Has Your School Got What it Takes?


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Are you ready to design, build and race? F1 in Schools is a competition, open to all secondary schools, to design and manufacture compressed air-powered racing cars.

Student teams compete against each other in Regional and National Finals of an annual Championship to determine the best-engineered and fastest car in Ireland.

Competitors will have an exciting educational experience, expressing their creativity, skills and teamworking ability in a fun and positive way.

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Has Your School Got What it Takes?

  1. 1. 32 countries…6 million students…1 experience ofa lifetime!
  2. 2.  Have you got the makings of an F1 team? Can your team develop a plan that demonstrates why they should qualify for the manufacturing and Regional Final stage? Can they finish and test a model to the limit to create the fastest compressed air-powered car possible? Can they work together to develop a brand identity for their car and promote their project with a portfolio that demonstrates why their car is so special? Can your team take that car to the F1 in Schools Regional, National or even International Finals and bring home one of the fantastic prizes that are on offer?
  3. 3.  International competition for secondary school students Design, manufacture and race a model Formula 1 car powered by compressed air canisters and made of balsa wood. Student teams compete in a Qualifying Stage, Regional, National and International competitions Exciting educational experience – opportunity to express your creativity, skills and team-working ability in a fun and positive way.
  4. 4. The following is a brief overview ofthe F1 in Schools Challenge.It is important to visitwww.F1inSchools.ie and becomefamiliar with the rules and regulationsof this competition
  5. 5.  You are the Formula One Team commissioned to design, construct and race the fastest Formula One Car of the Future, driven by compressed air powerplants. Use 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to design your car.
  6. 6.  Your car design is then manufactured by 3rd level out of very light wood Race your car against other schools/teams.
  7. 7. 01 / PLAN Develop a plan with initial ideas that explains why your team should be selected to have your car manufactured. If your bid is accepted, proceed to stage 2.02 / DESIGN Using 3D CAD software design a Formula One™ car of the future.03 / ANALYSE Analyse your design and aerodynamics for drag coefficiency in a virtual reality wind tunnel using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).04 / MAKE Submit your design to your twinned 3rd level college to have your car manufactured using 3D CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software05 / FINISH Kit your car out in a high quality paint finish, including your team colours, logo, sponsorship and graphics.06 / RACE Race at regional/national/international level testing the speed and engineering quality of your model F1 car .
  8. 8.  There are 2 levels of entry: ◦ Junior Cycle D-Type  D-Type car design ◦ Senior Cycle  Formula One™ car design
  9. 9.  Each team must have between three and six students Each school can enter as many teams as they wish, for the Qualifying Stage (five page plan) but only a maximum of two from each category (Junior or Senior Cycle) will progress through to the Regional Final stage. Each team member should be assigned one or more of the following roles: Team Manager Manufacturing Resources Engineer Manager Design Engineer Graphic Marketing & Designer Communications Manager
  10. 10.  Racing & speed of car – 1/3 of marks! Verbal presentation Portfolio Display Website
  11. 11. Cars race on 20 meter straights.Compressed air canister in the back of the car is pierced by the starting system and this propels your car down the track.Cars race at scale speeds of 350km/hr!!!
  12. 12. The PrizesOpportunity to represent Ireland at World Finals at a different location each year Overall winners receive €2,000 for their school And much more!
  13. 13.  “Possibly the coolest school project I’ve ever heard of” Aidan Power, TTV, RTE2 “It was great craic. Everyone should try it!” Holly Fennelly, Team Veloce, Carlow Vocational School, Co. Carlow “Learning the skills, seeing the car, which we put so much work into, glide down the track…It is an exciting and innovative competition!” Nathan Dunne, Team Blink, St Ailbe’s School, Tipperary “The best bit was racing the lads…and beating them!” Team Purple Fire, Mount St. Michael, Claremorris, Co. Mayo
  14. 14. How do I find out more? For more information visit: www.F1inSchools.ie Or any questions email f1@ics.ie The best way to explain F1 in Schools is to see it inaction so visit the Gallery section of www.F1inSchools.ie .