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ICLEI Programmes Report - World Congress 2009


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Published in: News & Politics, Education
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ICLEI Programmes Report - World Congress 2009

  1. 1. Local Many locally Agenda 21 A d developed indicator d l d d sets Awareness of Participation Sustainable Current lif C lifestyles l professionalised Development in questioned political arena Guidebook on synergies between LA21 and Thematic agendas Sustainability S Management
  2. 2. CCP and Key focus: Climate Cli t mitigation + adaptation Adaptation Best practice New approaches reduction program to resilience Action Inventories and Goal and priority planning, scenarios setting cross cross- departmental cooperation
  3. 3. Local Renewables = Local + Energy saving Renewables R bl + Energy efficiency + Renewable Energy Policies and projects A project approach A network open in i model cities d l iti for many countries to j i t join Platforms for exchange Guidance material
  4. 4. Local Government Climate Roadmap p Need f N d of new multi- lti Accompanying A i level governance international climate in UN negotiations g Mobilises global One of the most Dialogue for issues at the local comprehensive implementation level advocacy projects d j t
  5. 5. Cities Climate Cli t Center A new synergy Enhanced Advocacy New Partnerships and Leadership
  6. 6. ICLEI Water Water Campaign Water efficiency Water in Australia Governance in Africa Climate change an New key additional driver of partnerships water agenda
  7. 7. Local Integrate biodiversity into all aspects of Action f A ti for policy and decision Biodiversity making Network to join Pioneer cities Pi iti on all WorkNets for continents intensive cooperation Guidance & exchange Cases
  8. 8. Sustainable From Green to Procurement Leading actor Social aspects Guidance Increasing I i produced in awareness of the Europe, potential Latin America & USA Social criteria UNEP guide Procura+ going EC toolkit global
  9. 9. Sustainability Management ecoBUDGET ICLEI successful in management instruments developing trendsetting countries Capacity building Integrated, cyclic management a age e Global partnerships
  10. 10. Local CCP and Local Agenda 21 A d Climate Cli t Renewables R bl Adaptation Local Cities Water Government Climate Climate Center Roadmap Local Sustainable Sustainability Action for Procurement Management Biodiversity