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AI - Powering The Future of CX - Is Africa Ready?


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AI - Powering The Future of CX - Is Africa Ready? with Jannet Atika,
Director, Customer Operations at Safaricom Ltd, at the Africa Annual Customer Experience Conference 2018, Nairobi, Kenya

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AI - Powering The Future of CX - Is Africa Ready?

  1. 1. C3 - Safaricom Confidential Internal Jannet Atika | Director, Customer Operations | Safaricom PLC AI - POWERING THE FUTURE OF CX – IS THE REGION READY?
  2. 2. C3 - Safaricom Confidential Internal
  3. 3. C3 - Safaricom Confidential Internal Customer Experience • Creating Useful, Usable and Enjoyable Experiences • Uncover both said and unsaid needs, explicit and hidden customer needs
  4. 4. C3 - Safaricom Confidential Internal About… Transforming Lives is our core purpose Strategic objectives: • Customer First • Relevant Products and Services • Operational Excellence Product Offering • Legacy Telco Products, Fixed Internet Services & Financial Services (M-PESA) Customer Base • 28M My self… • My family • My Passions • My Career Safaricom PLC
  5. 5. C3 - Safaricom Confidential Internal AI - POWERING THE FUTURE OF CX APPROACH OVERVIEW • Why Artificial Intelligence (Ai)? • Chatbots And Ai-assisted Agents • AI Pitfalls • Reflection Point: Are We Ready? • Challenge: AI’s Full Potential Is Untapped • Conclusion EXAMPLES will be both global and local to Safaricom REFERENCES INCLUDE: The Works Of Lisa Loftis, Blake Morgan, Joe Mckendrick, Jonathan Moran, Will Thiel
  6. 6. C3 - Safaricom Confidential Internal Why Artificial Intelligence – AI? o Epic Personalization o Real-time Experiences o Increased Customer Engagements o Revenue Growth o Customer Advocacy 2025 95% Customer Interactions by AI 2022 Cost Savings by bots > 8 Billion 2020 85% non human customer interactions
  7. 7. C3 - Safaricom Confidential Internal How Brands Are Leveraging AI
  8. 8. C3 - Safaricom Confidential Internal Chatbots and AI-Assisted Agents Front End Bots AI Assisted Agent Opportunities  handle first-level simple queries including FAQs  route inquiries  interpret incoming messages  develop editable initial responses  deliver relevant knowledge-based content to Agent Benefits  decrease training time  decrease staffing needs  decrease call handling times  shorter call wait time  shorter call handling time.
  9. 9. C3 - Safaricom Confidential Internal Cont. Safaricom AI-Assisted Agents Before • Workload required 450 agents per day @ closing approximately 35 tickets per hour. AI SMS Implemented • On key words for mundane queries and requests. Results  SL grew to 95%  NPS for the AI closed tickets > 60.  Cost savings of 288M/year.  Agent Availability increased by 8%
  10. 10. C3 - Safaricom Confidential Internal Look Out For Pitfalls Don’ts • Chase cost savings at the expense of CX • Apply bots on complex problems • This frustrates both customers and agents • See Facebook learnings from failures
  11. 11. C3 - Safaricom Confidential Internal Preventing AI From Becoming A CX Disaster 1. Develop and continually augment knowledge management databases 2. Monitor customer feedback for swift error correction 3. Review chatbot conversations to • identify problems that are too complex for the bot • spot cases where the bot misunderstands the customer 4. Go slow on cutting resources before fully understanding the types of human touch required 5. Before implementation, develop sets of customer journey maps from a design thinking/human/customer centered perspective In 2017, Facebook cut back on the use of chatbots in its Messenger application after finding that the bots failed to fulfill 70 percent of user requests when deployed alone – Lisa Loftis
  12. 12. C3 - Safaricom Confidential Internal OTHER USE CASES FOR AI 1. Visual Engagement, Voice and Text Sentiment Analysis Some Application Areas:- Visual, Voice & Text Analysis to Gauge emotion and sentiment in various types of communications. Natural language processing e.g. voice biometrics to understand emotion and authenticate voices. Sentiment Analysis AI to analyze written communications and determine emotion and intent
  13. 13. C3 - Safaricom Confidential Internal OTHER USE CASES FOR AI 1. Visual Engagement, Voice and Text Sentiment Analysis Jitambulishe: Safaricom’s Voice Biometric technology Our Use Cases Increase Customer Productivity | Enhanced Security Results • 1.075M enrolments within 7 months • 2.32M voiceprint verifications • AHT Reduction > 75secs • Growth in IVR self service >56% • increased Agent Availability • Growth in NPS
  14. 14. C3 - Safaricom Confidential Internal OTHER USE CASES FOR AI 1. Visual Engagement, Voice and Text Sentiment Analysis Sentiment Analysis: Bill Manager on mySafaricom App There’s opportunity to make the Bill Manager experience more Enjoyable
  15. 15. C3 - Safaricom Confidential Internal OTHER USE CASES FOR AI 2. AI-Augmented Contextual Analytics Some Application Areas:- Analytically generated recommendations and Next Best Actions (NBAx) Contextually correct product offers delivered in real time to all customer touchpoints Safaricom’s Personalized service, intelligently gives you daily offers on Data, Voice and Messaging based on your habits. Tremendous impact on revenue growth
  16. 16. C3 - Safaricom Confidential Internal …Is Africa Ready? ARE WE READY? Whether we are ready or not, our customers are…their habits, routines, needs and wants say so!
  17. 17. C3 - Safaricom Confidential Internal AI’s Promise Is Still Untapped By Most Brands… Opportunities yet to be full exploited include:- “Through product recommendation, Amazon's sales increased by 29%” “Netflix's movie prediction for customers to watch had 75% purchase uptake” “Vodafone SA can predict at 67% customers likely to call and implement pre-emptive action”
  18. 18. C3 - Safaricom Confidential Internal In Conclusion… PointSource study recommendations on remaining profitable from AI Transparency Make it Enjoyable Personalized Accuracy Keep Humans First Customers want to know what businesses are using their data for Consumers have in common the desire for enjoyable experiences Pursue AI solutions that have learning capabilities for enhanced customization Customers trust AI more when they believe there are humans behind it
  19. 19. C3 - Safaricom Confidential Internal In Conclusion… AI will only get better with age…Get Ready! • Expect shifts from predictive AI to prescriptive AI • Improved cognitive computing capabilities as more voice and text data is collected • With AI deep learning will come more detailed and more accurate answers to consumers
  20. 20. C3 - Safaricom Confidential Internal Remember… • Ford’s mind on ‘faster horses’ in servicing customer needs • There are pitfalls to look out for • Design Thinking to keep our service offering human centered, tangible and holistic. • And lastly, that whether we are ready or not, our customers are…by virtue of their habits, needs, wants, and routines: • And they will be attracted by the brand that is ready...
  21. 21. C3 - Safaricom Confidential Internal ARE YOU READY?