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Green economy common responsibility_Wei


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Green economy common responsibility_Wei

  1. 1. 一 , 前述 Brief二 , 角色定位 五 , 我们的期盼Role to Play Our Expectations 主要内容 三 ,NGO 的作用 四 , 我们的行动 NGO’s Responsibility Our Actions
  2. 2. 一、前述 Preface The 2012 theme for World Environment 今年六 · 五世界环境日主 Day is the "Green Economy: Does it题“绿色经济:你参与了吗?” include you?" it will undercover the揭示了每一个社会成员的责任。 responsibility of every member of the发展绿色经济就是坚持经济发 society to answer this question. To develop green economy is to insist on展、社会发展、环境保护的协 economic development, social调和统一。联合国可持续发展 development, the coordination and大会的召开,在凝聚共识的基 reunion with environment protection.础上,必将绿色发展的潮流推 The convening of the UN conference, will definitely push the trend to a higher上一个新的高点。 point, on the foundation of common。 view.
  3. 3. 一、前述 Preface Combining with current Chinese feature, 结合中国的国情,我们 the green economy that we comprehend理解的绿色经济内含:它是可 include: it is an important way to sustainable development, the developing持续发展的重要手段。是以环 mode of environment protection and the境保护与资源科持续利用为本 sustainable usage of resource as the质条件的发展模式。它具有代 fundamental condition. Green economy价小、效益好、排放低、可持 cost less, more benefit, low discharge and is sustainable. It focuses on human’s续的特点。优先关注人类的健 healthy first, reduces the damage of the康与福祉,减少人类活动对环 environment human caused, fully境的损害,充分认识原生态系 comprehends the functions and value that统和人工系统提供的服务功能 the original ecology and artificial system provides, finally achieves new economy和价值,通过不断创新和高效 rise through innovation and effective管理获得新的经济增长点。 management.。j
  4. 4. 二、角色定位 Role to Play 政府主导 Government’s Leading Role 企业是主体Enterprises’ Main Role 公众参与和推动 者 Public’s Role of Participation and Promotion
  5. 5. In the progression of sustainable development drived by green在以绿色经济推进可持续发展 economy, every parts of the society进程中,每一个社会组成部分 must position themselves, improve都必须找准自己的位置,完善 its function, play the role and take自身的功能,发挥独特的作用 the responsibility. The government is,承当应尽的责任。政府是主 dominant, should act as leading导,应发挥有效的引导作用。 guide. Enterprises are the main part of the market economy as well as the企业是市场经济的主体,必然 development of the green economy.也是发展绿色经济的主体。公 The public is the participants and众是绿色经济的参与和推动者。 promoters. Economy development经济发展促进社会进步,最终 promotes society progression,目的是满足消费者需求。 eventually satisfies the need of the consumers.
  6. 6. 三、 NGO 的作用 NGO’s Role The history of China’s environmental NGO is less than 20 years. There are already在中国环保 NGO 的历史 almost 4000 NGOs according to statistics. 不足二十年,具不完全 At the early stage, NGO’s activities mainly 统计目前环保 NGO 已接 focused on environmental education and 近 4000 家。早期的 dissemination. In the recent year, Chinese NGO 活动大部分集中于 government and people of all circles 环保的宣传、教育。近 began to pay more attention on public 年来政府和社会各界开 welfare interests. In the process of 始更多的关注公共利益 transition to economy greening, China’s ,在绿色经济转型中, environmental NGOs are able to play 中国的环保 NGO 能够发 increasingly prominent role mainly facing 挥日益显著的推动作用 to the whole society to support 。 government by their own action. Spread and implementation of the policy,
  7. 7. 三、 NGO 的作用 NGO’s Role主要表现在:面向社会以自 urge the government( especially local身的行动支持政府;正确决 government) correct themselves in策的传播和实施;敦促政府 environment protection, supervise(特别是地方政府)改变在 enterprises to correct activities which具体环保事项上的职责缺失 are against green development, help;监督企业纠正违背绿色发 enterprises to carry out social duties.展的生产活动,协助企业履 Develop activities that guide the行社会责任;积极开展引导 public change consuming ways to社会民众转变消费方式践行 green ways. Refer to and utilize the绿色消费的具体行为;借鉴 production and living ways of和运用符合环保理念的生产 environment protection, helping the、生活方式,帮助贫困群体 poors to improve the living standards改善生活困境等等。同时在 etc. all the circumstances above have开展国际合作方面也日趋活 certain cases in many places in china,跃。 and will be promoted and expanded.
  8. 8. 四、我们的行动 Our Actions中华环境保护基金会作为中国环保 NGO 的成员之一,成立于一九九三年,是中国第一家专门从事环保职能的公募基金会。自成立以来秉承“取之于民、用之于民,保护环境、造福人类”的宗旨,开展了多种形式的环保项目和活动。近年来开展的项目和活动,都与我们今天会议的主题有着密切的相关性。Founded in 1993, China Environmental Protection Foundation (CEPF) is thefirst nation-wide public-funding foundation dedicated to environmentalprotection in China. In accordance with the principle of "using what is takenfrom the people to serve for the people, protecting the environment andworking for the benefits of mankind", CEPF sponsored and carried outvarious kinds of philanthropy activities and projects on environment, whichare all closely related to the theme of today’s conference.
  9. 9. 四、我们的行动 Our Actions 中华环境奖 环境与健康宣 China 传 Environment Environment and Health Award Propaganda清洁能源 高校环保社 项目 环保嘉年 团Clean Energy 华 资助 Project Small grant for The Green Campus Green Carnival Initiatives
  10. 10. • 中华环境奖 表彰在坚持可持续发展、保护环境、实践资源节约环境 友好型社会、推进生态文明建设中作出成绩的各类典型。 连续 7 届共计 145 个单位和个人获得表彰。近年来在受到 表彰的名单里,不乏有在实践绿色发展中取得成效的城市 和企业。• China Environment Award China Environment Award is the highest grade of social reward in China’s environmental protection field for honoring organizations and individuals that have made significant contributions for China’s environmental protection, sustainable development, and construction of ecological civilization. In 7 years, 145 collective and individual winners have been awarded. On the award list, we can find many cities and enterprises that made outstanding achievements in the practice of green economy.
  11. 11. China Environment Award 全国人大副委员长陈至立为 曲格平理事长为第五届中华环境 获得获得第七届中华环境奖 奖生态保护类获奖者国际野生生 城镇环境类的江苏省苏州市 物保护学会副主席乔治 · 夏勒博 颁奖 士颁奖
  12. 12. 获奖城市 --- 苏州介绍Introduction on the Award-Winning City--Su Zhou Suzhou is a China’s well-known city for苏州做为中国历史文化名城和 its history, culture and tourism, it is the著名的风景旅游城市,是经济 center of city economic development. In发展的中心城市。 2011 年全 2011 the city‘s GDP reaches more than 1 trillion, and per capita disposable市生产总值超过 1 万亿,居民 income of more than 30,000RMB.人均可支配收入超过 3 万元。 Manufacturing industrial totaled to制造业总量达到全国第二位, second place, taking less than 1% of the它以占全国不足 0.1% 的土地 in the country, producing a 2.3% of GDP and 3% of revenue respectively.面积创造了全国 2.3% 的 The concept of “ecological andGDP 和 3% 的财政收入。以 environmental protection” as priority生态立市、环保优先的理念, made the historic transformation of实现了由“环境换取增长”到“环 sacrificing the environment in exchange for GDP growth to environmental境优化增长”的历史性转变。 optimization of GDP growth.
  13. 13. 苏州市 The City of Su Zhou
  14. 14. • 环境与健康宣传 在国家有关部委的主办下,我会连续五年在纪念“六五世 界环境日”期间承办环境与健康宣传周活动,分别以水环 境与健康( 2008 年)、大气环境与健康( 2009 年)、 土壤环境与健康( 2010 年)、人居环境与健康( 2010 年)、绿色经济与健康( 2012 年)为主题编辑手册、引 发宣传品,组织现场咨询 - 围绕环境与健康在全国主要城 市开展有规模的宣传教育活动。• Environment and Health Propaganda Governed by related national authorities, from 2008 to 2012, CEPF successively edited and published Water and Health, Air and Health, Earth and Health, Habitat and Health and Green Economy and Health five brochures for public
  15. 15. The First China Environment and Health Week现场咨询高峰论 校园活动现
  16. 16. • 清洁能源照亮无电村 采用新能源技术和产品,以太阳能的方式在青海玉树地震 灾区和新疆喀什边远地区,为 8 个村庄和 4 所小学安装太阳 能输电工程,让无电村的少数民族牧民用上电灯,看上电视 。在解决消除贫困,改善边远地区牧民生活方式并使其享受 文化传播方面做出尝试。我们还将继续为使更多的无电村农 户用上电筹措资金,扩大项目的实施。• Clean Energy Light the Remote Areas CEPF built solar energy facilities for 8 villages and 4 schools in earthquake stricken area in Qin Hai province and remote areas in Xin Jiang province in northwest China. The ethnic herdsmen in these areas now can use light and television. CEPF will continue to raise funds and expand the scope of the project, help people in remote areas to eliminate poverty, improve living conditions and enjoy cultural and sustainable lifestyle by using clean energy technology and products.
  17. 17. 清洁能源照亮无电村 青海玉树清洁能源照亮无电村 项目 新疆清洁能源 -- 太阳能项目设备 展示
  18. 18. • 环保嘉年华 环保嘉年华是融互动式环保体验与知识型嘉年华为一体的环保宣传 教育主题乐园,倡导“以家庭为单位环保节日理念”,突出的特点是寓 教于乐的互动形式,丰富的活动内容和广泛的公众参与性,倡导渡过 一个绿色周末,快乐中感受环保。三年来先后在 44 个城市开展,近 100 万人参加活动。• The Green Carnival The project of Green Carnival is a kind of theme activities, designed for family in weekend, including interactive games, environmental education pallets, tips for green life, graffitist wall and exhibitions, which advocate large scale pubic participation and children environmental protection education. The carnival was initiated in Beijing in June 2009 and carried out in 43 other cities, attracting participation of 1,000,000 children and their parents.
  19. 19. • The cities and times the green carnival carried out
  20. 20. 清洁能源类环保小游The Green Carnival 戏 环保嘉年华石家庄 站 人与自然环保 净化空气类环保小游 展
  21. 21. • 高校环保社团资助项目 专门针对全国高校大学生环保社团的资助型项目。以注重创新,鼓励 实践为标准,通过对学生社团开展环保公益活动提供小额资助,调动 大学生参与环保的积极性,推动大学生环保社团健康发展,培养和锻 炼环保人才。近 5 年来共有 188 所高校的 247 个环保公益活动获得 资助• Small grant for Campus Green Initiatives The fund provides subsidies for green initiatives of college student societies, with an aim of motivating and fostering the student societies’ capacity and social responsibility, encouraging the students to make contributions in environment protection. In 5 years, the fund has provided subsidies for 247 student societies of 188 colleges in 31 provinces (municipality, autonomous region).
  22. 22. Small grant for Campus Green Initiatives聊城大学生物践行者协会 - 水质 监测活动现 河北科技师范 - 废糖蜜发酵生产益生菌活 西北师范爱心天使西部助学会 - 环保时装展场 性饲料 示 西安工程大学环保一堂 沈阳 大学美院绿色联盟环保社团 - 巴洛克 桂林理工大学剪纸协会 - 环保剪纸艺术展 课 活动
  23. 23. • 此外我会还围绕节能减排进社区、生物多 样性保护、城市和沙化地区植树造林、土 壤安全、水环境保护、灾区环保救助、国 际环保合作等开展了一系列环保公益活动 和项目• Our projects also include community energy saving, biodiversity conservation, forestation in cities and deserts, soil and water environment security, the disaster area environmental salvage, international cooperation and so on.
  24. 24. 节能减排进社区 生物多样性保护保护大熊猫、东北虎项目 回归栖息地保护项 植物物种保护项目 目
  25. 25. 防沙造林 西藏植草项目 水环境保护项 目四川地震灾区援建 联合国环境规划署亚太地 汪纪戎副理事长会见美 区代表访问我会 国埃曲伯克公司来访人 员
  26. 26. 五、我们的期盼 Our Expectations 1. Sustainable development: there has to be a balance between1. 可持续发展必须兼顾经济 economic development, society发展、社会进步、环境保护 progression and environment的平衡统筹。它的基础是 protection. Its foundation is on the“共同但有区别的责任”原则。 principal of “ joint but different现实中不同国家处于不同的 responsibilities. In reality, different发展阶段和发展水平,应尊 countries are in different levels,重各国可持续发展的自主权 should respect each other’s rights of,特别应正视发展中国家面 sustainable developments, especially临的问题和困境,采取积极 should face the difficulties and的措施,给予有效的帮助。 problems that developing countries这样才能保证消除贫困背景 are facing, offering effective help by下的绿色发展。这一原则必 the right meanings. In order to make须坚持。 sure the green development under the elimination of the poverty.
  27. 27. 五、我们的期盼 Our Expectations2. 联合国环境署在推进可持续发展进程 2. The UNEP plays a very中发挥了积极作用。 important role in the promotion of sustainable development. In希望今后继续创造条 the future, We wish to create件,提供平台,让 opportunities , provide platformsNGO 组织有更多的 for the NGOs to communicate互相交流的机会,互 with and learn from each other,相借鉴,吸取成功的 to act more importantly and valuably in the promotion of the经验,在推进可持续 sustainable developing发展进程中发挥更有 progression.价值的作用。