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ICO Media - Pan European PR agency


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Presentation of the PR agency

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ICO Media - Pan European PR agency

  1. 1. B E S P O K E P R F O R V I D E O G A M E S
  3. 3. About ICO Media
  4. 4. Thomas BIDAUX, CEO - 15 years games industry experience - Founder & Director of Product Development NCsoft Europe Stephan Meijerhof About ICO Media Adrien Lary Diane LAGRANGE, Director - 10 years games industry experience - Business Development Manager NCsoft Europe - Based in Japan M a n a g e m e n t & C o n s u l t i n g P u b l i c R e l a t i o n s T e a m Dutch Spanish Mike Diver English Anne-Julie Pachurka French Nora Reulecke GermanFrench
  5. 5. What we do Wh o we re ach Ho w we wo rk Ho w we re p o rt
  6. 6. More than 2,500+ media contacts and counting Communicating in 24 countries Mailing system allows targeted communication according to language, game, level of communication and interest (eSports, multiplayer, trade, etc.) Mailing list also includes peripheral segments such as manga/anime, geek culture or fansites For global communication we cooperate with partners outside Europe What we do : Who we reach E x p e r t s I n E u r o p e
  7. 7. Czech Republic + Slovakia Germany + Austria UK + Ireland France Spain Italy Belgium + Netherlands Nordics Portugal Greece Poland Hungary Romania + Bulgaria Croatia + Serbia + Slovenia Co u nt rie s We Co ve r What we do : Who we reach
  8. 8. In-house PR team drafts, adapts and translates into English, German, French, Dutch and Spanish Lan gu age s We Sp e ak Communications in other relevant languages are localised by trusted translation partners What we do : Who we reach
  9. 9. What we do Wh o we reach Ho w we wo rk Ho w we re p o rt
  10. 10. Preview/review management Code give aways Dedicated newsroom What we do : How we work P l a n n i n g t o m a i n t a i n m e d i a c o v e ra ge b e y o n d a ga m e ’s l a u n c h : S e r v i c e s : Pre-announcement and announcement for a game Pre-launch planning Launch Management Ongoing communication post release Live streams with developers Speaking opportunities at local conferences Applications for industry awards C o n s t a n t l y v i g i l a n t fo r f u r t h e r o p p o r t u n i t i e s t o c o m m u n i c a t e : Done in coordination with the clients’ community strategy
  11. 11. Online games and other titles with a steady schedule of post-release content Midcore and hard-core mobile and console games reaching out to specialized media Indie games with shorter windows for communication and smaller budgets Corporate PR, building brand awareness (B2B media outreach, local conferences participation) eSport dedicated actions, press invites, competition communications, media training Crowdfunding campaigns support and communication strategy planning Ou r exp e rt ise : What we do : How we work
  12. 12. O NLI NE G A ME PA RT NERS E xamp le Clie nt s League of Legends Riot Games Since 2010 Smite Paladins Hi-Rez Studios Since 2011 Evoland I & II Until Dark Shiro Games Endless Legend Endless Space 2 Dungeon of the Endless Amplitude Studios I NDI E G A ME ST UDI O PA RT NE RS What we do : How we work
  13. 13. E xamp le Clie nt s : M any mo re ... What we do : How we work
  14. 14. Long-lasting working relationship for key eSports games 4 YE ARS e Sp o rt exp e rt ise What we do : How we work 5 YE ARS
  15. 15. “Everyone was afraid for a boring, training seminar that would be similar to a classroom, but that wasn't the case. Everyone found value in the class and thank you for putting this together for them in a fun way.” Sending out eSports news to key outlets and journalists Inviting and handling media for international events ICO offers media trainings for professional players Including general media training and personalized training interviews E XT E NSI VE ESPO RTS CO NTAC TS ADAM MIERZEJEWSKI eSports Tournament Manager, Hi-Rez Studios e Sp o rt exp e rt ise ME DI A T RA I NI NG S What we do : How we work
  16. 16. Supported 3 successfully funded campaigns Cro wd f u n d in g Su p p o rt G o a l $ 4 5 k R a i s e d $ 5 5 k G o a l $ 1 0 0 k R a i s e d $ 2 0 0 k G o a l $ 1 0 0 k R a i s e d $ 1 7 0 k What we do : How we work
  17. 17. Cro wd f u n d in g Su p p o rt The 3 key phases of a campaign - ICO helps you at each one #1 - PREPARE YOUR CAMPAIGN #2 - LAUNCH YOUR CAMPAIGN #3 - AFTER THE CAMPAIGN What we do : How we work Pre-announcement, community recruitment, engage media early Announcements; follow-up on the campaign activities Maximize the coverage of your success; create a follow-up program to properly benefit from the crowd
  18. 18. We offer our clients the opportunity to benefit from both our PR services and our consulting services on selected crowdfunding projects. We researched the crowdfunding opportunities for games Cro wd f u n d in g Su p p o rt Unique expertise Find out about about our research on the topic in this document: What we do : How we work
  19. 19. What we do Wh o we reach Ho w we wo rk Ho w we re p o rt
  20. 20. ICO uses two special tools for monitoring our client’s games in media Both tools, the “Media Monitor” and “Coverage Report”, are developed in-house and continually evolving (direct access to tools and data can be purchased separately) Data and insight is presented in detailed monthly reports Analysis and suggestions are added with further input from the consulting team D ata - d rive n In sight s What we do : How we report
  21. 21. For detailed tracking and analysis on the impact of distributed communications Automated graphs provide further analysis in a multitude of categories. Such as language, estimated reached readers of outlet, type of media or news topic Allows flexible monthly and long term comparisons as well as identifying trends and key take-away points Strike Suit Zero (Born Ready Games) Coverage Evolution 2013 - 2014 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 # of articles Total reach 4% 4% 25% 1% 17% 1% 3% 2% 4% 1% 4% 9% 22% To o l 1 : Co verage Rep o rt What we do : How we report Fractured Space (Edge Case Games) Coverage by language - October 2014
  22. 22. Automatically searches, collects and analyses data from over 1,000 qualified websites Data allows to spot trends and compare media attention of games Collected data displayed in two formats: To o l 2 : M e d ia M o n ito r What we do : How we report T R E N D S I N G A M I N G M E D I A M A I L C O M PA R E C O M P E T I TO R TO O L Daily automated mail with gaming media trends or references of special games Web-interface to easily compare media coverage of titles in real time
  23. 23. Here are full sample reports: Samp le Rep o rt s What we do: How we report 23 Password:GGWP SHIRO GAMES A u g u s t 2 0 1 6 R e p o r t Hi-Rez Studios M ay 2 0 1 6 R e p o r t
  24. 24. Case studies On lin e game s: Le agu e o f Le ge n d s In d ie games: Evo lan d
  25. 25. Riot Games was founded in 2006 and employs over 1,000 people Its game League of Legends is one of the most successful PC games and available in countries around the world Riot games had a revenue of $624 million in 2013 League of Legends has 67 million monthly players The League of Legends finale 2013 attracted 32 million viewers online Case studies : League of Legends Ab o u t Rio t Game s
  26. 26. 4 years relationship with ICO on European PR Drafting, localisation and distribution of press communications Organising media invites and PR support at international events Hosting press assets in dedicated news room Management of incoming media requests Monthly reporting on League of Legends Bi-monthly reporting on all MOBA games in European media “ICO has taken over PR for Riot Games when Riot decided to self- publish in Europe. The results have been excellent. ICO is critical in League of Legends’ organic growth in Europe.” Nicolas Laurent Vice President of International Business, Riot Games Case studies : League of Legends Part n e rsh ip Rio t Game s
  27. 27. - 148 articles published based on the communication - Articles in 17 languages - Email communication to media about the redesigned map - Translated into English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch - Selection of assets hosted on dedicated press news room November 2014 Case studies : League of Legends Case st u d y: Su mmo n e r ‘s Rif t Up d ate PE RI O D TO O LS RESULTS
  28. 28. Case studies On lin e game s: Le agu e o f Le ge n d s In d ie game s: Evo lan d
  29. 29. Shiro Games consists of 8 full time employees Working with ICO since 2013 on 3 titles (Evoland I & II, Until Dark) “When you are an indie developer with limited time and limited marketing expertise, having a partner like ICO is critical. They know the scene, and they know everyone who talks about the indie scene. They have a true passion for games, and it makes a difference every day in the work they deliver!” Sebastien Vidal CEO, Shiro Games INDIE SUCCESS STORY Case studies : Evoland Part n e rsh ip wit h Sh iro Game s
  30. 30. Evo lan d (P C & M ac) Lau n ch - Over 650 published articles - Articles in 17 languages across Europe - Over 400,000 copies sold - Drafting, localisation and distribution of press communications - Targeted outreach for previews and preview code distribution - Targeted outreach for reviews and review code distribution - Arranging giveaways and interviews - Hosting press assets in dedicated news room Regular reporting on Evoland coverage in European media From Game reveal in October 2012 to release in April 2013 and after launch phase until June 2013 PE RI O D TO O LS RESULTS Case studies : Evoland
  31. 31. Pricing Models
  32. 32. Fixed monthly retainer covers all costs outside of events. The scope of the project is agreed in advance. Our missions are usually set be for at least a 3 months period. Our more regular clients work with an on-going retainer. Detailed reporting shows ICO‘s PR actions by the end of each month. Events are treated case-by-case based on length of the event and scope. They are subject to separate proposals for the client to approve. We usually include a lot of the preparation work in our retainer and the event fee is usually there to cover our on-site presence. If you are a small indie studio, we sometimes offer a "per action" pricing model, based on our available bandwidth, and the project of the studio. Ask us if you are interested. M o nt h ly Retain e r Pricing model
  33. 33. Why work with us?
  34. 34. ▪ Handles one country directly. Hands over PR for other countries. ▪ Localisations are carried out by external agencies. Coordination is time consuming. ▪ Smaller countries such as Poland, Spain or Romania are often left out. ▪ Builds communication strategy up to launch before moving to another project. ▪ Reporting is often a secondary and basic information. Never provides a global overview across the different countries. ▪ Manages all European countries directly from agency in Brighton, UK. ▪ Flexible, in-house localisation. ▪ Pan-European contacts, not just focused on the major countries. ▪ Builds communication over time, not only focused on launch. ▪ Extensive reporting and feedback that is driven by dedicated tools and an expert consulting team. So... Why work with us?
  35. 35. WHO WE REACH - Over 2,500 media contacts across 24 countries in Europe - Reaching more than 20 million users through its media list HOW WE WORK - In-house localisation into English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch - Consulting services to maintain media coverage - Ideal for online games and indie games HOW WE REPORT - In-house developed reporting tools track reach and content of coverage - Monthly reporting with in-depth analysis and ongoing recommendations on the PR strategy Summary P u b lic Re lat io n s fo r V id e o game s
  36. 36. WWW.ICOMEDIA.EU OFFICE 6, 10 FLEET STREET BRIGHTON BN1 4ZE, UNITED KINGDOM CONTACT@ICOMEDIA.EU +44 (0)20 7193 5158 B R I G H T O N U N I T E D K I N G D O M C O N T A C T @ I C O M E D I A . E U + 4 4 ( 0 ) 2 0 7 1 9 3 5 1 5 8 W W W . I C O M E D I A . E U