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  • Smp twitter

    1. 1. TwitterHow 140 characters canhelp you grow your business
    2. 2. At a glance• Mature at six years old (Founded July 2006)• Twitter is #2 social network (#1 Facebook), #2 interms of overall searches (#1 Google)• Recent reports: 465M users (nearly 800M onFacebook)• 175M tweets daily• Projected revenue in 2012: $259M• Bottom line? It’s big. Really big.
    3. 3. How can I use it?Chances are at this point, you already are using Twitter in some fashion. If you aren’there are the most popular ways to leverage Twitter to grow your business: • Networking • Marketing/Branding for your company • Research • Personal Branding • Customer Service • Communications • Directing traffic • Public Relations
    4. 4. Networking• Twitter is, after all, a social network• Find lists you can follow, create your own• Search and follow people you respect• Engage (@reply and RT) often• Be smart, concise, respectful, provide value withyour content and ...• Don’t be the annoying person at the party
    5. 5. Research• Very searchable (use Advanced Search)• Real-time results• Insight into market, brand and competitors• Doesn’t require Twitter page or effort• Instant R&D also• Should be a no-brainer for any industry
    6. 6. Customer Service• Monitor and react in real-time• Put a fire out quickly• Still relatively surprising to receive response (for now)• Ease burden on operators• Conversations likely happening without you
    7. 7. Traffic• Online tools need to support each other• Cross post on Facebook, Twitter, G+, Blog, Website,Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.• Conversely, add “Follow” button on your website• Can be automated, requires little effort
    8. 8. Marketing/Branding• #1 reason people get into social media• Extension of your brand• Run promotions, bring your brand to life online(Contests are OK on Twitter!)• Platform to execute marketing plans online• Lots of personal branding efforts happening onTwitter, also
    9. 9. Communications• Ditch the press release, announce via Twitter• A real “voice” for your brand• Quick, short, real-time• Host #chats with industry
    10. 10. Public Relations• Becoming more difficult to reach reporters• Media like Twitter, forces you to keep message short• Super effective in building relationships, becoming aresource• With Twitter lists, very easy to organize and utilize
    11. 11. Tips• Get a third-party app like HootSuite or Tweetdeck • Use analytics like Klout to gauge success• Leverage lists • Like all social media, photos/videos win out• Be personal, relevant and interesting • Leverage immediacy of Twitter in “Act Now” promotions• Don’t forget to cultivate the relationships you make • #hashtags make things very searchable• Mix up timing — Different timing = Differentaudience • Make a plan and stick to it