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News Update July 2012

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Nup2012 7

  1. 1. July 2012Also at Dear Friends, similar debates would start, rather early than I take this opportunity to congratulate late, in various river basins around the world. welcome our newly elected Vice Presidents It was a pleasure Mr. Laurie C. Tollefson, Dr. Hüseyin meeting some of The hallmark of sustainable development is GŰNDOĞDU, and Mr. François Brelle, you at our annual growth that is ecologically viable, financially and thank the outgoing Vice Presidents council. Some of us feasible and socially acceptable. And this Willem F. Vlotman, Laszlo G. Hayde and were there to help requires an inclusive and informed decision A.K. Bajaj. shape decisions with making with participation of all stakeholders. a view to make the With an eye on a widening ICID’s engagement I wish I could meet all of you and have ICID network stronger, with all the stakeholders, the International time to discuss with you and seek your healthier and effective Executive Council took a historic decision suggestions and concerns about the in moving forward with its mission: to enhance to throw open its doors to Companies, trajectory that we are following in order to world-wide supply of food and fibre for all the Institutions and Individuals as Direct fulfill our mission and maintain the health people. Others were there to pursue further Members. It is hoped that entry of all these of the network that you are a part of. technical activities within the working groups stakeholders will bring multi-disciplinary and Perhaps you could key down your ideas and task teams networking, exchanging inter-disciplinary solutions to the fore, thereby and share them with me to help me serve experiences and developing tools. avoiding situations like Murray-Darling basin the mission of ICID better. I have full faith in future. In the same stride, the Council in the mission and I am sure you have I am sure those who were in Adelaide, also decided to make this engagement more it too. As is rightly articulated by Mary would concur with me that the Trade Show meaningful by providing a platform in the Bethune, Educator, "Without faith, nothing - Grand Exhibition, organized by our hosts form of “World Irrigation Forum”. ICID will is possible. With it, nothing is impossible." alongwith Irrigation Australia 2012 provided work with its traditional partners and welcome Very soon, you will have the draft Minutes of the participants of 63rd IEC and 7th Asian new partners to make the fora inclusive and the 63rd IEC in hand. Those representatives Regional Conference with an opportunity synergistic by aligning this forum with similar of National Committees who attended the to see for themselves great strides that the such initiatives. meeting in Adelaide, please let us know if irrigation industry has made in Australia. we have accurately represented your views How science and technology has been able The IEC approved changes in ICID Constitution and By-laws to give effect to and recorded the decisions accurately. to defend the society against the extreme Based on your comments and inputs CO drought conditions was on display. the above decisions. There were serious but lively discussions on the ways and means will incorporate suitable corrections and Mr. Jay Weatherill, Premier of South to improve the effectiveness of our working circulate the confirmed minutes. I am sure Australia, at the opening of the 7th Asian groups and some very concrete suggestions you have received our Annual Report 2011- Regional Conference, delivered a talk on were put forth by the Chair of PCTA VPH 12, which I placed before Council. I seek the challenges of management of water Felix Reinders and VP Dr. Backeberg who your suggestions to make it more useful. resources in Murray Darling basin. It was presented an analysis of activities of working Last but not the least let me thank the a concern that highlighted the complexity of groups under the Thematic Area Systems. organizers IAL for excellent arrangements development and the increasing realization These and other suggestions made during the to make the meeting successful. of the existence of planetary boundaries, a discussions would be incorporated in to the Best regards, struggle between over-allocation of resources By-laws. Importantly, to give effect to these and and the crying need of the environment. The some other pressing issues, the Council has debate is on... And that is a redeeming feature setup a Special Committee for amendments for any inclusive development. We hope that to Constitution and By-laws. Avinash C. Tyagi Secretary General World Irrigation Forum (WIF) facilitating this multi-disciplinary platform famous GAP project will be the host to with a view to attract various stakeholders the First World Irrigation Forum (WIF) inThe World Irrigation Forum will aim at engaged in the sectors. To this effect September 2013 at Mardin. The objectivemaking irrigation, a tool of the ‘Green the International Executive Council (IEC) of the forum is to bring together all theEconomic’ development process and at its meeting in Adelaide, decided to stakeholders involved in irrigation andhelp the world move closer to its efforts organize World Irrigation Forum (WIF) drainage of all types and all scales. Itto eradicate hunger, thereby ensuring in a triennial cycle starting from the would include the policy makers, experts,peace in the world. To provide a push to year 2013. The historical city of Mardin research institutions, non-governmentalinter-disciplinary activities in the irrigation located in the region transformed by the organizations and farmers.and drainage sector, ICID envisions1 ICID News Update July 2012
  2. 2. ICID invites all its traditional partners whohave worked over the years with ICID ICID ESTABLISHES DIRECT MEMBERSHIP FOR PRIVATEand welcomes new partners to pursue COMPANIES, INSTITUTIONS AND INDIVIDUALStheir goals of food and water securitytogether and in collaboration with ICID Irrigation and drainage find a crucial management issues. They would beby joining the World Irrigation Forum. place in the Green Economy and poverty able to make their voice heard; play an eradication. Giving concrete shape to its active role in determining strategies andWith the mission to stimulate and averment to bring all stakeholders to its will be able to avail the opportunity topromote the irrigation, drainage and fold, the International Executive Council engage in professional networking andflood management, ICID presently has a (IEC) of ICID, at its 63rd annual meeting information exchange activities.unique niche, being the only organization held on 28th June 2012 at Adelaide, ‘Direct members’ would receive an e-copy Australia, decided to open its doors todealing with various facets of irrigation of the ICID Journal on Irrigation and the private companies, institutions andand drainage. The objective of the WIF Drainage, ICID Annual Report, and ICID individuals. Presently, professionalswould be to: News (e-copy). This will be in addition engaged in Irrigation and drainage to certain other benefits such as extra participate join ICID solely through the• To support multi- disciplinary copies of the ICID Journal on Irrigation National Committees of their countries. discussions towards the solution to and Drainage at the concessional member In many countries, the private sector and water management in agriculture in price; special discount on other ICID certain institutions miss this opportunity the 21st century publications; special advertisement rates due to the constitutional set up of the• To keep abreast of latest irrigation in ICID publications and website; special NC of their country. Opening up to such exhibition rates during ICID events; and and drainage policies, innovations companies, institutions and individual, special registration fees for ICID events. and technologies the ‘Direct Membership’ will widen the• To develop liaison/ collaboration knowledge base within ICID and benefit What do I do to become a member all its members. It is hoped that with the of ICID? with other national / international direct members on board, ICID will be institutions/ organizations/ private Professionals, institutions and companies able to propel itself better towards its sector working for irrigated agriculture objectives of enhancing supply of food desirous of joining as Direct Members will• To initiate concrete inter-disciplinary and fibre for all people by improving land be able to download membership form proposals, and and water management. together with fee structure, membership categories and much more. Do browse• To generate political commitment for Direct Members would be able to the ICID website ( for its investment in sustainable irrigation. influence policy makers by being part current activities. Dr. S.A. Kulkarni, of an international platform and benefit Executive Secretary, ICID (e-mail: icid@The 63rd IEC also decided to establish from worldwide exposure; stay informed would be more than happy to‘Irrigation Achievement Award’ to be on recent irrigation, drainage and flood have a dialogue with you.presented during the World IrrigationForum. The relevant announcementswill be made shortly. Contact: Dr. VijayK. Labhsetwar, Director, ICID ( New ICID Vice Presidents (2012-2015) elected “Regional Cooperation forWater and Food Security” 7th Asian Regional Conference, Adelaide, June 20127th Asian Regional Conference (ARC) ofthe International Commission on Irrigationand Drainage (ICID) on the theme Mr. Laurie C. Tollefson Dr. Hüseyin GŰNDOĞDU Mr. François Brelle“Regional Cooperation for Water and Food (Canada) (Turkey) (France)Security” was held during 24-26 June2012 at Adelaide, Australia. Followed by For details <>the 63rd International Executive Council(IEC) meeting. The papers received for 7th Asian Darling Basin Plan. President Dr. GaoDuring the Adelaide events, about 32 Regional Conference were presented Zhanyi delivered the keynote on ‘WaterICID Workbody meetings, alongwith the in 45 Sessions held over a period of and Irrigation for Food Security’ (http://following four International Workshops / 3 days. The events were organized were held: (1) ‘Adaptive Flood by Irrigation Australia Limited (IAL) in add_adelaide.pdf). Mr. Peter Toome,Management’; (2) ‘Country Policies and cooperation with ICID. Mr. Tony Burke, Chair IAL and Mr. Thierry Facon of FAODevelopments of Water for Bio-Energy Minister for Sustainability, Environment, also gave pesentation on the occasion.and Food’; (3) ‘Irrigation, Water Quality Water, Population and Communities addressed the gathering through pre- More than 500 delegates from 56and Environmental Flows’; and (4) recorded video while Hon. Jay Weatherill, countries, of which about 200 were‘Historical Water Sustainability: Lessons Premier of South Australia also welcomed foreign delegates, participated in Adelaideto Learn’. A total of 22 papers were the delegates and gave a talk on Murray events.presented during the workshop.2 ICID News Update July 2012
  3. 3. AWARDS 2012 Technology for Innovative Water Management Best Paper Award 2012 ‘Controlled irrigation of Award for ‘integrated water rice in China’ gets Watsave recovery’ Instituted by ICID in 2006, the ‘Best Technology Awards 2012 Paper Award’ is given to the best paper Mr. Peter McCamish (Australia) published in the issues of the ICID JournalProf. Peng Shizhang (China) in the preceding year. Mr. Peter McCamish’sProf. Peng Shizhang’s The Best Paper Award for the year 2012 work on ‘Integratedwork on ‘Theory was given to the outstanding paper titled water recovery’and technology of “An Overview of Irrigation Mosaics” providing regionalcontrolled irrigation published in Issue 60.4 of Irrigation and growth for northernof rice in China’ has Drainage – the Journal of ICID. The award Victoria, Australia haswon the WatSave was given during 63rd IEC meeting on won the WatSaveTechnology Award 28th June 2012 at Adelaide, Australia to I n n o v a t i v e Wa t e r2012. authors: Zahra Paydar, Freeman Cook, Management Award Emmanuel Xevi, and Keith Bristow fromAfter 8 years of 2012. Australia.experimentation from 1982 to 1990,Prof. Shizhang put forward the concept With the state of Victoria heavily The paper states that discrete patchesof controlled irrigation in rice, initially dependent on the Goulburn Murray of irrigated land dispersed across thedefining the lower limits of soil moisture Irrigation District’s AUD $1.45 billion per landscape, may offer an alternativein the rhizosphere during different growth year dairy and agricultural industries, the to traditional large-scale contiguousperiods, and establishing a practical way Victorian Government owned Northern irrigation systems. This might beof controling irrigation through technology. Victoria Irrigation Renewal Project particularly attractive as a means ofThe transpiration and evaporation of (NVIRP) initiated work to improve the delivering improved social and economicrice under controlled irrigation were region’s inefficient irrigation network opportunities for some rural and remotereduced between 10-40% compared with capture transmission water lost to the communities as well as better matchingtraditional irrigation. Similarly seepage system and share these water savings land use opportunities with landscapeand water use of paddy fields under between irrigators, and the environment. properties. The longer-term environmentalcontrolled irrigation were decreased impacts of irrigation mosaics that mayby 30-60% compared with traditional From 2008 to now, water savings have impair the sustainability of an irrigationirrigation. been mainly realized from the main trunk scheme and the surrounding area are “backbone’ works, where around 3000 km still largely unknown. However, there areWhat is more important, the yield of rice of main channel have been modernized findings from ecological and hydrologicalunder controlled irrigation were increased with automatic SCADA controlled studies of other mosaics that can helpby 3 - 12% while increasing the water regulators, new mag meters and a small with analysis of irrigation mosaics. Theuse efficiency by 45 - 70%, compared amount of channel remediation works. paper provides an overview of somewith traditional irrigation. NVIRP has the target of delivering 429 biophysical aspects of irrigation mosaics,Application of the methodology not only GL/yr LTCE (Long Term Cap Equivalent) lessons learnt from other mosaics (e.g.led to reduction in application of irrigation of water savings by the 2017-18 irrigation landscape and farming system mosaics)water, yield increase and rice quality season. The technology to save water and the potential environmental impactsenhancement, but also resulted in the and the lessons learnt over the four years of irrigation mosaics. Application ofreduction of nitrogen and phosphorus of the project can be transported into some tools for particular groundwaterlosses and methane emission from catchment areas and irrigation regions conditions indicates some of thesepaddy fields by 80%, 65% and over throughout Australia and more broadly impacts compared to traditional large-80%, respectively. The efficient irrigation around the world. Congratulations to scale systems. Irrigation mosaics couldand drainage methodology was widely Mr. McCamish! have both negative (more evaporationapplied in rice irrigation districts of and water use, increased operationalJiangsu Province, Heilongjing Province Click here for more details losses and costs) and positive (filteringand Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in surplus nutrients, enhanced biodiversity,China. Congratulations to Prof. Shizhang! preventing erosion, reduced area of impact around the irrigation area, lowerClick here for more details groundwater table rise) effects on the environment. The award consists of a citation plaque and either US$500, or US$800-worth of Wiley books from M/s. Wiley-Blackwell (UK), the publisher of ICID Journal. Heartiest congratulations to the award winners!3 ICID News Update July 2012
  4. 4. New Chairs and Vice-Chairs of ICID will take part in the Panel Discussion 63rd ICID Foundation DayICID Workbodies and Mr. Avinash C. Tyagi, Secretary General, ICID will co-chairs the workshop. Celebrations at Adelaide• VPH Dr. S. Nairizi (Iran) will continue To view programme and list of International Commission on Irrigation to serve as Chairman of Permanent other speakers please visit <http:// and Drainage (ICID) celebrated its 63rd Finance Committee for two more Foundation Day on 24 June 2012 at years. asp?node=1346&skip=0&sa_content_ur the Convention Centre in Adelaide,• Prof. Dr.- Ing Klaus Röttcher l=%2Fplugins%2FEventFinder%2Feve Australia. The foundation day was (Germany) will serve as new Vice nt.asp&sa_title=Workshop%3A+Best+ attended by representatives from all Chairman of WG-CAFM. use+of+blue+water+resources+for+foo National Committees present together d+security&id=5&event=477> Contact: with delegates from other international• Mr. M. Ehsani (Iran) will serve as Mr. Avinash C. Tyagi, Secretary General, organizations. Vice President Willem new Vice Chairman of WG-WATS. ICID; e-mail: Vlotman, Chairman, Australian NationalSome activities emerging from Committee welcomed the attendees.workbody meetings News from ICID National Secretary General Avinash Tyagi gave a brief talk on ICID’s evolution. Committees• WG-CROP proposed to organize a President Hon. Bart Schultz provided one-day workshop on ‘Management Spain (CERYD): 30th Spanish a very interesting introspection of the of Agriculture under Climate Change’ National Congress on Commission’s journey through six in 2013 in cooperation with WG- decades. Finally, President Dr. Gao Irrigation CLIMATE. Zhanyi in his address focused on the The Spanish National Committee on future challenges for ICID in coming• WG-WATS, WG-DROUGHT and WG- Irrigation and Drainage (CERYD), years. All the attendees eventually raised SDTA propose to organize an Internal together with the Spanish Association a toast wishing ICID well in its march Workshop in 2013. of Irrigation and Drainage and others towards its mission!• The tenure of WG-CROP was organized the 30th Spanish National extended by 3-years i.e. up to 2016. Congress on Irrigation successfully at inefficiency; (vi) Automation of gates in• Task Force to Guide ICID Inputs to Albacete, Spain from 12 to14 June 2012. canal distribution networks may save over WWF-7 established with VPH Ota The opening session was chaired by the 50% water; (vii) It was recommended to (Japan) as its Chairman. Vice-Chancellor of Albacete University draw up specific guidelines to classify Campus, Prof. Dr. Pedro Carrión and irrigation reservoirs with low risk of• WG-TRUE closes upon completion of Dr. Joaquin Rodriguez Chaparro, Deputy breakdown to avoid being classified its activities; discontinue WG-MDGs as Director General of Irrigation, Ministry of according to the existing guidelines for TF on WWF-7 covers its activities; and Agriculture, delivered the opening speech dams which entails high administrative discontinue TF-SEDIMENTATION. on the subject “New Technologies of cost; (vii) The Advisory Services of Irrigation within Farmer’s reach” Irrigation Management were asked to Best use of blue water improve the communication with farmers resources for food security The four main topics discussed were: using Internet or any similar method so (i) Irrigation Agronomy; (ii) Hydrology, that the required information on irrigationICID together with SIWI and FAO is Drainage and Salinity; (iii) Irrigation be available as soon as possible; and (viii)organizing a one day workshop on ‘Best Engineering; and (iv) Irrigation Laws, It was also strongly advised to assessuse of blue water resources for food Economy, Management and others. The the results achieved from modernizationsecurity’ on 28th August 2012 during the Congress was attended by about 180 works to evaluate the achievement of2012 World Water Week in Stockholm. participants and over 80 papers were the project aims.This workshop will discuss the actual and presented.potential role of blue water resources i.e. During the Congress a Round Table The discussion gave rise to a number ofwater in rivers, lakes and ground water was held on “The New Technologies for issues, the most salient of which were:aquifers, for food security. The workshop Irrigation Design and Management at the (i) Controlled Deficit Irrigation - beingis likely to answer the following questions: reach of the Users”, chaired by Prof. proved to be the most effective method J.M. Tarjuelo, assisted by four speakers• What kinds of innovations may lead to increase the crops water use efficiency; who presented the points of view of the to improved efficiency in irrigation? (ii) The data resulting from this irrigation Researchers, of Irrigator Associations, of methodology are being used to calibrate• What is the potential for an expansion the Ministry of Agriculture and of the State- crops simulation models to improve water of supplementary irrigation? owned Company (SEIASA), respectively, use efficiency; (iii) It is recommended to responsible to carry out modernization• What investments are needed in blue cover the irrigation ponds with shade to works of irrigation systems in Spain. water management for food security in avoid algae proliferation and deterioration a context of multiple and competing of biochemical and microbiological water At the time of the 30th Congress an uses? quality; (iv) It is advised to programme Exhibition of Irrigation Materials and irrigations considering the water stored in Equipments was also organized, wherePresident Hon. Prof. Chandra A. soil profile, using FDR calibrated probes; the most advanced technologies inMadramootoo, McGill University, Canada (v) With increasing cost of energy in the field had been demonstrated. Thewill deliver the Keynote on ‘Renewed irrigation modernization, Water User Congress ended with a Technical TourEmphasis on Water Storage For Food Associations are advised to monitor to visit several important modernizationProduction’. To further enrich the carefully the water and energy consumed works of irrigation schemes at the provinceproceedings, Dr. Gao Zhanyi, President, to detect and correct any possible of Albacete.4 ICID News Update July 2012
  5. 5. landslides; mapping, development and and Secretary of MANCID, respectively, PANCID (Pakistan) protection of ground water resources for their contributions to ICID.World Environment Day 2012 for safe use in emergency situation and education including technical trainingThe World Environment Day 2012 was SINCID (Slovenia) and awareness raising for communitiescelebrated by Pakistan Engineering and decision makers. Contact Mr. A.H. The Slovenian National Committee onCongress on the topic of “Green Economy Siddiqui, Senior Manager, Pakistan Irrigation and Drainage (SINCID) has- Does it includes you?” on 9 June 2012 Engineering Congress (E-mail: info@ informed their new postal address asat Congress Headquarter in Pakistan. for more details. below :Eleven papers were presented on variousaspects of “Green Economy” by eminent SINCID,SLOVENSKO DRUŠTVO ZA Change of Guards at MANCID NAMAKANJE IN ODVODNJO, VOJKOVAenvironmentalists, meteorologists, experts (Malaysia) 1/B, 1000 LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA.on Water resources and food security.Engr. Riaz Ahmad Khan, President The Malaysian National Committee onof Pakistan Engineering Congress Irrigation and Drainage (MANCID) has New Additions to ICID’s TDSemphasized on the need of the hour informed that Ir. Hj. Syed Abdul Hamid Bin Database (June 2012)to invest in hydro energy generation as Syed Shuib, Dato Mohd Azmi Ismail andwell as in the development of alternate Hjh. Zalilah binti Selamat have taken over The additions during the months to theenergy generation such as wind and solar. as the new Chairman, Vice-Chairman and TDS Database are:Engr. Khan said that issue of concern in Secretary of the MANCID, respectively. Article Section – 24 additions (ArticlesPakistan is that Pakistan has a negligible The contact coordinates are as follows: / Papers): (i) Journal of Environmentalarea (5.31 %) of its land as forest whereas Science & Engineering, July 2011, Vol. 53, China it is 18.21 percent and 23.68 Ir. Hj. Syed Abdul Hamid Bin Syed 3 (3 articles); (ii) International Water Powerpercent in India. Shuib, Chairman, Malaysian National & Dam Construction, April 2012, Vol. 64, No. Committee on Irrigation and Drainage 4 (1 article); (iii) Bhagirath, July-SeptemberChief Guest, Engr. Tariq Hamid, Former (MANCID), Director, Division of 2011, Vol. LVIII, No. 3 (2 articles); (iv) Proc.Federal Minister, Water and Power / Irrigation and Agricultural Drainage, of the Institution of Civil Engineers – WaterFormer Chairman WAPDA urged the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Management, June 2012, Vol. 165, No. WM6government to facilitate a broad-based Industry, 4th Floor, Wisma Tani, Lot (4 articles); (v) Water Policy, 2012, Vol. 14,consensus among all stakeholders Supplement 1 – The Role of Ethics in the 4G1, 62624, PUTRAJAYA, Federalto adopt new initiative in promoting Globalization of Water and Food (11 articles); Territory, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. and (vi) Lakes & Reservoirs – Research andgreen investment and sustainability in Tel: +603-88701618, +603-88701619; Management, June 2012, Vol. 17, No. 2 (3Pakistan. Contact Mr. A.H. Siddiqui, E-mail: articles).Senior Manager, Pakistan EngineeringCongress (E-mail: Dato Mohd Azmi Ismail, Vice Chairman, Book Section – 15 additions; till datepk) for more details. Malaysian National Committee on 32087 additions have been made to Irrigation and Drainage (MANCID), TDS database. The Text Delivery Service“Diagnostics of floods in Pakistan - Principal Assistant Director, Division of (TDS) has received one request duringManaging the avoidable and avoiding River and Coastal Zone Management the period from India. The Text Deliverythe unmanageable” (River Section), Department of Irrigation Service (TDS) database can be accessedOn 19 June 2012, Pakistan Engineering and Drainage, Jalan Sultan Salahuddin, by visiting ICID website: organized a Lecture on 50626 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel:the topic of “Diagnostics of Floods in +603 - 26973017 /+6013 – 3983880; E-mail: ‘Water for Life’ BestPakistan - Managing the avoidable Practices Awardand avoiding the unmanageable” by Hjh. Zalilah binti Selamat, Secretary,Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz Khan, Chief, The UN-Water Decade Programme Malaysian National Committee onWater and Sustainable Development on Advocacy and Communications Irrigation and Drainage MANCID), NoSection, UNESCO, Paris-France. Dr.Khan (UNW-DPAC) and the UN World Water 28, Persiaran Perdana, Wisma Tani,said that UNESCO has formulated a Assessment Programme (WWAP) Level 4, Block 4G1, Pusat Pentadbirancomprehensive strategy in partnership are pleased to invite submissions for Kerajaan, 62624 PUTRAJAYA, Tel:with Pakistan to help the Country develop their 3rd edition of the ‘Water for Life’ +603-88701662 / 1618 / 1619; Email:and manage its responses to flood Best Practices Award. The prize will drought, and to rationally account be awarded at a special ceremonypotential impacts of land use, population, ICID fraternity extends its warm welcome on World Water Day, 22 March 2013.climate change and other factors on to the new team and expresses its thanks For further information please visitwater resources. The plan covers four to Ir. Mohd. Azhari bin Ghazalli, Ir. Zainor < areas: flood hazard forecasting and Rahim bin Ibrahim and Hj. Mohd Azmi bin waterforlifeaward.html>management; mapping and assessment Ismail, former Chairman, Vice-Chairmanof geo-hazards such as glacier melts and INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON IRRIGATION AND DRAINAGE 48 Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021, India, Tel: 91-11-2611 5679, 91-11-2611 6837, 91-11-2467 9532 Fax: 91-11-2611 5962; E-mail:; Website: Editor: Dr. V.K. Labhsetwar, Director; DTP: Keshav Dev Tanwar, Central Office5 ICID News Update July 2012