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Mobile Productivity


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Learn how to increase productivity and performance with the # 1 Mobile Learning Tool

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Mobile Productivity

  1. 1. cutting costs • saving time • improving perfomance Information from the # 1 in Mobile Learning Productivity Productivity Now!
  2. 2. Important Trend-Informationen For Your Business At this time the earth inhabits about 6,9 billion humans. In March 2010 four billion people possessed a mobile phone contract. In March 2010 >1.6 billion people possessed an internet account. 97% of sold mobile phones since 2005 were smartphones which are equiped with an internet browser. 74% of adults uses the internet. 55% of internet use is wireless via smartphones or pads like the apple iPad. 1.2 billion youth are owners of a mobile phone. In 2009 youth spent 270 billion Euro (US $ 362) on mobile phones. (74% to transfer or download data, only 26% for voice communication) Smartphones are dominating the internet use today. Research shows the growing importance of smartphone useage. The „Digital Natives“ generation is ready to fit in businesses and to play a key role in management and staff. They place the main‘s number of employees. Digital Natives will change the way we communicate, the flow of information, the ways we learn and the buying process. Your business should be prepared for this Sources: Communities Dominate 02/2010 & Mobile Youth Report 03/2010
  3. 3. Important Trend-Informationen For Your Business Qualification of a typical 20-year old person • 5.000 hours played with video/computer games • 350.000 sent e-mails, instant messages and/or SMS • 10.000 hours on the mobile phone for data transfer or phone calls • 3.500 hours online • owner of a website • member of minimum one social network
  4. 4. ELSY online • The Productivity Tool Some facts about the perfect productivity tool for your business, your employees and customers. Achieve your management and personnel at any time, keep them informed and train them wherever they are. Contact and ask your customers, deliver actual information individually and improve your customer relationship crucially. ELSY online is your tool for an extensive valuable range of applications in marketing, in customer relationship, in research, in communication and in training. It‘s save, simple, fast, intelligent and inexpensive.
  5. 5. Mobile Solutions with ELSY online „ Snack-Learning“ / Micro Learning Deliver valuable training, know-how and reference nuggets i.e.: product argumentation, how-to manuals, checklists with direct evaluation, news, changes etc., or simply try our ready-to-use learning modules of 10 important knowledge sectors for your business. Basics Deliver basic knowledge about your company or your products as a start-up training for new employees. Pre- and Post Training Modules Shorten seminar- and course time and deliver technical details, cognitive knowledge and longterm valid knowledge with ELSYonline.
  6. 6. Mobile Solutions with ELSY online Compliance Training Overcome accessibility and convenience barriers to rapidly achieve competency and certifications. Performance Support Connect workers to the knowledge they need to perform their roles efficiently and effectively, i.e.: information nuggets about best-practices or competitors activities etc. Policy/Regulation Updates Ensure your team is instantly aware and understands important updates.
  7. 7. Mobile Solutions with ELSY online Mobile Surveys Conduct realtime surveys without field research teams, paper or special devices. Use our integrated poll- and statistical routines without additional costs. Sales/Partner Enablement Keep sales teams informed, productive and competitive. Improve the overall performance. Executive Communication Deliver high priority company communications, strategies and business critical updates.
  8. 8. Mobile Solutions with ELSY online Customer and Product Updates Build your brand and improve customer relations with timly and easily digestible info. Experience Transparency Be confident that communications have been received, read and understood. Allow your organization to interact, enable instant feedback, reporting, and measurement of your mobile content applications. This is an extract only to show the usability of ELSY online. ELSY online delivers more. Contact us. U.S.: Reinhard Semkowsky or Michelle Freeborn +1.760.598.7827 EU: Ulrich Janning: +49.162.696.6167 • Thomas Simmerl: +49.172.616.3678 • Ralf Schlossarek: +
  9. 9. Wherever it‘s necessary: ELSY online improves productivity. Worldwide! ELSY online is a personal mobile, interactive corporate learning system. ELSY online takes care of your company‘s actual knowledge-base and protects lead. ELSY online improves competencies and pushes careers. ELSY online improves the perfomance of your employees and their qualification. ELSY online delivers expert‘s - knowledge and is your „Corporate University“. ELSY online is unbelievable versatile, fast, flexible, and easy to use. ELSY online appears in your corporate design if it is linked with your website. ELSY online works with smartphones, like iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Palm, and others. And of course iPad and others as well :-) ELSY online works with computers via the internet.
  10. 10. Valuable knowledge for employees and customers: ELSY online supports you. Precise, fast, and effective! ELSY online provides up to date, interactive multimedia programs which are included and constantly expanded. ELSY online needs absolutely no support from your IT-Department ELSY online delivers direct feedback of learning success. ELSY online can be used for polls or questionnaires of employees and customers and provides results in seconds. ELSY online includes an authoring tool to build-up your own content. You need absolutely no programmer‘s knowledge. Guaranteed! ELSY online shows exactly, whether a participant has learned successfully and provides statistics to measure learning progress. ELSY online is inexpensive and fits in every budget. (Please, use the online-calculator at our website:
  11. 11. ELSY online: Productivity, which counts. www. elsyonline .com Call: +1(760)598.7827 for presentation Discover ELSYonline now...
  12. 12. About us... Certificates & Memberships • Founded in 1974 as „MESO Institute for Media Didactics“ in Germany • Transferred into GMBH (Corporation) in 1994 as „MFM Marketing GmbH“ • 1996 fused with „ICL of California“ Institute of Communication & Learning Technology of California Llc. • Customers: major global players and European market leaders • ISO certified • CSL 1037.1 : 2007-01 certified (Certified Superior Learning) • Registered as specially qualified consultants within „Central Consultancy Register of DG1A“ by the European Commission, Brussels, Belgium, and within CCR Central Contractors Registry and ORCA System of US Government, Ministry of Education • Member: International Innovative Training Network (The Top 100 Education Companies Network) • Member: TED Organization, Technology, Entertainment, Design • Member: IMS Global Learning Consortium • Member: ASTD American Society for Training & Development • Awards: • Innovation award for Germany, Austria and Switzerland • International German Training Award in GOLD (Section Multimedia & E-Learning Platforms) • German Training Award in GOLD (Section HR Development & Training) • Award of Masters (eight times) (ITVA Las Vegas and Photokina) • Award for Outstanding Services in Continuing Education • Temporary project member of TOP-Team Germany, an initiative of the German Ministery of Commerce & Technology Contact: Michelle A. Freeborn / Reinhard Semkowsky Ph.D. • MFM Marketing GmbH • Moltkestr. 2 • 25421 Pinneberg • Germany • ICL of California • 1561 Madrid Drive • Vista CA 92081 • USA • Mobile Learning GmbH • Unter Brieschhalden 29 • CH-4132 Muttenz/Basel • Switzerland Phone: +1 (760) 598 7827 • +49 170 795 3850 • or: 0700mfmworld E-mail: [email_address] or [email_address] or mail@ elsyonline .com Web: or or www. elsyonline .com