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ICPDAS - Machine current monitoring and preventive maintenance


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Machine current monitoring and preventive maintenance

Published in: Technology
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ICPDAS - Machine current monitoring and preventive maintenance

  1. 1. Machine Current Monitoring & Preventive Maintenance ICP DAS Co., LTD. Joyce Yeh Tel: +886-3-5973366 ext: 3307 Email:
  2. 2. Outlines •  IntroducGon •  Machine Current Monitoring system •  SoluGons •  Benefits •  Why Choose ICP DAS?
  3. 3. IntroducGon •  Remote monitoring, diagnosis and maintenance are three key funcGons that equipments must have in the future •  Help customers to improvement equipment reliability, maintenance and uGlizaGon
  4. 4. The Problem Original funcGon at machine: •  ProducGon order history •  3-color tower light system Database Insufficient machine informa=on: •  No real =me & detailed opera=onal informa=on •  Unable to overhaul machine quickly •  Need to shut down machine for troubleshoo=ng
  5. 5. The requirement l Factory Monitoring ü Machine operaGon and maintenance ü Electricity consumpGon ü Environmental monitoring l Measure the mixture of AC/DC signal and single/three phases inverter and motor in a single module. l Do not change the current wiring structure l Central real Gme remote monitoring system l Query historical data from database
  6. 6. System Architecture DN-831I-100V M-7017RMS Inverter AC/DC Motor Modbus RTU RS-485 Expand up to 8 Channel DN-831I-100V M-7017RMS Inverter AC/DC Motor Modbus RTU RS-485 Expand up to 8 Channel DN-831I-100V M-7017RMS Inverter AC/DC Motor Modbus RTU RS-485 Expand up to 8 Channel DN-831I-100V M-7017RMS Inverter AC/DC Motor Modbus RTU RS-485 Expand up to 8 Channel Inverter AC/DC Motor Actual Operating Current Modbus RTU RS-485 Real Time Data Acquisition Database EZ data logger to DB DN-831I-100V M-7017RMS Expand up to 8 Channel On Site Data Center
  7. 7. Current Monitoring M-7017RMS hdp:// hdp:// 50A 4V 4000 Motor Current A to V Voltage DN-843I-CT-50 M-7017RMS AD Value
  8. 8. Power Meter SelecGon
  9. 9. DN-800 Series SelecGon Name Input Channel Input Type Input Range CT Type Cable Output DN-831I-100V-50A/200A/ 500A 1x Voltage, 1x Current +/-100Vpp, +/-50A, +/-200A, +/-500A Clip-on 1.5m/ 3m +/-10Vpp DN-843VI-600V 3x Voltage AC/DC +/-600Vpp N/A N/A +/-10Vpp DN-848VI-10V/80V/150V 8x Voltage AC/DC +/-10Vpp, +/-80Vpp, +/-150Vpp N/A N/A +/-10Vpp DN-843I-CT-1/10/20/50 3x Current AC/DC +/-1A, +/-10A, +/-20A, +/-50A Solid Core N/A +/-1.6Vpp, +/-10Vpp, +/-10Vpp, +/-4Vpp DN-844-50A/200A/500A 4x Current AC/DC +/-50A,+/-200A, +/-500A Clip-on 1.5m/ 3m +/-10Vpp
  10. 10. Key Module: M-7017RMS, I-87017W-RMS
  11. 11. On Site Installation 1 2 3 4 5
  12. 12. Data Logger & HMI (EZ Data Logger)
  13. 13. Data Logger & HMI (InduSom)
  14. 14. Measuring Data 1st Cunng process 2nd Cunng process 3rd Grind process Plaporm magnet power ConsumpGon Moving plaporm power consumpGon
  15. 15. Coolant Temperature DN-831I-100V M-7017RMS Inverter AC/DC Motor Expand up to 8 Channel Actual opera=ng current tM-TH8 Modbus RTU RS-485 Coolant temperature
  16. 16. Machine Current Monitoring Temperature/ Humidity/ CO2 Monitoring Database DO Output Alerts Alarm Threshold Triggers Project Architecture DL-302 DL-302 RS-485 On Site Data Center Temperature/ Humidity Monitoring Ethernet Alarm Threshold Triggers DO Output Exhaust Fan for VenGlaGon Warehouse Office Control Center NS-208 Ethernet Working Area Data Writing to Remote Database RealTimeDataAcquisition WISE-5800 Machine Power Consumption Monitoring
  17. 17. SoluGons •  Equipment prevenGve maintenance (current monitoring) –  DN-831I-100V-50A (Voltage Adenuator and Current Transformer) –  M-7017RMS (8 CH True RMS Input Module) –  I-7520 (RS-232 to RS-485 converter) •  Environment monitoring –  DL-302 (CO2/Temperature/Humidity/Dew Point Data Logger) •  CommunicaGon & Management –  NS-208 (Ethernet switch) –  InduSoZ/EZ Data Logger
  18. 18. Benefits •  Abnormal in process à InvesGgate the possible factor by motor operaGon log file •  Machine malfuncGonà Find out root cause by analyzing historical data •  PrevenGve maintenanceà early detecGon of equipment malfuncGon by system alert •  AdjusGng the process parameters to improve yields and quality
  19. 19. Why choose ICP DAS ? •  The output of motor /device are AC and DC Signal. Current is the major measurement. – General Power Meter can only measure AC but DC – Power Meter Manufactures don’t offer DC type meter. •  Clip on (Hinged) CT is easy to installed. Not necessary to change the wiring of motor. •  ICP DAS offers our customers one Stop Shopping. We propose system integraGon of Somware (InduSom) and Hardware.