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Delight Beyond Belief: How to create an unforgettable Experience with Renee Ngamau


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Delight Beyond Belief: How to create an unforgettable Experience with Renee Ngamau

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Delight Beyond Belief: How to create an unforgettable Experience with Renee Ngamau

  1. 1. DELIGHT BEYOND BELIEF: HOW TO CREATE AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE • UK Trained Certified Results Business Coach • Executive Coach • NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer • Hypnotherapist • Strategic Intervention Practitioner
  2. 2. What do customers want? • The Obvious • The item • The service • The warranty • The fitness for purpose • The price point • The not-so-obvious • 6 Human Needs • Certainty vs. Surprises • Significance – Connection • Growth – Contribution • Neurological levels • Environment - action – behaviour – habit – pattern – values – beliefs - identity
  3. 3. WHY PURPOSE IS IMPORTANT TO BUSINESSES • When you can align individual purpose to corporate purpose, your team will consistently deliver an experience that your customers will return for. – Joseph Pine, The Experience Economy • [companies] need to be purpose-driven, to appeal to more customers, to clients, and to our own talent. Martin Sorrell CEO, WPP • …if a company offers a sense of purpose, …people are willing to partake in a journey that can last years or even decades. Lars Rebien Sorenson CEO, Novo Nordisk • There are days my team tells me NOT to serve customers until I change my attitude. Diana Opotii Fashion Trend Setter • What is your purpose? • How do you discover it? • What is your business’ or work place’ purpose? What are you looking to achieve? • Does it generally align with yours and does your specific job align with the company’s? • The more synergies, the more excited you will be about delivering your service, working with your team, creating and innovating.
  4. 4. PURPOSE? OR CONFORMITY? Most people will conform. That is how we are taught to be socially acceptable. Those who really soar, define themselves, to say YES to their Purpose, to say NO to people, places, things, times and events that are not aligned with them; To push through the fear, and pursue their purpose with passion, create products, services and experiences that reflect their values and plan for posterity, that their work will reverberate through time. Eg /designing African Collective review
  5. 5. Image courtesy of Centonomy Ltd. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING TO CREATE? Define Your What • Lasting memories? • A relationship? • A reputation? • The five star review? • Clarity? • Behaviour Change? Use All Your Tools • Language • Aesthetics • Authenticity • Honesty • Systems and processes • Customer feedback
  7. 7.
  8. 8. CREATING THE STEPPING STONES Big Picture Moving from Action to Belief Action I bought/engaged – delight/disappointment Behaviour – I usually buy/engage – certainty – deletion if earlier disappointment Pattern – This is the trigger to take the action – unconscious biases Values – This is what this exchange gives to me – significance Belief – This is the kind of person I am that drives me to make this – generalisation/distortion Identity – people like me do this – belonging
  9. 9. @@reneengamau @reneengamau officialreneengamau 0791089338 0736089338 0736518272 Let’s talk…