Hispeed Session Sexy Security Delta | Nov 5 International City Podium


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Hispeed Tour – Top sectors in The Hague

These parallel sessions will zoom into three sectors that make up our international city. Keynote speakers will address the various streams within each sector and highlight current trends and opportunities.

The Hague (your) Business City
Sexy Security Delta

As a growing player in the field of security, The Hague is expanding its scope and level of expertise. We can safely say security is no longer for the silent professor X behind the laptop, it is a booming, sexy field with high tech gadgets and innovation on various levels with dimensions that may surprise you. The Hague Security Delta (HSD) may be called “the Security Port to Europe: the largest and continuously growing network of businesses, governments and knowledge institutes in Europe focused on security”. HSD specializes in the fields of national, urban and cyber security, protection of critical infrastructures and forensics. Additionally, they aim to create “a thriving and innovative security network and expect, through close cooperation and innovation, to triple businesses, employees, students and turnover by 2025.”

The Hispeed Tour will provide a brief introduction to the HSD in particular and the security sector in general. Current trends and professional opportunities will be discussed. A moderated Q/A session will address questions that shed light on the (inter)national trends, the main challenges and ways to overcome them, and the required skill-sets to enter this field.

Keynote speaker: Aart Jan Smits

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Hispeed Session Sexy Security Delta | Nov 5 International City Podium

  1. 1. Hispeed Session Sexy Security Delta Aart Jan Smits Member Executive Board The Hague Security Delta Foundation
  2. 2. Play video
  3. 3. Europe’s largest security cluster the need for skilled personel Aart Jan Smits ICP - Finding professional opportunities www.thehaguesecuritydelta.com 5-11-2014 @HSD_NL
  4. 4.  Cyber security Europe’s largest security cluster  National security Cooperation and innovation by Triple Helix in security  Urban security  Forensic research  Critical infrastructure  Dutch security cluster: the triple helix  450 security businesses -of which 300 in The Hague region  Research institutes, Universities, Government  Above average growth 2006-2010 25% job increase; 1 out of 50 people in The Hague region work in this field  Core in The Hague -strong ties with security / tech regions, i.e. Twente & Brainport  Aim to stimulate economic development & enhance security in NL and abroad  Flagship project in Dutch top sector High Tech Systems & Materials 4
  5. 5. Stimulate Economic Development Enhance security in The Netherlands and abroad Revenue 2025 Companies Students € 1.5 billion 10,000 The Hague region 300 The Hague region 1,000 15,000 The Netherlands 2012 Jobs 450 The Netherlands 30,000 900 € 4.5 billion 3,000 5
  6. 6. New risks demand new answers Business, government and academic world need to tackle complexity together  Both supply and demand more closely aligned  Use of technology driven security solutions  Enhance radical innovation & economies of scale – aligned innovation budgets  Stimulation and alignment of applied security research & education  The use of the city as ‘living lab’ -on issues as Smart Secure Zones, Cyber Resilient City  Availability of skilled and qualified personnel and graduates
  7. 7. Warm welcome to internationals HSD provides access to  More than 100 security businesses (SME and internationals)  Security organisations, including international and governmental organisations, f.e. Ministry of Security & Justice, Europol  Renowned research institutes like TNO and NFI and universities  Human Capital: link education and labour market  Innovation facilities: National Security Innovation Centre 7
  8. 8. Living Labs for • • • Real Time Intelligence Serious Gaming (Cyber Incident) Experiences HSD Campus – opening febr. 13, 2014 National Innovation Centre for the Security Cluster  HSD Plaza -Inspirational meeting point for professionals in security  HSD Offices -Attractive rental offer for organisations in security cluster  HSD Education Centre -Flexible training & education facilities; Cyber Security Academy, red team/blue team cyber trainings and crisis & disaster trainings  HSD Living Labs -High-tech innovation facilities; redundant location for real-time crises
  9. 9. Joint initiatives if it comes to human capital To increase (inter)national security and economic development  Portal on www.thehaguesecuritydelta.com about education and careers in security  Stimulate applied security research & education, connect innovation funds  Developing the Cyber Security Academy (collaboration Univ Leiden/Campus The Hague, TU Delft, Erasmus R’dam and Applied University of The Hague )  Expand and strengthen security network –eventlist on site and SME-desk  (International) Marketing & Acquisition –(trade) missions, PR, International Relations  International Community Platform (ICP): improving the Quality of Life for (international) employees and families
  10. 10. Building track record    NFI to build CSI Capetown -Radical innovation in forensic research Eur. Cyber Crime Centre , Nat. Cyber Security Centre established in The Hague  Relations established with security clusters in USA/Canada, UK and Singapore  Alignment with Regional Dev. Fund (ROM-Z), ‘Digital City Agenda’, Scientific Research (NWO), Innovation agenda of Min. of Security, EU (Horizon 2020)  2014 The Hague Security Delta Foundation established July 2013  2013 HSD Development Fund operational -Fund to stimulate innovation in security HSD Campus operational -National innovation centre for the security cluster  Cyber Security Academy operational -Executive master in cyber security  Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague Security Delta  ASIS 2014 conference in The Hague Security Delta  Start of National Innovation Investment Program: Smart Secure Zones, National Policing 2.0, Cyber Resilient City  Start 5+ new innovation projects -Financially supported by HSD Development Fund