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  • Facebook provides a supreme platform for anyone speaking to consumers because the layout allows for a strong brand presence, promotional opportunities and built-in advertising and analytics platforms. That said, it’s up to you to maximize the opportunities presented and generate engaging content.\n\n
  • The Late Night Rule—Guests that are featured on a late night talk show (Letterman, Leno, etc.) spend five minutes talking about relevant news, anecdotes or personal stories and only two minutes plugging their project. Keep content fresh by mixing relevant news, stories, humor and valuable information with promotional messages. \nContent Calendars: some research to find out what is happening in the community, upcoming holidays, events, trends, etc. that are relevant to your audience and create a calendar for the week or month to ensure you continually have fresh, engaging and relevant content. Fill in with anecdotes or day-to-day shopping center happenings as they occur.\nEngage: Ask questions, encourage “Liking” a product or update, crowdsource/poll your fans, etc.\n
  • A happy shopper is a happy shopping center. A little VIP treatment goes a long way.\n•Fan exclusive offers: Custom-built apps or third-party vendors; e.g., Wildfire\n•Insider tips: Upcoming sales/promotions, heads-up to new merchandise in stores, fashion trends and tips, etc.\n•Transparency: If you open a Facebook page, you are opening yourself up to an open line of communication between the brand and the consumer, and you can’t make everyone happy all of the time. If you discount valid complaints/criticisms, all the goodwill you have built up can quickly be damaged.\n\n\n
  • Overview: \n- All post types\n\nLikes: \n- People who like your Page (demographics and location)\n- Where your Likes Came From\n\nReach (how many people saw any content about your page):\n- Who you reached (demographics and location)\n- How you reached peole\n- Visits to your page/apps\n\nTalking about this:\n- Who is talking about your page\n- How people are talkign about your page\n
  • Even though Facebook may not be the social network that B2B companies prefer, it still holds benefits if used correctly. Aberdeen Group did a survey to find the top social media strategies for B2B:\n\nDell has done an excellent job positioning its Facebook Page as a resource and tool for its audience to want to come back to receive information about topics currently relevant to them. It is designed completely differently from its consumer Facebook page both in design and function. Content Focus: IT news, white papers, IT events and targeted content, e.g., business process, etc.\n
  • Hubspot is an inbound marketing firm and exquisitely uses its Facebook page for fans to download unique content, including presentations, white papers, case studies, etc. that are relevant to the industry.\n
  • People are people, and people love exclusive offers. Symantec provides security, storage and systems management solutions to businesses. Similar to Dell and Hubspot, Symantec uses Facebook to educate fans on their products and the industry in general. Additionally, they have integrated other social platforms such as the Slideshare application to share industry presentations and YouTube featuring educational and information videos. Additionally, they have tried some more “consumer-friendly” tactics including free giveaways and polls.\n
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  • Facebook to build a community

    1. 1. FacebookBuilding community
    2. 2. FacebookWhy Facebook is Still King of the Social Kingdom• One BILLION users• Valued at approximately $100 billion• Captures one in every 11 Internet visits in the U.S.• One in every five page views online• Average visit time is 20 minutes• Average user has 130 friends and “Likes” 80 pages• 56% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand after becoming a fan• 3.5 billion pieces of content shared each week• “Facebook” is the top search term of ALL search tearms and #1 ranked website in the U.S.• Signficant brand makreting opportunities
    3. 3. FacebookAudience: ConsumersA study by Compete Online Shopper intelligence, the top two reasons follow a retailer are:• Keep up-to-date on sales and promotions—56%• Learn more about a specific retailer—29%
    4. 4. FacebookAudience: ConsumersIt’s not about you.• The “Late Night” Rule• Formula: Business Objectives + User Goals = Content - Biz Objective: Promote arrival of summer styles - User Goal: Sales/discounts - Content: “The Today Show featured the most buzzed about summer trends in shoes and DSW just recieved a new shipment of beautiful espedrilles. Bonus: 10% off full priced items this weekend only!• Content Calendars• Engage
    5. 5. FacebookAudience: ConsumersA happy shopper is a happy shopping center.• Fan exclusive offers• Insider Tips• Transparency
    6. 6. FacebookAudience: ConsumersTake advantage of Facebook’s built-in tools.• Insights• Advertising
    7. 7. FacebookAudience: B2BResource: Dell• IT news• White papers• Case studies• IT events• Support• Targeted content; e.g., business process
    8. 8. FacebookAudience: B2BUnique/Exclusive Content: Hubspot• Presentations• White papers/Ebooks• Relevant industry information• Free trials
    9. 9. FacebookAudience: B2BAdded Value: Symantic• Slideshare• YouTube• Giveaways/Polls• Crowdsource ideas