Network of Local Entities Through Sustainability of Navarre-Arizcuren


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Network of Local Entities Through Sustainability of Navarre-Arizcuren

  1. 1. NOÁIN Council (Elorz Valley)Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development June 2012
  2. 2. NOÁIN Council (Elorz Valley)index 1 Introduction 2 International Scenario 3 Climate Change 4 Navarra, a Choice Based on Success 5 Keys to the Future
  3. 3. NOÁIN Council (Elorz Valley)02 International Scenario02.01 Renewable Energy and efficiency are essential to stabilize the climate 7
  4. 4. NOÁIN Council (Elorz Valley)02 International Scenario 02.03 Wind deployment Last decade + 28% annual growth Scenarios to 2030 GWEC 2010 2030Reference 185 GW 572 GWModerate 198 GW 1.777 GWAdvanced 201 GW 2.342 GW 11
  5. 5. NOÁIN Council (Elorz Valley)03 Climate Change and RE03.01 European Directive 2009/28/CE 13
  6. 6. NOÁIN Council (Elorz Valley)03 Climate Change and RE03.02 Savings Plan and Energy Efficiency 2011-2020Citizens’ perception of energy savings 84% belives than society 86% belives than waste a lot of energy energy could save 18
  7. 7. NOÁIN Council (Elorz Valley)04 Navarra, a choice based on success04.01 Renewable energy sources With a population of 636,924 and 240,000 homes, Navarra is a world benchmark in the production of clean energy, mainly wind power. The region covers 4,023 square miles (2% of the surface area of Spain). Since 2000, Navarra has stopped emitting 25 million tons of CO2, to the atmosphere thanks to production from renewable energy sources. 22
  8. 8. NOÁIN Council (Elorz Valley)04 Navarra, a choice based on success04.02 Navarra and renewablesRenewables covered 81.1% ofNavarra’s electricity consumption in INSTALLED CAPACITY IN2009, easily beating the European NAVARRA (January 2012)objective for renewables by the year MW Nº INSTALACIONES2020 and exporting 39% of the Eólica 980,65 41electricity generated. A production Fotovoltaica 163 8.312level of 3.6 MWh of electricity was Biomasa 33 1reached, representing the peak Minihidráulica 157 87production from renewables, withinstallled capacity close to 1,400 MW. Biogás 4,12 4 Biogás purines 15 1 Cogeneración 118 30Navarra has 3,5 times more RSU 2 2than Spanish average per Solar Térmica 18.000m2 -inhabitant. TOTAL 1.473 23
  9. 9. NOÁIN Council (Elorz Valley)04 Navarra, a choice based on success.04.03 Energy and Employment:The new companies created in the sector have generated an associated industrial fabricof around 100 companies and over 5.000 jobs. They contribute 5% of the region’sGross Domestic Product.This new economic sector is characterized by the fact that it creates specially-skilledjobs that have high added value.At present, a number of companies located in Navarra are leading the wind parkdevelopment sector (Acciona Energía, Eólica Navarra-Grupo Enhol, Gamesa Energía,Natural Gas-Fenosa Renovables and Iberdrola) and wind turbine/componentmanufacturers) Acciona Windpower, Alstom Power (Ecotecnia), Gamesa Eólica,Ingeteam and M. Torres).After consolidating their presence in Navarra many of these companies haveundertaken a process of international expansion. 26
  10. 10. NOÁIN Council (Elorz Valley)04 Navarra, a choice based on success.04.04 National CentersCENERThe National Renewables Center, set up in 2002. Morethan 200 researchers are now working on projects inCENER for new energy applications in wind and solar(photovoltaic and thermal) power, biomass, bioclimatic Production = Companiesarchitecture and electronics and hydrogen in basicresearch and external projects for business customers.Cener has invested more than 100 million € in cutting Pedge technological infraestructure.CENIFERCenter for Integrated National Training in Renewables,founded in 2003. Located in Imárcoain, south of the city ofPamplona, it provides vocational training at various levels: T RDegree, vocational training and other courses for companiesand professionals. Training = CENIFER Research (R&D+i)= CENERIn CENIFER’s, 430,000-square feet, more than 5,000renewables technicians have been trained since it openend. 27
  11. 11. NOÁIN Council (Elorz Valley)04 Keys to the future01 Market.02 Regulatory framework.03 Technology.04 Training.05 Competitiveness.06 Climate Change. 29
  12. 12. NoáinElorz Valleymunicipality
  13. 13. NOÁIN Council04.06 Climate Change (Elorz Valley) UN – Dubai- 2011 Best Practice Awarded 4
  14. 14. NOÁIN Counci (Elorz Valley)Thanks for your attention Oscar Arizcuren Noáin – Elortz Valley Mayor & President of the Network of local entities through Sustainability of Navarre (SPAIN) Rafael Tortajada Urban Environment Head. Gov. Of Navarre Secretaryt of the Network of local entities through Sustainability of Navarre (SPAIN)