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KPL inception workshop


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KPL inception workshop

  1. 1. Inception workshop of Karakorum Pamir Landscape (KPL)Islamabad, Pakistan, 23-24 January 2013Recap: Regional Consultation on KPLinitiative held in Kathmandu 2011 andInformation Sharing PlatformIslamabad, Pakistan23 January 2013Bandana Shakya, Deependra Tandukar, ICIMODInternational Centre for Integrated Mountain DevelopmentKathmandu, Nepal
  2. 2. BackgroundRegional Consultation on “Developing Future Strategic Programmefor Biodiversity Management and Climate Change Adaptation forKarakoram-Pamir Landscape”Kathmandu, Nepal, 16-17 December 2011 35 Participants: China, Pakistan and ICIMOD His Excellency, Mr Syed Mehdi Shah, Chief Minister of the Gilgit-Baltistan Province, Pakistan
  3. 3. Background contd.• Share the progress made Conservation measures in the past, Sino-Pak collaboration for management of adjoining PAs• Discuss and identify ways for developing regional initiative for KPL Identifying national and regional issues and ways for collaborations• Develop a common strategic framework of action Guide and give direction towards developing a regional initiative for the KPL
  4. 4. Background contd.• KPL Process document Significance, history and future of Sino-Pak collaborations for the socio- ecological development of KPL with focus on adjoining PAs• Sharing of Kailash Sacred Landscape Conservation Initiative• Sharing of the Hindu Kush-Himalayan Biodiversity Information Facility(HKH-BIF) Species level data and information sharing platform – HKH region / GBIF ; Significance of publishing data globally• Group Discussions Elements of strategic framework; vision, mission; county level coordination; issues and challenges at the regional level; ICIMOD’s role
  5. 5. Output highlights Assurance of support Capitalizing on joint and cooperation / Need wisdom / Learning from for engagement - other regional landscape regional players initiatives in the HKHWorkshop Report Identification of focals: China: Dr. Zhigang Jiang (Institute of Zoology, CAS)/index.php/search/publication/803 Pakistan: Dr Ahsan Ullah Mir (Karakoram International University) ICIMOD: Regional coordinating agency
  6. 6. Output highlights contd.• An ecologically fragile, culturally unique, biologically rich – Global Conservation attention• The two PAs –Taxkorgan Nature Reserve (Xinjiang) and Khunjerab NP (Gilgit-Baltistan) are naturally connected - species of conservation significance• Issues related to ecosystem degradation, climate change , inadequacy of support for scientific management of NR, need for socio-economic interventions and sustainable development• Need for adopting the Landscape Approach- Regional Cooperation among countries sharing the KPL• Basis- building on the joint wisdom; sharing of knowledge, best practices and lesson learnt; collaborative scientific research and joint publications
  7. 7. Action PlanDraft Programme Framework for Promoting TransboundaryCollaboration between China and Pakistan for the KPL•Promote scientific research for better management of the KPL•Promote transboundary technical collaborations and knowledge sharingplatform•Create enabling policy environment for transboundary cooperation•Establish/strengthen institutions and develop their capacities•Assess the adaptive capacity of the local communities and enhancecommunity and resilience•Understand the state of ecosystems and their services as valued resourcesfor poverty alleviation•Promote participatory conservation and management of natural resourcesin the KPL for sustainable livelihoods and poverty reduction (with gender focusstrategies)
  8. 8. Action Plan contd.ICIMOD: provide the appropriate platform to facilitate the process of transboundary cooperation between the relevant stakeholders in China and Pakistan.The nominated Focal Persons: start building up the network of relevant stakeholders at the national levelCountries/ICIMOD: start the process of development of comprehensive action programme to be implemented in each country that supports the development of the regional initiativeCountries/ ICIMOD: begin the process of knowledge exchange sharing through a regional platform
  9. 9. Collaborative workspaceIT based KM tool that enables us• to work at our convenience and to work together, irrespective of where we are physically located• to access all the information from anywhere• Platform enriched BY the Partners and FOR use by all concerned stakeholders of the KPL regional initiative
  10. 10. Collaborative workspaceFeatures• Document sharing (project, concept note, research, country policy etc…) / Several versions• Event calendar• E-Discussion• Task assignment (peer reviewing, experts’ comments etc)
  11. 11. Collaborative workspaceFeatures• Document sharing (project, concept note, research, country policy etc…) / Several versions• Event calendar• E-Discussion• Task assignment (peer reviewing, experts’ comments etc)
  12. 12. Collaborative workspace
  13. 13. Thank you all..Aerial view of Hindu Kush-Himalayas and theTibetan Plateau