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Stimulating Dynamic Customer Experience - Disrupting the Status Quo


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Stimulating Dynamic Customer Experience - Disrupting the Status Quo by Julius Kipng'etich , Ceo Jubilee Insurance during the Africa Annual Customer Experience Conference 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya

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Stimulating Dynamic Customer Experience - Disrupting the Status Quo

  2. 2. The Customer Experience Revolution Customer and industries are changing. You must, too. (For many, change happens slowly – then all at once) The status quo in your industry is changing Your operating model will accelerate (Or block) progress Customers need to be at the center of your business Customer Experience is the only sustainable advantage Your ability to manage processes, data and technology drives success
  3. 3. The Customer Revolution
  4. 4. CX Disruption – Strategy to adopt change Merge Company strategy and customer experience strategy. The two should not be in isolation they should be merged. Your company strategy should be informed by the customers and their needs. They are the reason why you’re in business. Understanding customer needs. Customer needs vary. General strategy cannot lead to customer experience Value proposition chain needs to be aligned to customer needs What value do I give my customer? What do they need that I can provide for them? The company that is more convenient to do business with, wins. Be Convenient Call your customer. Don’t make them call you. Go to your customer. Don’t make them come to you. Have business hours that are focused on your customers’ schedules, not just yours. Make doing business with you easy. Reinvent your culture Effective disruption cannot happen in a company culture that does not foster and celebrate innovation. Move with the times and allow your people to be creative
  5. 5. PEOPLE • Good Corporate Governance • Incorporate Customer Experience into Culture PROCESS • Inculcate Customer Experience into the strategy • Omni-channel Customer Experience • Ensure that Customer Experience is part of the day to day function of the business SYSTEMS • Implement Business and Operational support systems Sustainable: Customer Centricity = Sustainable Growth
  6. 6. Gain customer insights • Create personalized customer profiles for targeted CX interventions Personalized Interactions • Anticipate customer needs • Offer relevant and timely solutions Continuous Customer Engagement • VOC, continuous customer feedback and action taken Customer Centricity
  7. 7. Customer Analytics solutions offer unified view and insights across modes and channels of customer interaction • Engagement Patterns • Engagement Preferences • Buying Intention • Sentiment Cross sell and Up-sell Increase retention, Loyalty and engagement • Buying Intention • Product Preferences • Buying Patterns • Peer Recommendations • Relevant Engagement • Reduce Struggles • Proactive responses to • sentiment Drive highly focused customer interactions across all phases of customer experience lifecycle Acquire profitable customers
  8. 8. Omni-Channel Marketing, Real-time Personalization, Digital Marketing and Mobile Consumer Engagement offers real-time detection of opportunities Promoting Organizational Alignment Customer – Centric Culture, Interdepartmental Collaboration, Reduce Channel Silos Delivering Brand Consistency Drive consistent message to customers across offline and online channels Create an Integrated Customer Journey Align customer expectations Communicate relevant content through customer channel of choice At the right moment Leadership In CX Excellence
  9. 9.