Value vs luxury


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  • All brands are not created neither should social media strategies. Looking at Luxury versus Value retail social media execution.\n\nThe Louis Vuitton Brand is about elegance, sophistication, emotion, exclusivity, culture, innovation and has a long, storied history. How do you translate this through social media.\n\nRather than engaging their fans with specific products, Louis Vuitton achieves its success by generating discussion around a lifestyle that many in its target demographic aspire to.\n\nPrimary social channel: Facebook (also on Twitter)\n\n
  • Status updates primarily focus on art, culture, music, events and travel with product launches and style tips mixed in.\n\nApps provide experiential/cultural value:\n- Celebrity access\n- Travel philosophies\n\nApps provide exclusive access to fans:\n- Insight into the world’s first Louis Vuitton Cinema in Rome\n- Allows people to “travel” to the world’s finest and exclusive destinations via the Louis Vuitton brand\n\n
  • A long and storied history is displayed effectively through the new timeline function. For luxury brands, Timeline is a great tool b/c longevity and history play a role in percieved value/luxury/exclusivity...whether wine, jewels, art, etc.\n\nFor Louis Vuitton, social media helps them tell their story and share the lifestyle with a broad audience. They become connected to the idea of the brand and what it means...if the aspirational becomes obtainable, may lead to a brand loyalist.\n\n\n\n
  • We move from Louis Vuitton which was about evoking emotion and telling a Target which provides much more tangible content.\n\nTarget has mastered merging aspirational with “real life,” collaborating with top-tier, recognizable designers such as Missoni and creating practical solutions for the everyday consumer. Everyone wants their home to look like a it came out of a magazine, or to walk down the street in celebrity style. Target makes this possible in store and through social media channels.\n
  • Status updates: alerts on discounts and sales\nFacebook Apps providing added value: Access to weekly ads, \n\nPinterest: Cheap chic style solutions\n\nYouTube: Timely ties to pop culture\n\nTwitter: Customer service, direct access and frequent engagement\n\nThe content is filled with real-world tips, tricks, trends, discounts...tangible takeaways and solutions versus “fantasy” or emotion.\n\n
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  • Value vs luxury

    1. 1. Luxury v. ValueTailoring your social &digital marketing
    2. 2. TailoredLuxury v. ValueTailoring your social and digital marketing efforts• All brands are not created equal• Identify your audience (beyond the demographics)• A tale of two brands—luxury vs. value
    3. 3. LuxuryLouis VuittonAttracting mass social media fan base without compromisingexclusive image• Plays on people’s aspirations for a premium lifestyle• Focus on culture, art, music, travel and experiences• Less than half the posts are fashion- or product-related• Not about selling product, but creating an emotional connections to the brand• Focused social media approach—primarty platform being Facebook
    4. 4. ValueTargetPractical solutions for high aspirations• Tips and trends to acheive “cheap-chic”• Cost-effective and practical solutions• Added value in the form of weekly ads, discounts, group gifting, etc.• A community for active, brand-conscious and trend-setting consumers• Multi-layered social media approach