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News Update - August 2012

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Nup2012 8

  1. 1. August 2012Also at From Secretary General’s Desk….. To enable Irrigation and Drainage to play its ICID at World Water Week pivotal role in enhanced agriculture production 2012 Dear Friends, and rural development, ICID plans to orient its new Research Agenda to integrate within The World Water Week, the leading Agricultural develop- the emerging agricultural innovation systems annual global meeting place for supported ment plans are no that are increasingly proving effective. ICID international processes and programmes longer concerned therefore lays emphasis on demand driven in water and development, taking place almost exclusively research and technology, accompanied by with staple food during August 26-31, with the theme: the development of wider competencies, production. The new "Water and Food Security" will feature linkages, enabling attitudes, practices, diversified agricultural governance structures, and policies that following workshops: activities provide allow the knowledge generated through considerable income • Best use of blue water resources Irrigation and Drainage research to be put into and employment opportunities but are highly for food security productive use. Such an approach requires volatile not only to the given market situations developing platforms for learning, sharing, • Rainfed production under growing but also to the variability of water available communicating, and innovating. rain variability: Closing the yield for agriculture, particularly in arid and semi- gap arid regions. Changing climate would further Creating such an enabling environment increase this vulnerability, thereby enhancing to support the use of knowledge requires • Safeguarding global food security the need for efficient irrigation and drainage structural changes not only at the national and life supporting ecosystems management. level but also in networking institutions like • Health and food security ICID that make the irrigation and drainage The water, food and energy inter-linkages knowledge available through research and • Securing water and food in an have emerged strongly within the national dissemination mechanisms. ICID has revisited urbanizing world policies, paying far more attention to its membership and the means of networking diversification into new crops, products, • Towards a green economy: The and sharing and has taken steps to fill the and markets. Water and natural resources gaps in its interaction mechanism. water-food-energy nexus management issues are complex and • Trade and food security require innovative solutions. Institutional Broadbasing of its National Committees arrangements that facilitate innovative to include all stakeholders within irrigation • Governance for water and food approaches based on best knowledge will be and drainage sector started a few years security a key challenge for optimal use of irrigation back. As a step further, ICID has now opened its membership beyond the National ICID is co-convening the Workshop: water. Partnerships will be key drivers to the holistic systems approach. Committees, to include individuals, institutions ‘‘Best Use of Blue Water Resources for and companies as direct members. Food Security’’ along with Stockholm It is widely recognized that scientific International Water Institute (SIWI), research that creates new knowledge and ICID also proposes to organise a World Irrigation Forum, once every three years, with International Water Management Institute technology and that can be transferred and (IWMI) and Food and Agriculture adapted to different situations has a crucial an effort to bring together all stakeholders, particularly engaged within the irrigation, Organization of the United Nations (FAO) role in sustainable management of natural resources. Increasingly, decentralization of drainage and flood management, on one on 28th August 2012 from 8.00 to 17.30 decision making process requires farmers platform. The First World Irrigation Forum hrs in Room K 12. participation in a variety of platform which will be held in Mardin, Turkey in September- October 2013. In addition, at the World Water Week draws heavily on their time, energy and 2012, ICID will be participating in the resources. ICID in collaboration with World Best regards, Bank and FAO has made efforts in the past following events: (1) Governance for water in that direction through International Program and food security and (2) Safe use of for Technology wastewater in agriculture. Besides, Prof Avinash C. Tyagi Gao Zhanyi, President of ICID, President Secretary General Hon. Prof Chandra Madramootoo, Vice President Mr. François Brelle and Mr. Avinash Tyagi, Secretary General of ICID will be participating in these sessions, either as Chairman of the workshop or a keynote speaker and/or as a panelist. President Gao has also been invited by ADB to be a panelist in the session1 ICID News Update August 2012
  2. 2. ‘Eye on Asia: Water and Food Security’.Representatives from other ICID National ICID Opens its Doors to all Stakeholders in IrrigationCommittees will also be participating in Established on 24 June, 1950, 2. M a k e their voice heardthis week. and contributing to improved International Commission onWith a substantial increase in the Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) is a understanding between stakeholders,demand for food and other agricultural while enabling new ideas on water Scientific, Technical and Voluntary policy to surface.commodities coupled with more irregular Not-for-profit Non-Governmentalrainfall pattern and higher temperatures International Organization (NGO) 3. Benefit from worldwide exposureas a result of climate change, different headquartered in New Delhi, India. of their organization’s activities bytypes of water storage and allocation ICID carries out its activities through using the Commission’s name, logoto agriculture will, however, continue to and communication tools and by 110 participating countries spread all participating in the Commission’sbe critically important. The Workshop over the world. activities.will explore the kind of innovationsthat may lead to improved efficiency in ICID Mission is …. 4. Stay informed on recent irrigation,irrigation; the potential for an expansion drainage and flood management news To stimulate and promote the development and events through Commission’sof supplementary irrigation and the scale and application of the arts, sciences and publications.of investments that are needed in blue techniques of engineering, agriculture,water management for food security in a economics, ecological and social 5. Influence policy makers to developcontext of multiple and competing uses. sciences in managing water and land sound irrigation-related policies and resources for irrigation, drainage, flood give it greater priority in the politicalInternational Commission on Irrigation agenda through the latest updates management, including research andand Drainage (ICID) is co-convener on upcoming water events, access development and capacity buildingof some of these sessions with UN- for achieving sustainable irrigated to articles, posters and abstractsWater Decade Programme on Capacity agriculture. and papers from our series of ICIDDevelopment (UNW-DPC), World Congresses.Health Organization (WHO), Food Not just engineering …. 6. Avail the opportunity to engageand Agriculture Organisation of the in professional networking andUnited Nations (FAO), United Nations ICID works towards creating a synergy information exchange activitiesEnvironment Programme (UNEP), United between land, agricultural and water through participation in National policies, improvement of irrigation Committees and Regional WorkingNations University Institute for Water, schemes, increased investment both from Groups, and in internationalEnvironment and Health (UNU-INWEH), public and private sectors for expansionand International Water Management programmes and processes as of irrigated area and modernization of representatives of ICID.Institute (IWMI). Contact: Mr. Avinash C. infrastructures. ICID focus is not justTyagi, Secretary General, ICID; e-mail: limited to the engineering aspects of 7. Benefits from membership, irrigation and drainage. Its technical as: workbodies deal with all aspects including agronomic, environmental and a. receiving electronic copy of the Agricultural Drainage Needs ICID Journal on Irrigation and management of irrigation, drainage and and Future Priorities flood management. Drainage, Annual Report and ICID News free of cost1ICID’s 11th International Drainage In tune with changing times …. b. in addition, receiving 2,4 and 6Workshop (IDW) is being organized by copies of the ICID Journal onthe Egyptian National Committee on Recognizing that the benefit of science Irrigation and Drainage at 50Irrigation and Drainage (ENCID), from and technology can only be realized percent price based on the type23-27 September 2012 at Cairo, Egypt. through innovation and moving with of company or institution. the changing times, ICID bring allThe main theme of the Workshop stakeholders in its core activities under c. special discount on all ICIDis “Agricultural Drainage Needs and one umbrella. Thus, born the idea of publications;Future Priorities”. The workshop has granting membership in ICID through d. special advertisement rates infive main topics with 28 subtopics for DIRECT MEMEBERSHIP to companies, ICID publications, website, etc.;paper submission. The main topics are: institutions, individuals associated and with irrigation, drainage and flood(i) Planning and Design of Drainage management for sustainable agriculture e. special exhibition rates andSystems; (ii) Improvement of Drainage and rural development. registration fees during ICIDTechnology and Techniques; (iii) Drainage events.Management; (iv) Environmental Aspects Providing all stakeholders aand Climatic Change; and (v) Research platform … Contact: Dr. S.A. Kulkarni2, ExecutiveDevelopment and Capacity Building. Secretary, ICID, New Delhi, India. By Joining ICID, individuals, companiesRegistration: Please hurry up and register and institutions working or concernedbefore 22 August 2012 to avail the early with irrigation, drainage and flood-relatedbird registration fee of US dollar 500 for issues would:ICID members. The On-line registration 1. Except when hardcopies are requested, 1. Be part of an international nominal charges plus postal charges willis available at < platform which offers opportunities to have to be paid.Registration.htm>. exchange knowledge and experience 2. Please contact Dr. Kulkarni at <icid@icid.Contacts: Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hassan with others and to establish org> for Direct Membership.Amer, ENCID Chairman, Tel. No.: (+2 partnerships.2 ICID News Update August 2012
  3. 3. 02) 44464505 / 010-16419861; E-mail: For any additional information regarding Obituary<> The workshop Symposium arrangements (registrationwebsite <> and accommodation), please contact It is with deep regrets thatprovides more details. Lalique Smit, E-mail: congress@internext. we place on record the sad, Tel: (051) 436 8145. and untimely demise of Vice Irrigation in a Changing President Hon. Prof. Qishun Zhang on 7th August 2012. Environment Online learning tutorial Prof. Zhang was born in on “IWRM” 1931, had a long experienceThe South African National Committee on of over 37 years in the field of research,Irrigation and Drainage (SANCID) will be design and construction related to irrigation, The increasing conviction of the reality oforganizing the SANCID 2012 Symposium flood control and sedimentation. He had climate change provides a new impetusduring 20-23 November 2012 at Alpine vast experience of the Irrigation and for reforming water management. TheHeath Resort, Drakensberg, South Drainage in the lower reach of Yellow IWRM approach provides managementAfrica. The theme of the Symposium is river and had worked as an expert / team instruments and tools for effective leader for several projects. He started his‘Irrigation in a Changing Environment’. adaptation. For simple self-learning on work with the China Institute of WaterThe Symposium has the following four IWRM and adaptation to climate change, Resources and Hydropower Researchsub-themes, besides a special session: Cap-Net, WMO/APFM, UNESCO-IHE and (IWHR) as Engineer in 1958. • Humans at the forefront of other partners have developed an online He was Vice President of ICID for the watershed management tutorial based on the training manual and term 1997-2000 and Vice President of • Climate change and irrigation: facilitators guide "IWRM as a Tool for China Institute of Water Resources and Adaptation and resilience Adaptation to Climate Change". Hydropower Research (IWHR) since January 1985. Prof. Zhang was a member • Impact of irrigation on natural of IWRA, China Society for Sustainable The tutorial is intended to contribute to resources and ecology and impact Development and Vice President and a better understanding of the use and of the natural environment on Secretary General of the Chinese National effectiveness of application of IWRM irrigation Committee of ICID (CNCID). He had been concepts and principles when strategizing associated with several UNDP, EC and ADB • Design and management for climate change adaptations. The projects and was an expert in joint team responses to economic challenges target audience includes water managers on flood control and river training projectsSpecial Session: Coping with change: and high level officials responsible for in Brahmaputra River in Bangladesh. Prof.Farmers’ perspectives developing adaptation strategies, besides Zhang had published several technical academicians and students. papers in journals in China and abroad.For more information regarding the Prof. Qishun Zhang’s contribution andSymposium programme, please contact For more information, access their website dedication to ICID are widely recognizedMichael van der Laan, Chairman of the in the ICID fraternity and will be long at remembered. His valuable contribution asOrganizing Committee, E-mail: michael. index.html an outstanding professional in the field; Tel: 076 793 research, design and construction related3597 to irrigation, flood control and sedimentation are well-known. Call for Papers — 22nd ICID Congress on Irrigation and Drainage At this time of great grief, ICID fraternity records its profound sympathy and heartfelt ICID Congresses are held once in three 58.2: Revisiting Design and Operation condolences to the bereaved family and years in any one of its member countries. Criteria for Irrigation and Drainage to the members of the Chinese National The 22nd Congress of ICID will be held Facilities Committee of ICID. May his soul rest in during 14-20 September, 2014 at Gwangju peace! Metropolitan City, South Korea. The theme 58.3: Managing Frequent Floods and of the Congress is “Securing Water for Droughts Food and Rural Community under Climate New Publication: Change”. Question 59: How do Irrigation and Drainage Interventions secure food production and Small-scale finance for During the Congress, papers are presented livelihood for rural community? water and sanitation and discussed for two Questions, a Special Session, a Symposium, and numerous 59.1 Securing Water and Livelihood of In the race to achieve the Millennium Workshops. For the Questions, authors Rural Community Development Goals (MDGs), the role can submit papers through their National 59.2 Improving Irrigation Efficiency of small-scale WATSAN (water and ICID Committees. For the Special Session, sanitation) providers is indispensable. Symposium and Seminar, only one paper 59.3 Water Sharing and Water Transfer in Water Stressed Areas However, as this report claims, there per country can be submitted. The detailed is little awareness or cohesion among ‘Call for Papers’ will be available shortly. The topics for the two Questions, Special Special Session: New Partnership for Rural external support agencies (ESAs), Session and Symposium are: Development including EU donors, on the best way to increase financing for small-scale Symposium: Non-point Sources Pollution Question 58: How Irrigation and Drainage (NPS) and Best Management Practices providers. play an important role in Climate Change (BMPs) Adaptation? The objective of the report is to identify Contact: Dr. Vijay K. Labhsetwar, Director, ways in which governments and ESAs 58.1: Understanding Impacts of Climate ICID and Congress Coordinator (E-mail: can increase access to finance for small- Change on Land and Water Use scale WATSAN providers by channeling3 ICID News Update August 2012
  4. 4. public funding to support the market News from ICID Nationaland leverage private sector financing. Global Water Framework CommitteesThe ultimate objective in doing so is The 6th World Water Forum (WWF6)to increase access to services for poor CNCID (China) Organizing Committee and the internationalhouseholds. forum committee has recently presented New postal address of Dr. Gao Zhanyi, the ‘Global Water Framework’ document asThe report finds that households in President, ICID, is: its final report. This report brings togetherdeveloping countries invest more than the outcomes of various sessions held atdonors or governments in water and China Institute of Water Resources WWF 6. The document can be accessedsanitation services, but these investments and Hydropower Research, A1, Fuxing at < often sub-optimal because of Road, Beijing 100038, China, Tel: +86- documentation/publications/>limited access to finance. WATSAN 10-68781831, Fax: +86-10-68781153entrepreneurs, although providing critical New E-mail address of CNCID in inclusive business innovation. JISL hasservices particularly for the poor, often Secretariat bagged the award for its contribution tofind that their financing needs fall in the The new E-mail address of Chinese the agricultural sector.missing middle (estimated roughly atbetween USD 2000 and 100,000). Limited National Committee on Irrigation and Readers may recall that Mr. Anil Jain,access to financing is a key obstacle for Drainage (CNCID) is <cncid_office@ Managing Director of Jain Irrigationsmall-scale finance recipients to deliver> Systems Ltd. delivered a keynote onsustainable services. the occasion of ICID’s 62nd Foundation PANCID (Pakistan) Day celebration at New Delhi in 2011.The report has been developed as part In his address, Mr. Jain emphasized theof a component of the work programme The new e-mail address of Vice President need for boosting training and knowledgeof the European Union Water Initiative Hon. Engr. Dr. Illahi B. Shaikh (Former transfer to farmers through Farm Schools,– Finance Working Group (EUWI-FWG). Chief Engineering Adviser and Chairman, Agricultural Science Centre, satelliteMore publications by the EUWI-FWG are Federal Flood Commission, Ministry of communication and digital media in theavailable at < Water & Power) is <ibshaikh3@hotmail. operation and maintenance of microindex.php?option=com_content&view=ar com> irrigation systems, irrigation scheduling,ticle&id=111&Itemid=70> supply of crop water requirement data SANCID (South Africa) to farmers for faster and successful IAH Canada 2012 Congress implementation of the micro irrigation The new postal address of Dr. Michael 40th Anniversary of technology. van der Laan (Secretary of Working Group IAH in Canada on Environment) is University of Pretoria, Please access http://economictimes. Private Bag X20, Hatfield, Pretoria 0028, Canadian National Chapter of IAH South Africa, Tel.: +27 12 420 3665; corporate-trends/jain-irrigation-wins-g20-will celebrate its 40th Anniversary of the Fax +27 12 420-4120, E-mail: michael. award/articleshow/14318318.cms forformation of the International Association more information.of Hydrogeologists in Canada by hostingthe 39th IAH Congress in Niagara Falls,Canada, from 16-21 September 2012. Congratulations to Forthcoming EventsThe Congress will allow the world’s Jain Irrigation ICID Eventshydro geological community to celebratetogether. Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd (JISL), Indias 11th International Drainage Workshop largest and worlds second largest micro (IDW), 23-27 September 2012, Cairo, Egypt. irrigation company has been declared a Contact: Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hassan Amer,The 2012 Congress will allow presentations ENCID Chairman (Egypt), E-mail: encid@on a wide variety of new and evolving winner of the prestigious G20 Challenge on Inclusive Business Innovation, IDW website: http://www.encid.hydro geological issue – (i) Energy Climate Change; (ii) Groundwater award. The Company received thisResource Analysis and Management; (iii) globally acclaimed honor at a high profile ICID’s 1st World Irrigation ForumGroundwater / Surface Water Interaction event at the G20 Leaders Summit held at (WIF), 29 September - 5 October 2013,(Ecohydrology); (iv) Groundwater Quality; Cabos, Mexico in June 2012. The G20 Mardin, Turkey. Contact: Mrs. Serpil(v) Karst Hydrogeology; and (vi) General Challenge recognizes businesses that KOYLU, Turkish National Committee, ICIDHydrogeology and Geotechniques. have succeeded in developing innovative, (TUCID), Delvet Mahallesi Inönü Bulvari scalable and commercially viable inclusive No. 16, 06100 Cankaya, Ankara, Turkey,More information is available at <http:// business models that addresses the Tel/Fax: + 90 312 425 4614,> and <http:// particular needs of people living at the,,> base of pyramid. This is for the first time Website: when 15 global companies from different fields have been awarded for their efforts INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON IRRIGATION AND DRAINAGE 48 Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021, India, Tel: 91-11-2611 5679, 91-11-2611 6837, 91-11-2467 9532 Fax: 91-11-2611 5962; E-mail:; Website: Editor: Dr. V.K. Labhsetwar, Director; DTP: Keshav Dev Tanwar, Central Office4 ICID News Update August 2012