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Enabling Clients with Automation Journey by Techno Brain


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Enabling Clients with Automation Journey by Techno Brain, at the Africa Customer Experience Conference 2018.

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Enabling Clients with Automation Journey by Techno Brain

  1. 1. Enabling Clients with Automation Journey Customer Experience - ICX Event
  2. 2. Traditional Customer Service Experience You dial in. You hear music. You hear more music. You are asked to make a numeric choice.You hear music. You make one more choice. You hear music. You hear more music. You learn that all agents are busy. You hear music. You are asked to "hold the line". How can we Improve this? Frustrated
  3. 3. Changing demands across Industry & the significance of Digitization As Digital Innovation is speeding ahead, the organizations are focused on shifting to a “ Digital One Office” Industry Challenges Regulatory Changes Compliance Talents [Domain Expertise] Cost Escalation Retention of clients Seasonal Workload Quality Digital Innovation Digitally Driven One Office Data Input Capture Data in a Structured Format Front Ware Digital Technology 1. Chat Bot 2. OCR /ICR 3. IoT Devices 4. Mobile App 5. KIOSK 6. Voice / Video Recognition Data Bridge The Neural System Middleware Digital Spectrum [Platforms] 1. RPA 2. Machine Learning 3. Analytics 4. Cognitive & Artificial Intelligence Data Output Incepting & Processing all Inputs Back ware Digital Data Management 1. Standardization 2. Optimization 3. Automation 4. Digitization The Customer First Digital Office The Enabling Intelligent Mechanism Process Functions Work Flow Management Monitoring Reporting
  4. 4. what's the opportunity
  5. 5. Robotics maximizes the value of services to customers through Automation Technologies Customer On boarding - Use of AI and Machine Learning, RPA to capture KYC Documents and update Customer On boarding instead of Traditional Forms being filled up Manually Loan Application – Use of Analytics to help Pre approved Loans, Targeted loans products and limits for Customers using AI and Analytics. OCR enables validation of requests based on supporting documents Quotations – Chat Bots and RPA can now prepare and email Quotations for Insurance Policy. Natural language processing enables identification of Intent for a Service Request for Insurance Policy Administration Customer Service Request – new AI Channels like Chat Bots and Voice Bots to respond 24/7. Back Office Operations – RPA is being used extensively for various recurring tasks to enhance the speed & accuracy of processing.
  6. 6. RPA significantly enhances the Customer Service Request Process
  7. 7. DISCOVER SERVICES PROVIDE RECOMMENDATIONS CALCULATE/PAY PREMIUM The users can effortlessly estimate the Premiums, Insurance Eligibility criterion over chat. Chatbots can answer and if not can redirect to human beings. Learns from the experience. SET UPDATES / REMINDERS The users can track the Dates to fill premium of their insurances through instant reminders Helps users figure out the optimal Insurance plan via recommendation E.g.: “ Suggest me a cheapest Health Insurance ” Discover services (Insurances) offered by just chatting in free text. E.g., “ I’m looking for a Health Insurance ” IN-DEPTH COMPARISIONS Helps users figure compare and contrast the various options available on the platform based on the attributes provided. E.g.: “ Compare by plans (Silver, Silver Plus, Gold, Platinum and Senior Plan) etc.” A Glimpse of the Services on Chat
  8. 8. USE Case: Retail Banking Customer On-boarding Process – Pre & Post RPA AS-IS Scenario TO-BE Scenario AHT = 13 Min AHT = 2.5 Min DBS DBS DBS DBS
  9. 9. THANK YOU Digital Business Director Saj Abraham Mail: