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Taxation of Extractive Industries Panel Discussion


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Panel discussion lead by Alexandra Readhead, with Bernard Sanya, Athelia Grasco, and Stephane Essaga at the 7th annual ICTD meeting in Kigali on February 7th 2019.

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Taxation of Extractive Industries Panel Discussion

  1. 1. Taxation of Extractive Industries • Athelia Grasco, Liberian Revenue Authority • Bernard Sanya, former Ugandan Revenue Authority • Stephane Essaga, former Cameroon Revenue Authority
  2. 2. • Why are tax incentives so persistent in the extractive sector? • Are all tax incentives bad? • How can tax incentives be exploited by taxpayers? • How should governments approach the design and use of incentives? Tax incentives
  3. 3. • What are the challenges to taxing small scale miners? • How can governments draw small scale miners into the formal sector? • How much tax revenue is at stake compared to large-scale mining? • Is political corruption a bigger obstacle to taxing small scale mining? Small-scale mining
  4. 4. • Is a different approach to taxation required for ‘tech metals’? • How will automation effect extractive industry revenues? Tech metals and automation