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ICO Partners - What we do

  1. 1. ICO PARTNERS European Online Games Experts http://www.icopartners.comQueensberry House, 106 Queens Road, Brighton BN1 3XF, United Kingdom
  2. 2. ICO Partners...ICO Partners is a consulting firm focused onthe business of online games in Europe.We provide our clients with bespoke strategyconsulting, European market intelligenceand dedicated Public Relations services. Online Games Consulting & Services
  3. 3. Who do we work with? Developers Support for non- development activities Support to enter the online space Overseas Operators Support to enter and expand in the European market Online Games Consulting & Services
  4. 4. A la carte support for every1 Evaluate Audit /due diligence 2 Propose Research and recommendations 3 Implement Support execution 4 Manage White label outsourcing Online Games Consulting & Services
  5. 5. Our areas of expertiseBusiness Marketing• Strategy• Market analysis • Pan-European PR• Development • Community management• Business models • Online marketing• Legal • Social media Operations • Operations set-up • Payment systems • Live operations • Localization • Distribution • Metrics & data Online Games Consulting & Services
  6. 6. BUSINESS
  7. 7. Business 1StrategyWe provide customised due diligence and recommendations for approaching theEuropean market based on our deep knowledge of the business space and thespecificities of your company’s structure, history and games.Market AnalysisWe maintain a comprehensive database of actors and games on the European market,which we use as the basis for compiling custom business intelligence reports.MonetisationOur expertise in new business models and European players’ gameplay and paymenthabits enables us to provide advice on your game’s monetization. Online Games Consulting & Services
  8. 8. Business 2Business DevelopmentWe can make the most of our wide contact network to help you find the partners youneed across Europe.Legal / NegotiationsAssisted by our European law partners, we can review and advise on Europeanoperational (EULA, PEGI and USK ratings submissions) and negotiation (licenseagreements) requests. Online Games Consulting & Services
  9. 9. Business : examples of past missionsEuropean strategyFor companies entering the European market, ICO Partners has provided businessintelligence and strategic recommendations : licensing or self-publishing, which productsto select, which languages to service, how to position the games.Conversion and monetization auditsWe have audited user flow and business models in games, live and in development,suggesting changes to improve conversion and monetisation.P&L evaluationWe have worked with developers to build realistic business plans for the developmentand operations of a MMO projectLicensing negotiationsWe have helped developers to find a suitable licensing partner in Europe and offerednegotiations advice. Online Games Consulting & Services
  10. 10. OPERATIONS
  11. 11. Operations 1Operations set-upWith many years’ experience in setting up EU operations, we have extensiveknowledge of the European space for online games development and publishing, andcan advise you on how and where to set up your offices, your servers, yourstructure and how to manage processesPayment systemsWe know European payment habits and providers, and can help you integrate theappropriate payment methods for your game’s genre, audience and business modelin order to improve conversionLive OperationsWe can provide recommendations and best practices for managing serverhosting, deployment process, patching process and other key operations Online Games Consulting & Services
  12. 12. Operations 2LocalisationWhile we are not a localisation vendor, we know a lot about the management of theprocess and can advise on localization and culturalization for all aspects of theservice, including your website, community spaces and game assets. We can evensource vendors and build the process.DistributionWe have a network of contacts across many distribution channels, especially online, todistribute game clients or access codes. We can build and execute your digitaldistribution strategy in order to ensure efficient reach across the different Europeancountries.MetricsWe have experience in data-driven service management, and can audit and makerecommendations on your European metrics collection and analysis system. Online Games Consulting & Services
  13. 13. Operations : examples of past missionsOperational due diligenceIn the context of acquisitions, ICO Partners has reviewed and suggested improvementson developers’ and publishers’ operational structure, processes and projects.Operations set-upWe have advised clients on building strong foundations for their European business:Where to set-up offices, how to organise the company, staff recruitment, etc. Online Games Consulting & Services
  14. 14. MARKETING
  15. 15. Marketing : Media relationsPan-European PRWe have built a Pan-European media relations management solution,now called ICO MediaCO is the only company in Europe providing a one-stop solution for reaching out tospecialised media. Our service is particularly suited to supporting hardcore onlinePC games.We collaborate with local agencies on behalf of clients where the games’ audiencesare more casual and outside our existing scope of contacts. Online Games Consulting & Services
  16. 16. MarketingCommunity managementWe provide our clients with community management strategy to properly cover therange of European countries and languages, from high-level strategy to operationalcoaching.Online MarketingWe help our clients build relevant marketing campaigns for their games in Europe,from scratch or by adapting their existing strategy. Based on their objectives, we alsosupport them with implementation, directly or with relevant partners for the projects.Social mediaWe help our clients build successful social media strategies, taking into accountterritory specific social sites as well as the challenge of reaching audiences in differentlanguages.We also provide coaching to our clients’ teams in order to help them maximize theirreach in social media channels using best practices. Online Games Consulting & Services
  17. 17. THE TEAM
  18. 18. The Founders Thomas Bidaux, CEO • 13 years experience in the online games industry • Published first MMOs in French at GOA • Founder and Director of Product Development at Ncsoft Europe Diane Lagrange, Lead Consultant and co-founder • MBA degree, marketing and communication specialization • Product Manager at Ubisoft France • Business Development Manager at NCsoft Europe Online Games Consulting & Services
  19. 19. Our Clients And more… Online Games Consulting & Services
  20. 20. European Online Games Experts