 3. Online, interactive, multimedia-based, knowledge repository • Lecturers • Experts Technoport Academy Content Acquisition Archive And Generation eLearning Platform Internal users • In-house knowledge • Success stories • Case studies • Online External • Multimedia users METHODOLOGY ! • Interactive 3 | 05.02.2010 Entrepreneurship Know-how Repository
  4. 4. Platform for training and coaching  Training: different courses or modules created following pedagogical patterns • A generic training offered free to outside audience to attract new entrepreneurs • A specific and scalable training, structured in modules, offered to companies hosted at Technoport that could be easily developed and used depending on identified needs (individually or in groups)  Coaching • The academy will try to develop a web platform to formalize and reap maximum business and tacit knowledge existing within the Technoport network of entrepreneurs (case studies, best practices, "how to" and practical guides, etc..) 4 | 05.02.2010 Entrepreneurship Know-how Repository
  5. 5. Different modules  Each module contains one to several videos that describe a business case or situation that affected a company  Modules give insights on how the situation was addressed, what was the impact, etc… in a way that entrepreneurs (users) can easily translate to their own particular situation.  Criteria: • Avoid static interviews • Short videos addressing one specific issue • Usage of animated graphics to illustrate certain abstract concepts • Message delivered must also serve to: - Promote the work of Technoport - Promote the companies at Technoport 5 | 05.02.2010 Entrepreneurship Know-how Repository
  6. 6. Different modules  Structure of the modules:  Modules: • Opening Credits with Technoport • Module I: Market Assessment and Logo and message related to the Validation success story (case to be • Module II: Opportunity Analysis presented) (10-15 seconds max) • Module III: Communications & • Business case description Marketing strategy • Description of Technoport’s • Module IV: Sales contribution in the development of the company • Module V: Business Model and Strategy • Closing Credits • Module VI: Finance & Accounting • Module VII: Human resources • Module VIII: Legal 6 | 05.02.2010 Entrepreneurship Know-how Repository
  7. 7. Pro’s & Cons PRO’S ECONOMIC OPERATIONAL MARKETING  One time upfront production costs  Provides a tool for coaches (improved  Marketable: promotional tool for (reusing the same content unlimited performance) partners, investors, press, educators times) and entrepreneurs  Expands range of services offered by  Savings on recurring cost of Technoport  Increases awareness of Technoport workshops. brand and its services among  It is available 24/7 and from remote potential clients  New business models can be sites developed  Increases prestige of Technoport within networks and other incubators by developing innovative tools CON’S  Some topics are not well suited to be delivered under an eLearning format  There is no enforcement mechanism implemented to make entrepreneurs follow the trainings  User acceptance level can be unsatisfying. There is the risk the tool is not used  We might be too attached to the provider. The platform and content is being developed by a unique company. There might arise problems if we chose to change provider (compatibility, compatibility, maintenance)  Respect of IP rights of trainers needs to be taken in account 7 | 05.02.2010 Entrepreneurship Know-how Repository
  8. 8. Why ?  Why was it established? • Companies leave the incubator without leaving their heritage - During their time at Technoport companies go through different phases and face problems that remain undocumented - Once companies leave the incubator there’s no way of recovering that experienced gained and profit from it • The academy allows capturing the knowledge and making it available for further reutilization - Time (money) invested in supporting a company can be recovered (partially) in the form of knowledge extraction. • Entrepreneurs are more receptive to learnings that come from other entrepreneurs - By using entrepreneurs to build content the message delivered will be more powerful • eLearning provides a cost-efficient solution for some recurring trainings that can be easily offered that way 8 | 05.02.2010 Entrepreneurship Know-how Repository
  9. 9. Why ?  Impact • Further recognition of the Technoport brand • Effective marketing tool to attract new tenants to the incubator • Can be integrated with activities carried out by partners (i.e. Microsoft use of the platform for their Bootcamp program aimed to help entrepreneurs kicking off their startups) 9 | 05.02.2010 Entrepreneurship Know-how Repository
  10. 10. Outcome  To be completed in next update of the document after Platform deployment (Second quarter 2010) 10 | 05.02.2010 Entrepreneurship Know-how Repository
  11. 11. Outcome  Plans for the future? • Empower Technoport’s online services (website, forum, document and contact exchange, community site, etc) • Build a gathering point for entrepreneurship in Luxembourg • Added services to Technoport Academy (under review) 11 | 05.02.2010 Entrepreneurship Know-how Repository
  12. 12. Lessons Learned  Collaboration from entrepreneurs to produce the material is cornerstone. From this point of view, entrepreneurs had little incentives to participate in the project and dedicate time  Acting skills cannot be assumed. There is needed a good direction of the filming process to avoid a unnatural or flat speech.  External guest speakers might not be willing to collaborate due to copyright issues or reluctance to have their master sessions recorded. 12 | 05.02.2010 Entrepreneurship Know-how Repository