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Cef lecture annex1

  1. 1. BUDGETThe Republic of Slovenia - year 2013A. State Budget Revenues and ExpendituresEURAccount ValueI. TOTAL REVENUES (70+71+72+73+74+78) 8.611.161.05770 TAX REVENUES 6.630.673.573700 TAXES ON INCOME AND PROFIT 1.268.518.7537000 Personal income tax 867.364.6597001 Corporation tax 394.525.0007002 Other taxes on revenue and profit 6.629.094701 SOCIAL SECURITY CONTRIBUTIONS 52.990.8817010 Employee contributions 28.853.7957011 Employers contributions 19.639.3777012 Self-employed contributions 2.881.8587013 Other social security contributions 1.615.851702 TAXES ON PAYROLL AND WORKFORCE 27.317.3167021 Special tax on specific earnings 27.317.316703 TAXES ON PROPERTY 35.863.3207033 Taxes on sale of immovable property and on financialproperty35.863.320704 DOMESTIC TAXES ON GOODS AND SERVICES 5.111.455.5527040 Value added tax 2.943.952.0597041 Other taxes on goods and services 108.018.6067042 Excise duties 1.655.866.3407044 Taxes on specific services 159.933.5647046 Road usage fee 128.912.4027047 Other taxes on the use of goods and services 71.447.0787048 Motor vehicle tax 43.325.502705 TAXES ON INTERNATIONAL TRADE ANDTRANSACTIONS84.527.7527050 Customs duties 84.527.752706 OTHER TAXES 50.000.0007060 Other taxes 50.000.00071 NON - TAX REVENUES 510.673.401710 PARTICIPATION IN PROFITS AND PROPERTYINCOME197.416.1637100 Revenues from participation in profits and dividends andexcess of revenues over expenses90.278.1787102 Interest income 26.400.0007103 Capital gains 80.737.985711 FEES AND CHARGES 94.001.5477110 Court fees 57.685.2347111 Administrative fees and charges 36.316.313712 FINES AND FORFEITS 69.700.9397120 Fines and forefeits 69.700.939713 PROCEEDS FROM SALES OF GOODS AND SERVICES 9.578.5197130 Proceeds from sales of goods and services 9.578.519714 OTHER NON-TAX REVENUES 139.976.2337141 Other non-tax revenues 139.976.23372 CAPITAL REVENUES 17.281.527720 PROCEEDS FROM DISPOSAL OF FIXED ASSETS 16.668.1037200 Proceeds from sales of buildings and premises 15.989.668I. GENERAL PARTPage 1 of 7
  2. 2. A. State Budget Revenues and ExpendituresEURAccount Value7201 Proceeds from sales of vehicles 369.3087202 Proceeds from sales of equipment 297.1797203 Proceeds from disposal of other fixed assets 11.948721 PROCEEDS FROM DISPOSAL OF STOCKS 2.2667211 Proceeds from sales of other stocks 2.266722 PROCEEDS FROM DISPOSAL OF LAND ANDINTANGIBLE ASSETS611.1587220 Proceeds from sales of agricultural land and forests 334.1607221 Proceeds from sales of building land 276.99873 DONATIONS RECEIVED 7.933.498730 DOMESTIC DONATIONS 74.4167300 Grants and gifts received from domestic legal entities 55.2267301 Grants and gifts received from domestic natural persons 19.190731 FOREIGN DONATIONS 7.859.0827310 Grants and gifts received from foreign non-governmentorganizations and foundations1.824.8217311 Grants and gifts received from foreign governments andgovernment institutions6.034.26074 TRANSFERED REVENUES 1.122.920740 TRANSFER REVENUES FROM OTHER GENERALGOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS1.122.9207400 Transfers from the state budget 1.099.6687402 Transfers from social security funds 23.25378 RECEIPTS FROM THE EU BUDGET 1.443.476.137781 RECEIPTS FROM THE EU BUDGET FOR THEIMPLEMENTATION OF THE COMMONAGRICULTURAL AND FISHERIES POLICY303.122.0527810 Transfers from EU budget for market measures inagriculture funded by EAGGF8.241.5007811 Transfers from EU budget for direct payments to agriculturefunded by EAGGF133.075.0007812 Transfers from EU budget for rural developmentprogramme funded by EAGGF153.143.3027813 Other funds received from the EU budget for theimplementation of the common agricultural policy2.362.2507814 Funds received from the EU budget for the implementationof the common fisheries policy6.300.000782 FUNDS RECEIVED FROM STRUCTURAL FUNDS OFTHE EU BUDGET733.751.1837821 Transfers from EU budget funded by the EuropeanRegional Development Fund (ERDF)586.185.4787822 Transfers from the European Social Fund 147.565.705783 FUNDS RECEIVED FROM THE COHESION FUND OFTHE EU BUDGET381.452.9027830 Receipts from the EU Cohesion fund 381.452.902784 FUNDS RECEIVED FROM THE EU BUDGET FORIMPLEMENTATION OF CENTRALISED AND OTHER EUPROGRAMMES21.800.0007841 Other transfers from EU budget for internal policyimplementation13.000.0007843 Funds received from the EU budget for Citizenship,Freedom, Security and Justice8.800.000786 OTHER RECEIPTS FROM THE EU BUDGET 3.350.0007860 Other receipts from the EU budget 3.350.000Page 2 of 7
  3. 3. A. State Budget Revenues and ExpendituresEURAccount ValueII. TOTAL EXPENDITURES (40+41+42+43+45) 9.620.551.27840 CURRENT EXPENDITURE 2.562.700.194400 SALARIES, WAGES AND OTHER PERSONNELEXPENDITURES918.588.5074000 Basic salaries and allowances 807.262.0234001 Vacation allowance 14.690.6474002 Compenastions and refunds 76.472.7204003 Performance bonus 4.510.3524004 Overtime pay 6.131.0084005 Non-resident wages under contract 4.3904009 Other personnel expenditure 9.517.368401 EMPLOYERS SOCIAL SECURITY CONTRIBUTIONS 173.893.8844010 Pension and disability insurance contributions 100.911.3264011 Health insurance contributions 56.126.2484012 Unemployment insurance contributions 616.7524013 Parental protection contributions 952.3384015 Additional pension insurance premiums for governmentemployees15.287.221402 EXPENDITURE ON GOODS AND SERVICES 708.683.0324020 Office and general supplies and services 79.248.0224021 Specialized materials and services 122.573.8014022 Utilities and communications 65.374.7134023 Transport expenses 40.223.4924024 Travel expenses 14.069.2964025 Routine maintenance 197.707.2444026 Operational leases 61.288.8984027 Penalties and compensations 15.012.0324029 Other operational expenditure 113.185.533403 DOMESTIC INTEREST PAYMENTS 657.442.4094031 Interest payments for loans from commercial banks 21.906.4354032 Interest payments for loans from other financial institutions 96.4444033 Interest payments for loans from other domesticdebtholders8.184.4244034 Interest payments for securities issued on the local market 627.255.107404 EXTERNAL INTEREST PAYMENTS 41.321.3034040 Interest payments to international financial institutions 1.321.3034044 Interest payments for securities issued on a foreign market 40.000.000409 RESERVES 62.771.0594090 General budgetary reserve 25.000.0004091 Budgetary reserve 18.896.5594093 Funds for special purposes 18.874.50041 CURRENT TRANSFERS SUBSIDIES 497.725.1164100 Subsidies to public enterprises 62.870.7374102 Subsidies to private enterprises and individuals 434.854.379411 TRANSFERS TO INDIVIDUALS AND HOUSEHOLDS 1.321.328.9224110 Transfers to the unemployed 238.278.2214111 Family benefits and parental compensations 542.814.6914112 Social security transfers 214.073.4904113 Transfers made to War disabled, war veterans and warvictims58.948.2004117 Scholarships 92.407.0764119 Other transfers to individuals 174.807.244Page 3 of 7
  4. 4. A. State Budget Revenues and ExpendituresEURAccount Value412 TRANSFERS TO NON-PROFIT ORGANISATIONS ANDINSTITUTIONS145.108.8584120 Current transfers to non-profit organizations and institutions 145.108.858413 OTHER CURRENT DOMESTIC TRANSFERS 3.236.542.3694130 Current transfers to other levels of general government 18.617.0154131 Current transfers to Social security Funds 1.422.570.4814132 Current transfers to other extra-budgetary funds 17.716.7924133 Current transfers to other government institutions 1.648.245.8694134 Curent transfer to state budget 827.2624135 Current payments to other institutions performing publicservices which are not direct budget spending units88.374.0634136 Current transfers to state agencies 40.190.886414 CURRENT TRANSFERS ABROAD 30.574.4924140 Current transfers to international institutions 20.091.7684141 Current transfers to foreign governments and governmentinstitutions64.6824142 Current transfers to non-profit institutions abroad 2.250.1864143 Other current transfers abroad 8.167.85742 CAPITAL EXPENDITURE 567.039.002420 ACQUISITION OF CAPITAL ASSETS 567.039.0024200 Acquisition of buildings and other premises 6.822.6594201 Acquisition of vehicles 9.829.2144202 Acquisition of equipment 56.605.8084203 Acquisition of other fixed assets 80.0714204 Construction and reconstruction works and improvements 298.463.4204205 Major maintenance and renovation 82.106.1214206 Acquisition of land and natural resources 20.024.2884207 Acquisition of of intangible assets 35.111.4244208 Project feasibility studies, project documents, supervisionand investment engineering57.995.9984209 Acquisition of commodity and intervention stocks 043 CAPITAL TRANSFERS 846.432.325431 CAPITAL TRANSFERS TO INSTITUTIONS OUTSIDEGENERAL GOVERNMENT233.657.8184310 Capital transfers to non-profit institutions 51.580.7004311 Capital transfers to public enterprises owned by the stateand by local communities24.844.3844313 Capital transfers to private enterprises 115.989.4874314 Capital transfers to individuals 40.973.7914315 Capital transfers to private institutions providing publicservices which are not direct budget spending units269.456432 CAPITAL TRANSFERS TO GENERAL GOVERNMENTINSTITUTIONS612.774.5074320 Capital transfers to other levels of Government 443.644.1144321 Capital transfers to extra-budgetary funds and agencies 1.066.4424322 Capital transfers to the central government budget 15.0004323 Capital transfers to public institutions 168.048.95145 PAYMENTS TO THE EU BUDGET 413.100.000450 TOTAL PAYMENTS TO THE EU BUDGET 413.100.0004500 Payments of Traditional Own Resources into to the EUBudget81.800.0004501 Payments of VAT resources into the EU Budget 53.463.7504502 Payments of GNI resources into the EU Budget 257.290.1894503 Payments of UK rebate into the EU Budget 18.239.917Page 4 of 7
  5. 5. A. State Budget Revenues and ExpendituresEURAccount Value4504 Payments of the GNI resource to the EU Budget in favourof Kingdoms of the Netherlands and Sweden2.306.144III. BUDGET SURPLUS (DEFICIT) (I. - II.) -1.009.390.220Total revenues minus total expendituresIII/1. PRIMARY SURPLUS (DEFICIT) (I.-7102)-(II.-403-404)-337.026.508Revenues less interest receipts minus expenditure less interest paymentsPage 5 of 7
  6. 6. B. State budget lending and repaymentsEURAccount ValueIV. REPAYMENTS OF LOANS AND SALES OFEQUITIES (750+751+752)4.213.93175 RAPAYMENTS OF LOANS AND SALES OF EQUITIES 4.213.931750 REPAYMENTS OF LOANS 3.001.9317504 Repayments of loans from private enterprises 2.751.9317509 Repayments of paid state budget guarantees 250.000751 DISPOSAL OF EQUITIES 12.0007513 Proceeds from disposal of other equity interests 12.000752 PURCHASE MONIES RECEIVED FROMPRIVATIZATION1.200.0007520 Revenues from privatization of ex - social enterprises 1.200.000V. LENDING AND AQUISITION OF EQUITY(440+441+442)224.904.95044 LENDING AND AQUISITION OF EQUITY 224.904.950440 LENDING 66.192.3684401 Lending to extra-budgetary funds 600.0004402 Lending to public enterprises mand companies owned bythe state and by local communities04404 Lending to private enterprises 37.158.4184409 Payments of overdue guarantees 28.433.950441 ACQUISITION OF EQUITIES 152.337.0004410 Increase in equity holdings in public enterprises andcompanies owned by the state and local communities2.000.0004414 Increase of equity holdings abroad 150.337.000442 LENDING AND ACQUISITION OF EQUITIES FROMPRIVATISATION6.234.6054420 Loans made from privatisation proceeds 1.260.6054421 Transfers of privatisation proceeds to extrabudgetary funds 4.974.000443 ACQUISITION OF ASSETS IN EXTRABUDGETARYFUNDS140.9774430 Increase of commitment appropriations in extrabudgetaryfunds140.977VI. LENDING MINUS REPAYMENTS (IV. - V.) -220.691.019Page 6 of 7
  7. 7. C. State budget borrowing and amortization of debtEURAccount ValueVII. BORROWING (500+501) 3.095.325.05250 BORROWING 3.095.325.052VIII. AMORTIZATION OF DEBT (550+551) 1.865.243.81255 AMORTIZATION OF DEBT 1.865.243.812550 AMORTIZATION OF DOMESTIC DEBT 1.857.437.7235501 Amortization of loans from commercial banks 100.000.0005503 Amortization of loans from other domestic creditors 68.354.2775504 Amortization of principal of securities issued on thedomestic market1.689.083.447551 AMORTIZATION OF EXTERNAL DEBT 7.806.0895510 Amortization of debt to international financial institutions 7.806.089IX. CHANGES IN CASH AND DEPOSITS (I.+IV.+VII.-II.-V.-VIII.)0X. NET BORROWING (VII.-VIII.) NET FINANCING (VI.+X.-IX.) 1.009.390.220Page 7 of 7