FITT Toolbox: Valorisation Opportunity Workshop


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FITT Toolbox: Valorisation Opportunity Workshop

  1. 1. Valorisation Opportunity Workshop FITT – Fostering Interregional Exchange in ICT Technology Transfer – Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
  2. 2. What is Valorisation Opportunity Workshop? - Programme name: ICON Valorisation Workshop ICON projects are interdisciplinary collaborative projects between IBBT research groups and external partners such as companies, governments, non-profit organizations etc. - Objective: detect valorisation opportunities from the research project results and define a valorisation plan within the consortium - Target group: consortium partners of the ICON projects at the end or mid way of the research project - Set up: one day workshop with 1 or 2 participants per consortium partner, guided by a business school expert2 | 04/2011 Valorisation Opportunity Workshop
  3. 3. Format of the Workshop - 4 research projects had been selected on before hand with the help of the IBBT program managers - Full day workshop - consortium partners of collaborative research project (“ICON”) select people to attend the workshop - Professional guidance by a business school expert (Dr Simon Mosey - Nottingham University Business School) - Follow a prescribed checklist during the workshop - Objective: detect valorisation opportunities from the research project results and define a shortlist of opportunities for further elaboration within the consortium of the research project3 | 04/2011 Valorisation Opportunity Workshop
  4. 4. Participants to the workshop - The consortium partners of the collaborative research project (“ICON”) select people to attend the workshop - The consortium partners are industry partners and research groups of IBBT within the research project - The number of participants is between 10 and 15 persons - Participants should have by preference some experience with valorisation of research, but this is not a must4 | 04/2011 Valorisation Opportunity Workshop
  5. 5. Confidentiality - Confidentiality is important to have an open and fruitful workshop, because people bring information and new insights to the workshop - Participants sign a multi-Party Non Disclosure Agreement before the start of the workshop - This MPNDA is also signed by the IBBT tech transfer people and the business school experts guiding the workshop5 | 04/2011 Valorisation Opportunity Workshop
  6. 6. Checklist used for workshop (1) During workshop the coaches use a prefixed checklist to elaborate on the defined research results and possible valorisation opportunities: - Impact upon Society - What is the effect upon people’s welfare? - Does it meet current laws / regulations? - What are the safety implications of using or abusing this innovation? - What will be the impact upon the environment of this innovation in use or when obsolete? - Market Attractiveness - What are the size and dynamics of the potential market? - How does it compare with the competition?6 | 04/2011 Valorisation Opportunity Workshop
  7. 7. Checklist used for workshop (2) - Barriers to Acceptance - What are the key barriers to acceptance and can they be overcome? - Feasibility of Concept - Can it be made and will it work? - Will it make money? - Experience & Strategy - What are the necessary Marketing, Financial, Technical, Management and Production skills and are they in place? - Is a new venture appropriate? - Is a partnership strategy appropriate? - How will the innovation be distributed?7 | 04/2011 Valorisation Opportunity Workshop
  8. 8. Workshop conclusions - At the end of the workshop all possible research results have been assessed on possible valorisation opportunities - The brainstorming can also lead to the recognition and definition of new research opportunities or needs. - Each valorisation opportunity has been assessed according to the checklist - From this list of opportunities a shortlist of 2 to 3 opportunities will be selected for further elaboration within the consortium or subgroups of consortium partners into a valorisation plan8 | 04/2011 Valorisation Opportunity Workshop
  9. 9. Follow up of the workshop - Follow up of the workshop is crucial - Consortium partners need to define a valorisation plan for each selected valorisation opportunity - Further investigation into market, technological feasibility, impact on society and business strategy is required - This needs to be incorporated in the further development of the research project9 | 04/2011 Valorisation Opportunity Workshop
  10. 10. Who is involved in the workshop? - Consortium partners from industry, profit, non profit, public organisations and involved IBBT research group experts - IBBT technology transfer staff and program managers - Business school experts10 | 04/2011 Valorisation Opportunity Workshop
  11. 11. When and where is the workshop? - 4 Workshops have been organised during the end of December 2009 and the beginning of 2011 - All workshops took place at the premises of IBBT11 | 04/2011 Valorisation Opportunity Workshop
  12. 12. Pro’s and Con’s PROs CONs • • The workshop format fits with the core business of confidentiality remains an issue even with a Multi- the research institute: e.g. translating research into party NDA when it comes to discussing possible marketable results market opportunities • The workshop format is simple for participants and the approach has a open innovation characteristic the professional coaching helps to define quite a but this is not always followed or desired by number of valuable valorisation opportunities participants • • The offer shows the ambition of IBBT to support the Follow up is crucial if you want that market partners to translate research into marketable opportunities are further elaborated within the results consortium or by one or more consortium partners • The workshop format can easily be copied to other research projects and integrated within the research project itself12 | 04/2011 Valorisation Opportunity Workshop
  13. 13. Why do this kind of workshop? - In the context of IBBT as a Strategic Research Center it is crucial to bridge the demand driven research projects funded by IBBT and the possible output in terms of marketable results within a horizon of 2 to 5 years - This workshop format supports consortium partners to discuss about research findings in a structured and confidential way and to align on a number of market opportunities - This workshop also helps to introduce a more open innovation approach on the conception and further development of valorisation opportunities that otherwise would never (or less possible) have been pursued.13 | 04/2011 Valorisation Opportunity Workshop
  14. 14. Impact and outcome of program - 4 workshops have been organized on 4 preselected high potential IBBT research projects: Hi-Masquerade, Share4Health, Teleclassing and Cupid - Consortium partners were informed about the setup and objective of the workshop on beforehand - All workshops have been fruitful in detecting and shortlisting market opportunities - Further elaboration of valorisation opportunities was foreseen within the research project - IBBT partners recognize IBBT as a partner for valorisation14 | 04/2011 Valorisation Opportunity Workshop
  15. 15. Lessons Learned - The concept of a valorisation workshop fits very well with the core business of IBBT, translating demand driven collaborative research into marketable products or services. - This exercise helps the consortium to align on valorisation tracks and define together a valorisation plan with clearly identified and prioritised valorisation projects - This exercise can be integrated as a midterm evaluation milestone of any ICON project. It clearly helps to align all consortium partners to the same use cases.15 | 04/2011 Valorisation Opportunity Workshop
  16. 16. Suggested Readings Link to bibliographyResponsible Partnering. Joining Forces in a World of Open Innovation. A Guide to Better Practices for Collaborative Research and Knowledge Transfer between Science and Industry, EUA, ProTon Europe, EARTO, EIRMA, 2005 Link to glossarytechnology transfer office; positioning; awareness; community; collaboration; partnership; interaction 16 | 04/2011 Valorisation Opportunity Workshop