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Success can\’t wait


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How to change performance with mobile productivity & mobile learning

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Success can\’t wait

  1. 1. S U C C E S S C A N ‘ T WA I T How To Change Perfomance With Mobile Productivity & Mobile Learning Learn more about the #1 Mobile Productivity Tool www.elsyonline.comDienstag, 7. Juni 2011
  2. 2. Important Trend Information For Your Business Important Trend-Informationen For Your Business At this time the earth inhabits about 6,9 billion humans. In March 2010 four billion people possessed a mobile phone contract. In March 2010 >1.6 billion people possessed an internet account. 97% of sold mobile phones since 2005 were smartphones which are equiped with an internet browser. 74% of adults uses the internet. 55% of internet use is wireless via smartphones or pads like the apple iPad. 1.2 billion youth are owners of a mobile phone. In 2009 youth spent 270 billion Euro (US $ 362) on mobile phones. (74% to transfer or download data, only 26% for voice communication) Smartphones are dominating the internet use today. Research shows the growing importance of smartphone useage. The „Digital Natives“ generation is ready to fit in businesses and to play a key role in management and staff. They place the main‘s number of employees. Digital Natives will change the way we communicate, the flow of information, the ways we learn and the buying process. Your business should be prepared for this Sources: Communities Dominate 02/2010 & Mobile Youth Report 03/2010 www.elsyonline.comDienstag, 7. Juni 2011
  3. 3. Important Trend Information For Your Business Important Trend-Informationen For Your Business Qualification of a typical 20-year old person • 5.000 hours played with video/computer games • 350.000 sent e-mails, instant messages and/or SMS • 10.000 hours on the mobile phone for data transfer or phone calls • 3.500 hours online • owner of a website • member of minimum one social network www.elsyonline.comDienstag, 7. Juni 2011
  4. 4. Sales Office We‘re looking for a perfect mobile performance & learning solution which fits us all! www.elsyonline.comDienstag, 7. Juni 2011
  5. 5. Gotcha! ✤ Most of us have one ✤ We take it everywhere ✤ It‘s always on ✤ It‘s incredibly effective ✤ It‘s incredibly private ✤ It‘s incredibly social ✤ It‘s my personal success tool www.elsyonline.comDienstag, 7. Juni 2011
  6. 6. ELSY ONLINE ANYTHING • ANYTIME • ANYWHERE One Platform One Web One Tool The perfect productivity & learning machine www.elsyonline.comDienstag, 7. Juni 2011
  7. 7. Deliver with Content ELSYonline Performance Support T Text Just-In-Time Tools Moments of Learning Needs • Questions & Answers Moments of Performance Needs • Tests & Diagnosis Video • Exams Video • Customer Support • Realtime Feedback When Learning For The First Time Audio Customer Care & Employee‘s Tools When Wanting • Manuals Interaction To Learn More • Step-By-Step Instructions • Product Information • Technical Instructions When Trying • Service Information Animation To Remember 100 Live Data & Tracking 0 When Things • User Information Graphics Change 2007 2010 • Information About Learning Progress Graphs • Lessons Learned • Statistical Tools • Evaluation & Diagnosis Tools When Things F Photo Go Wrong Social Enabled Applications Games • Status Update Integrated Authoring Suite to upload your own content, • User Generated Content • Questions & Answers absolutely without programmer‘s knowledge. We guarantee! www.elsyonline.comDienstag, 7. Juni 2011
  8. 8. Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition (BSCC) is an alliance of over 60 government and nonprofit agencies in the United States and Latin America that is convened along the U.S.-Mexico Border Region to combat slavery and human trafficking. „ increase the outreach and to involve more young people we checked several systems. With ELSYonline we have a perfect system to reach our clients on both sides of the border, United States and Mexico, and also our friends all over the world.“ Marcus Bickerstaff, Outreach Manager www.elsyonline.comDienstag, 7. Juni 2011
  9. 9. ❐ Best online-authoring tool ❐ Absolutely no programmer‘s knowledge necessary ❐ Works with all smartphones as well as with computers & tablets ❐ 24/7 online ❐ Excellent usabilityDienstag, 7. Juni 2011
  10. 10. web: www.elsyonline.comDienstag, 7. Juni 2011