Low Carbon and Eco-City Projects in Tainan, Taiwan - Yen-Shun


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Low Carbon and Eco-City Projects in Tainan, Taiwan - Yen-Shun

  1. 1. Low Carbon and Eco-City Projects in Tainan, Taiwan Tainan City Government
  2. 2. Geography & Environment Located on south-west of Taiwan Area:2,192km2 37 districts Population:1.87million people Density :855.74 person/km2 1.43 million motors 493 thousand cars
  3. 3. Historical Capital in Taiwan• Historical Center in Politic, Commerce, and Culture 3
  4. 4. A Better FutureTsunami crisis (1721 & 1921)Global Warming – Reducing crops, Sea level rising and etc.A important issue that we need to find the solution in order to have a better future.
  5. 5. City Appropriate Mitigation Actions, CAMAs
  6. 6. Multi-dimensional Reduce Carbon Low Renewable Saving Tran- Green Resource Green Green Carbon Energy Energy sport Building recycling lifestyles Env. School The aim of Low-Carbon projects in Tainan City Short-term min-term Goals of National Reduction target of 2014 2020 Reduce national CO2 emissions to Carbon abate 34% Abate 40% 2005 levels by the year 2020 Emission Lowering 2.74 Lowering 3.56 Reduce national CO2 emissions to million tones million tones 2000 levels by the year 2025 eCO2/year eCO2/year 12 low carbon city plansSustainable low carbon communities Multi-green energy sources Low carbon life style Low carbon campusEfficient low-carbon transportation Low carbon cultural tourism Material recycling Low carbon educationLow carbon energy saving buildings Eco-City Green remediation Low carbon city image 59 meaures to promote 113 methods to enforce
  7. 7. Low-Carbon City Projects reuse & recycle low-carbon community community low-carbon building ecological low-carbon function cultural tour low-carbon green transportation Eliminate energy pollution International cooperation low- low-carbon carbon life campus universal education 12 Plans 59 measures to promote 113 methods to enforce 7
  8. 8. Low carbon Community (1/2)Public area and Environment•Permeable area: 70%•Green cover area: 60%•11.5km bikeway•5358 trees, 220 thousand bushes•Permeable area: 40 thousand m2•Reuse constructed waste: 100 thousand m3
  9. 9. Low carbon Community(2/2)Energy conservation & carbon reduction design•Set landscape LED•Solar-power and smart streetlamp monitored system•Solar panel on the pavilions for the emergency lighting•Carbon reduction: 3465 tons → 64851 tons
  10. 10. Low carbon life (1/2) Utopia for recycling - community recycling station Recycle food wastes for composting Battery exchange station for electric scooters 、recharge station for electric vehicles Idle-Free for vehicles Excellence program10
  11. 11. Low carbon life (2/2)
  12. 12. Green energy (1/2)•The most green industries and the PV in Taiwan•Introducing the bank financing to setup the “white roof”•The first city to apply for the electric motordemonstrative plan•Promote solar-powered water heating system•Set the wind power system•Carbon reduction rate in 2014: 336.3 thousand tons/year
  13. 13. Green energy (2/2)Ways of achieving(1) Settle a project office(2) Open an exclusive website(3) Introduce the financing projects(4) Conduct promotion and dissemination Solar City Office(5) Set up the lease mechanism(6) Shorten the schedule of reviewing for the PV system connecting with the Grid(7) Provide subsidy for solar communities(8) Hold the competition among local districts to setting the PV Systems on Yanshuei PV systems Junior High School in TainanCommunity-Ren Jian Ching Jing Community-Future City 16 doors 130kWp 7 doors 24.38kWp Industry-Ho Shin Parking Area 13 498.36kWp
  14. 14. Low carbon cultural tour (1/2)To minimize the environmental impact of traveling
  15. 15. Low carbon cultural tour (2/2)• Abundant natural Taijiang eco-resource National Park  Taijiang National Park  Two internationally famous wet lands• Recommend by  Michelin Travel Guide: ★ ★ ★ Rail Station  San Francisco Chronicle Capital for 200 years is still Rail Station countrys historical and cultural heart• Cultural heritage An-ping Harbor – Sightseeing and attractions HSR Tainan – Temples and shrines 安平古堡 赤崁樓 億載金城 大天后宮 孔子廟
  16. 16. Low carbon transportation (1/2) • Carry out 「No Idling」in Taiwan
  17. 17. Low carbon transportation (2/2) Use train stations as the center to achieve seamless integration of green transportSafe & comfortableLow emission Reduce carbon emission and onboard timeFast & efficient Low carbon; high efficiencyDense network green transportationPedestrian accessibility Reduce off board timeexpectable frequency conform HSR Promote innovated vehicles TR  Electric bikes  BRT City Buses Long  Electric cars  Low floor/ emission bus distance bus  Light rails  LPG taxis Bike Walking
  18. 18. Reusing & recycling society (1/3)Green shoppingPower generation and energy conservation of livestock breedingRecycling of resourcesConstruction waste recyclingReutilize bottom resideBLUK waste recyclingRe-use of recycled waterRe-use of agricultural resources
  19. 19. Reusing & recycling society (2/3)Recycled items New realm ofbecome artwork aesthetics
  20. 20. Reusing & recycling society (3/3) Creativity & Blue economic
  21. 21. Greening remediation (1/2)• CPDC An-shun, Tainan: 1. Alternative renewable energy as primary energy sources 2. Source control of air quality 3. Water resource management 4. Material management and waste reduction 5. Improve land management and ecosystem protection21
  22. 22. Greening remediation (2/2) Achievements •Carbon reduction during remediation: 54,300 tonnes based on 2014 •Up to 2018, 2300 trees are to be replanted at An-Shun Site Usage of recycled materialPlantation after Mini-windmill wall After remediation andcleanup plantation
  23. 23. Ecological function(1/2)We recognize that the ecosystem based adaptation offers acost-effective and sustainable approach.
  24. 24. Ecological function(2/2) Ecological framework, ecological corridors and systematic, network-based green wetland system. Conservation of wetlands, turn abandoned salt fields into wetlands. Improve abandoned ponds and fish ponds artificial wetlands Detention basin, the integrated function of environmental protection• Create economic production, conservation, tourism and recreation
  25. 25. Low carbon building (1/2) Mainstreaming-- Green Building
  26. 26. Low carbon building (2/2)The First Zero-Carbon Building in Taiwan
  27. 27. Low carbon campus (1/1)To build a low carbon campus:Cooperate the city government with schoolsInduce indicators (PLCA-product life cycle analysis) for new campus establishmentTraining personals with green technology knowledge: 1.Department of green energy 2.Department of eco-science and technology 3.Graduate school of eco-tourism
  28. 28. Enforcement of low carbon (1/1) First, Low Carbon City Self- Government Ordinance (Six Chapters & 47 ordinances) In Tainan, Taiwan 28
  29. 29. International cooperation (1/2)Signed the Agenda 21,Tainan(Taiwan),5 June 2005 Invitation to「UN World Env. Day - Green cities expo 」in San Francisco, USA
  30. 30. International cooperation (2/2) Mayor, Lai and Japanese lawmakers were signed a cooperation declaration to strengthen Taiwan-Japan cooperation and exchange.Mr. Hikaru Kobayashi Mr. PJ RuddenAdviser on Ministry of DirectorEnvironment, Japan European Green Capital Secretariat 30
  31. 31. Projected Achievements (1/2)• Expected Achievements of Benchmarking Programs • Sustainable low carbon communities • Average water consumption per person usage per day - 250 liter →166 liter (-33.6%) • Annual carbon emission reduction - 3465 tones →64851 tones • Multi-green energy sources • Reduce carbon emission- 0.336 million tones/year in 2014 • Low carbon cultural tourism • Reduce carbon emission- 0.017 million tones/year in 2014 • Michelin Green Travelling Tainan is famous for hot springs, different hiking terrain, Coastal trip and delicious snacks.• Expected Achievements of Fundamental Programs • Low carbon life style • Reduce carbon emission- 0.692 million tones/year in 2014 • Material recycling • Reduce carbon emission- 0.704 million tones/year in 2014 • Green remediation • Reduce carbon emission- 0.245 million tones/year in 2014 • Sustainable land usage - remediation
  32. 32. Projected Achievements (2/2)Eco-City• •Reduce carbon emission- 0.248 million tones/year in 2014 •National & International eco wetlands 11,243 HaEfficient low-carbon transportation• Reduce carbon emission- 0.364 million tones/year in 2014 •Low carbon energy saving buildings• •Reduce carbon emission- 0.032 million tones/year in 2014 •Diamond class green buildingsLow carbon campus• •Reduce carbon emission- 0.035 million tones/year in 2014 •Zero Carbon emission building – NCKU Magic SchoolLow carbon education• •Reduce carbon emission- 0.001 million tones/year in 2014 •Low carbon city initiativeLow carbon city image• •International healthy and Green city •ICLEI cities/ co-operation between city and city 32
  33. 33. Beautiful plan-Tainan