ICLEI Green Business Challenge-Schmitz


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ICLEI Green Business Challenge-Schmitz

  1. 1. ICLEI Green Business Challenge
  2. 2. The Green Business ChallengeApproach• A friendly, voluntary competition among businesses that aims to reduce waste, energy use, and water use.• Performance data in energy, water and waste are tracked over a one-year period.• Highest achievers are recognized by community leaders.• The program is very adaptable and may target offices and commercial buildings, or the general business community.
  3. 3. Green Business Challenge Benefits • Engages the business community in climate action and energy efficiency • Raises awareness and educates the community about sustainability and energy or climate goals • Program that can produce measurable results • Adaptable and replicable model with proven success
  4. 4. EJurisdiction Name of Program Launch DateArlington County, VA Arlington Green Games October 2010Charleston, SC Charleston Green Business Challenge August 2010Chicago, IL Chicago Green Office Challenge February 2009Houston, TX Houston Green Office Challenge September 2010Saint Louis, MO St. Louis Green Business Challenge February 2010Port of San Diego, CA Port Green Business Challenge January 2011Westchester County NY Westchester Green Business Challenge December 2009Chula Vista, CA Chula Vista Clean Business Challenge October 2011Bellevue, WA Bellevue Green Business Challenge November 2011Austin, TX Austin Green Business Leaders Program March 2012Triangle J COG, NC Triangle J Regional Green Business Challenge April 2012
  5. 5. AchievementsChicago just completed awards ceremony for its second year of the Green Office Challenge.• Nearly 150 participating property manager and tenant companies.• Reduced electricity consumption by more than 124 million kwh.• Kept more than 85,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.• Saved more than $17 million by reducing electricity use. Photo credit: anneh632 via Flickr Creative Commons.
  6. 6. AchievementsHouston innovated byintroducing competition betweendifferent business districts aswell as between individualbusinesses Photo credit: Richard J. Carson• Participants scored an average of 41% better ontheir Challenge Year Survey than on their BaselineYear Survey.
  7. 7. AchievementsDecorah, IA: Winneshiek Energy District• Proved Challenge model can work in small town/rural area (county population 20,000)• Over 50 participating businesses
  8. 8. Green Business Challenge Online Tool • Online “cloud-based” platform • Online scorecard and utility data collection • Seamlessly integrates with local Green Business Challenge websites • Eliminates the need for multiple Excel documents and tools • Create reports and results from participant data
  9. 9. On the HorizonChallenge Set for Growth in United States• New online tool• National competition between businesses or cities• Network to share implementation successesGoing International• Goal to assist cities in Europe and Mexico to launch challenges
  10. 10. For More Information Michael Schmitz Executive Director, ICLEI USA michael.schmitz@iclei.org Eli Yewdall Program Officer, ICLEI USA eli.yewdall@iclei.org