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Nup2012 6

  1. 1. News Update S June 2012Also at http://www.icid.orgINTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON IRRIGATION AND DRAINAGE (ICID) Managing Water for Sustainable Agriculture Revitalizing Irrigation Towards a future we want…. and Agricultural Water Dear Friends, activities to achieve the objective of Governance in Asia ‘more crop per drop’. As these words hit your screen, the ICID and ICOLD have over the years leaders of the world drawn the attention of the world on would be gathering the crucial role that Storages play in in the beautiful meeting the water, food and energy city of Rio de challenge in a sustainable way. At the Janiero. Leaders 24th ICOLD Congress in Kyoto early this from all walks of month, ICID, and ICOLD together with life: political leaders, scientists, International Hydropower Association researchers, planners, engineers, and International Water Resources social scientists, economists, Association have issued a World environmental engineers and activists. Declaration on “Water Storages for Their perspectives might differ but all sustainable development” to reiterate would be trying to raise their voice this crucial point when the world is to influence the path to the “Future busy looking for green solutions for we want”. Rio+20 is a conference on our development imperatives. We are FAO Regional Office for Asia and the implementation. And all stakeholders extremely happy to note that Mr. Adama Pacific (FAO-RAP) hosted a Regional will have to commit to work for the Nambré from Burkina Faso has been Inception Workshop on ‘Revitalizing future we want. elected as the president of ICOLD Irrigation and Agricultural Water for the next three years. Our hearty Governance in Asia’ during 4-5 April 2012 The year, following adoption of Agenda congratulations. at Bangkok, Thailand. Representatives at the Earth Summit (UNCED), ICID at its Hague Congress 1993, I am sure by now you all have made from FAO, GWP, ICID, IRRI, ESCAP, decided to establish Global Water preparations to travel to Adelaide. We IUCN, ADB, WORLD BANK, AusAid, Conservation Program. By the time have many crucial decisions to make China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan Thailand, Vietnam we gather in Adelaide in a weeks’ that will go a long way to support attended the workshop. Mr. Hiroyuki time, the outcome of Rio+20 would the outcomes of Rio+20 in their own Konuma, Assistant Director-General and be known. We, at IEC would have to way. Let me remind you that with your Regional Representative for Asia and formulate a strategy as to how ICID support we together are going to make the Pacific, FAO delivered ‘Welcome would make its contribution to achieve this IEC environment friendly by using Address’. Mr. Thierry Facon, Senior the targets that would constitute the as little paper as we can. Your laptops, Water Management Officer, FAO-RAP, future we want. note books and iPads would be very made a presentation on the proposed handy in meeting this objective. initiative on ‘Revitalizing Irrigation and ICID is extremely happy to note Agricultural Water Governance in Asia’. that 2012 World Food Prize has And finally, it gives me a great pleasure been awarded for conceiving and in welcoming the National Committee Irrigated agriculture is essential to the implementing a radically new mode of Chad to ICID fraternity. achievement of human development while of bringing water to crops in arid and conserving the environment in the Asia I look forward to see you in Adelaide. dry land regions - known as “micro- Pacific. The environmental targets simply irrigation”. We congratulate Dr. Daniel Best Regards, will not be met unless the sector departs Hillel from Israel whose pioneer work from a ‘business-as-usual’ approach has been taken forward by ICID and adapts innovative, forward-looking through its Global Water Conservation and effective strategies. FAO and IWMI Program that also instituted the Avinash C. Tyagi decided to launch an ambitious initiative WatSave awards and many other Secretary General to flag and address this at the 1st Asia Pacific Water Summit, building on1 ICID News Update June 2012
  2. 2. previous experience and the findings of two representatives of their national Reducing the carbon footprint ofthe Comprehensive Assessment on Water committee to participate in the functionand Food, to enable actors in the region at Adelaide Convention Centre, Room Adelaide meetingsat all levels to take effective actions. Asia’s No. 10 on Sunday, 24 June 2012 at The Agenda of 63rd Internationalheavy reliance on irrigation to maintain 18:30 hours. Executive Council (IEC) and variouslevels of food production with a rapidly Workbody Meetings to be held from 24-29growing population, fast expansion of Those NCs/members not joining Adelaide June 2012 at Adelaide, Australia, havewater scarce areas, erratic food prices meetings are encouraged to celebrate been uploaded (23 May 2012) on ICIDand an increasingly unpredictable climate the 63rd Foundation Day of ICID by website at < that a serious and sustained organizing variety of events like scientific html> for information and use.revitalization of Asia’s irrigation and / professional meetings, brainstorming Please download the annotatedwater governance is essential, if we sessions, essay and drawing competitions Agenda for various meetings andare to meet social, environmental and to create awareness about the global use the electronic copy during theeconomic development targets. The / regional / local level water and food meetings. The report of the Chairs ofInitiative launched aims to build the related, etc. in the member country. the Working Groups and the Permanentcapacity of the agriculture sector in the Please do send a brief on the event Committees has also been madeAsia Pacific region so that it can move to Central Office for its coverage in the available electronically for sharing themtowards greater food security, poverty forthcoming News Update. during the meeting via the ‘Dropbox’.alleviation, environmental sustainability Separate invitations have been sentand climate change readiness. 14th NETHCID Symposium, to the concerned for sharing specific folders via the ‘Dropbox’. The NetherlandsThe conclusions from the recent FAORegional Conference for Asia and the The 14th NETHCID Symposium onPacific were very closely linked to the ‘Land and Water Development in a and heartily congratulations to membersissues and challenges addressed by rapidly changing setting’ was held on of the Chad National Committee. Withthis Initiative. The conclusions included 8 May 2012 at UNESCO-IHE, Delft, the joining of Chad, we look forward toimproving water management, coping The Netherlands. The symposium was renewed efforts in broad basing the NCswith land and water scarcity, sustainable organized in the honour of President in each of the Lake Chad Basin countries.intensification of agriculture and an Hon. Prof. Bart Schultz who retired from The contact coordinates of Chad Nationalemphasis on FAO working in partnership UNESCO-IHE and Prof. Charlotte de Committee are –with regional organization. Fraiture who has become his successor. Mr. Tchouadan Kadjonga, Président Prof. Schultz delivered a Valedictory de l’Association Tchadienne pourProf. Gao Zhanyi, President ICID, made Address on ‘Finding the balance between l’Irrigation et le Drainage (ATID),a presentation on ‘Regional Strategies decision making, implementation, General Director of Irrigation, Republicand Priorities for Irrigation and Agricultural management and sustainability’. On the of Chad, N’djamena, Tchad; E-mail :Water Governance’ and also made closing occasion, Prof. Charlotte de Fraiture kadjonga@yahoo.frremark during ‘Closing Ceremony’. The delivered the Inaugural Address onworkshop concluded that it is important ‘Water and Food Security in an insecure Hearty welcome to Chad Nationalto revitalize irrigation and agricultural world’. Both of these addresses can be Committee!water governance in Asia. Leadership, accessed at <http://collateral.unesco-innovation and significance; networking Instant access to material forcountry initiatives, and linking regional php?spread=0> and <http://collateral.components and country/basin initiatives ‘63rd IEC Adelaide’ meetings discussed in detail for revitalizing magazine.php?spread=0>, respectively. The Agenda for all the meetings of 63rdirrigation in Asia. Strategies for promotion IEC can be directly accessed from ourand for resource mobilization, roadmap Chad – The newest website < future steps were also discussed. html>. Supplementary Agenda is also member of ICID available now. Celebrating 63rd Foundation At the 54th International Council (IEC) Day of ICID meeting held in Montpellier, France in In adition, the ICID Central Office has 2003, the membership of Chad National opened “Dropbox” account for 63rd IECInternational Commission on Irrigation Committee on Irrigation and Drainage and to share files required to be referredand Drainage (ICID) will be celebrating its (AT-ID) was accepted and later a Special to by the Chairs/Vice Chairs/Secretaries63rd Foundation Day on 24 June 2012. Work Team on Lake Chad Basin (ST- of the respective Workbodies (WBs)Incidentally, ICID Day is falling during the LCB) established in 2005. But regretfully and Task Forces (TFs). The Chairs ofperiod when most of ICID members will contributions had been weak from basin WBs /TFs are required to submit theirbe gathering at Adelaide (Australia) on countries. But we are now delighted reports/minutes immediately after the24 June. It is a matter of great pride for to announce that the Chad National meetings. In order to facilitate theICID fraternity spread across the globe to Committee (AT-ID) has paid its first process at the Adelaide meetings andobserve the ‘63rd ICID Foundation Day’. subscription and has become active with provide instant access to all the meetingIt gives us the opportunity to re-dedicate effect from 1st January 2012. related information, ICID Central Officeourselves to the mission of ICID. All has created a Dropbox account namedNational Committees / Committee are We take great pleasure in welcoming ‘63rd IEC Adelaide’.encouraged to commemorate this special Chad as an esteemed new member ofday and are requested to nominate one/ ICID family. Our warmest felicitations2 ICID News Update June 2012
  3. 3. The files listed in ‘Summary Report of Water Storage for Sustainable DevelopmentWGs’ sub-folder are password protected. World declaration By ICOLD, ICID, IHA, IWRAMembers can open their files by using:the passwords provided to them. Members • Water is life andwater storage infrastructureis an indispensable tool for society.can edit these files and it will be available • Investment in water storage infrastructureis investment in the green the Chair of PCTA and the CO Staff • The services they provide will be crucialin the mitigation of, and adaptation toinstantly. Central Office has informed the climate change.Chairs, Vice-Chairs and Secretaries of • To meet growing demands for water, food and energy, it is time to developthe ICID Workbodies and Task Forces solutions for better use of water resources, especially for developing countries,to join the Dropbox portal and make use and to match political commitments with action.of this facility. • A balanced approach, combining large, medium and small reservoirs, is required; one that takes into account sustainable development, with full commitmentMembers can connect to their account tominimize negative impact.directly from byusing any Internet browser. • The organizations signing this declaration commit to collaborate with all partners’ and stakeholders that share this common vision.Please contact Madhu at for clarifications, if any. experts are increasingly expressing (ii) Lakes & Reservoirs – Research concerns about the twin crises of food and Management, March 2012, Vol. Climate Change Biggest security and global warming. The ADB 17, No. 1 (4 articles) Threat to Food Security study looked at areas that could affect (iii) California Agriculture, April–June food security, such as trade policies, 2012, Vol. 66, No. 2 (2 articles)When it comes to expressing the threat development, the demand for food andto food security posed by changing resource management and possible (iv) Internationals Water Power & Damclimate patterns and extreme weather mitigation efforts. Construction, February 2012, in Asia and the Pacific, the Asian 64, No. 2 (1 article); and MarchDevelopment Bank (ADB) does not mince It was reported that the issues of climate 2012, Vol. 64, No. 3 (1 article)its words. “The greatest threat to food change and food security in Sri Lanka (v) Indian Journal of Power & Riversecurity is climate change," the Bank are becoming alarming as changing Valley Development, January-said in a 45-page report, ‘Food Security climate patterns combined with a lack of February 2012, Vo. 62, Nos. 1 &and Poverty in Asia and the Pacific: Key proper policies to mitigate adverse impact 2 (1 article); and May-June 2011,Challenges and Policy Issues, released have put the South Asian island in a Vol. 61, Nos. 5 & 6 (1 article)in May 2012. The reports findings ring precarious position. Though Sri Lanka isespecially true in Sri Lanka, where (vi) World Water, March/April 2012, yet to experience protracted and deadly Vol. 35, No. 2 (1 article) food shortages due to changing weather World Water Week patterns, recent experiences have shown (vii) Proc. of the Institution of Civil 26-31 August 2012 that its vital rice harvest does fluctuate Engineers – Water Management, wildly depending on rainfall. April 2012, Vol. 165, No. WM4 2012 World Water Week in Stockholm (3 articles); and May 2012, Vol. 165, is now open for early bird discounted "One of the biggest problems with Sri No. WM5 (5 articles) registration! Lankan agriculture is the lack of water (viii) Proc. of the Institution of Civil The theme for 2012 is “Water and Food management," observed Mudalihamige Engineers, Special Issue, May 2012, Security” with a special focus on Trans- Rathnayake, head of the Department Vol. 165, No. CE5 (1 article) boundary Waters. The week will cover of Geography at the southern Ruhunu University. Please visit at <http://www. (ix) Irrigation, Drainage and Rural issues such as drinking water supply Engineering Journal – The Japanese and sanitation, trans-boundary water management, climate change, finance biggest-threat-to-food-security> for more Society of Irrigation, Drainage and and the water-food-energy nexus. Online information. The Sri Lanka National Rural Engineering, April 2012, Vol. registration for the 2012 World Water Committee of ICID (SLNICID), though 80, No. 2 (2 articles) Week will commence on 30 June 2012. deemed inactive at the moment, has (x) Water and Energy International, been significantly contributing to the February 2012, Vol. 69, No. 2 (3 ICID together with SIWI and FAO is cause of food security in the country. articles) organizing a one day workshop on ‘Best use of blue water resources for food (xi) Journal of Hydraulic Research, 2012, security’ (http://www.worldwaterweek. New Additions to ICID’s TDS Vol. 50, No. 2 (3 articles) org/sa/node.asp?node=1346&sa_ Database (May 2012) (xii) Hydropower & Dams, 2012, Vol. 19, content_url=%2Fplugins%2FEventFind No. 3 (7 articles) er%2Fevent%2Easp&id=5&event=477) The additions during the months to the on 28th August 2012. President Hon. TDS Database are: Book Section – 24 additions; till date Chandra will be one of the keynote Article Section – 40 additions (Articles 32072 additions have been made to speaker with President Gao taking / Papers) TDS database. The Text Delivery Service part in the panel discussion. To view (TDS) has received three requests during the programme and to register, please (i) Journal of Indian Water Resources the period from India. The Text Delivery visit < Society, July-October 2011, Vol. 31, Service (TDS) database can be accessed node.asp?node=479> Nos. 3-4 (5 articles) by visiting ICID website: ICID News Update June 2012
  4. 4. News from ICID National Irrigation Australia unveils diverse speaker line up for Committees June 2012 conference in Adelaide Featuring speakers from over 20 countries, CNCID (China) this year’s Irrigation Australia Conference the Trade Show will feature companies will deliver attendees an unparalleled such as irrigation equipment suppliers,The Chinese National Committee on opportunity to learn about the hottest importers, distributors and retailers, allIrrigation and Drainage (CNCID) has topics in irrigation – both domestically and showcasing their products and servicesinformed the new contact details as internationally. Importantly, the organisers to the irrigation industry.follows: have developed the conference program Commenting on the Conference program, with an outlook on issues that will affect Ian Atkinson, CEO of Irrigation Australia, Mr. Gao Lihui, Executive Secretary, businesses, and the industry, over the said: “For both international and domestic Chinese National Committee on Irrigation next 12 months as well as the challenges delegates the Conference program offers and Drainage (CNCID), China Institute faced by a still developing sector. Running an excellent opportunity to hear from a of Water Resources and Hydropower over four days, the IAL Conference will diverse range of speakers on irrigation Research (IWHR), A-1, Fuxing Road, offer seminars on essential irrigation topics Beijing, 100038, P.R.China; Tel: +86 issues, as well as get up to speed with with key speakers from government, 10 6878 1193; Fax: +86 10 6878 1153; the latest developments in technology agriculture, and horticulture, as well as E-mail:; gaolh@iwhr. and management. Complemented by environmental and landscape industries. com;, the biggest Trade Show in the southern Commencing on 26 June, the Opening hemisphere, we’re anticipating a very Keynote address of the Conference will successful and exciting event for everyone IRNCID (Iran) be given by Hon Jay Weatherill, Premier involved”. of South Australia. Immediately followingThe new E-mail address of Vice President the Premier’s address, Prof. Gao Zhanyi, For more information, please visit theHon. Dr. Saeed Nairizi [(Chairman of ICID President will present his address to Conference website at http:// www.Permanent Finance Committee of ICID the conference with a focus on the role, and stay abreast(PFC)] is <>. of irrigation in feeding the world. via Facebook and Twitter. If you are not able to visit Adelaide either for the Trade Also not to be missed is the expansive Show or Conference then keep an eye Trade Show which will run alongside on our website for some exciting new RuCID (Russia) Irrigation Australia’s 2012 Conference. developments - Occupying more than 5000 square metres,Mr. Eugeniy An Lopukhov will be theHead / Chairman of the Russian NationalCommittee on Irrigation and Drainage Forthcoming Events,, Website:(RuCID) in place of Dr. Georgi Georgievich http://www.icid2013.orgGuluyk. ICID fraternity extends its ICID Events 12th International Drainage Workshopwarm welcome to Mr. Lopukhov and (IDW), June 2014, St. Petersburg,expresses its thanks to Dr. Guluyk for The 63rd IEC Meeting and 7th Asian Regional Conference, 24-29 June 2012, Russia. Contact: Ms. Irena G. Bondarik,his contributions to ICID. Mr. Lopukhov’s Secretary General, National Committee of Adelaide, Australia. Mr. Ian Atkinsoncontact details are: the Russian Federation on Irrigation and (Australia), Chief Executive Officer, Irrigation Mr. Eugeniy An. Lopukhov, Head/ Australia Limited (IAL), E-mail: IACID@ Drainage (RuCID), E-mail: ibond@online. Chairman, Russian National Committee on, ian.atkinson@irrigation. ru, Irrigation and Drainage (RUCID), Director, or SANE Events for Irrigation 22nd ICID Congress and 65th IEC, Department on Land Reclamation, Australia Limited (IAL), E-mail: IAL2012@ 14-20 September, 2014, at Gwangju Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian, Conference Website: Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea. Federation, Orlikov per., 11/1 Moscow, Contact: Ir. Hun Sun Lee, Korean National 104139, Russia. Tel/Fax: +7 495 608- Committee on Irrigation and Drainage 11th International Drainage Workshop 12-41; E-mail:, rusiptrid@ (KCID), E-mail:, kcid@ (IDW), 23-27 September 2012, Cairo, Egypt. Contact: Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hassan, Website: http://www.icid2014.orgNew postal address of Vice President Amer, ENCID Chairman (Egypt), E-mail: Other EventsHon. Dr. Georgi Georgievich Guluyk are:, ENCID website: and IDW website : Workshop on NAMAs: national mitigation Dr. Georgi Georgievich Guluyk, Vice 64th IEC Meeting and 8th Asian Regional planning and implementation in President Hon., ICID, Russian National Conference, 29 September - 5 October agriculture, 16-17 July 2012 at Rome, Committee on Irrigation and Drainage 2013, Mardin, Turkey. Contact: Mrs. Serpil Italy. More information is available at (RUCID), Prof. and Head of Department KOYLU, Turkish National Committee, ICID < on Land reclamation, All-Russian Scientific institute for agrochemistry, (TUCID), Delvet Mahallesi Inönü Bulvari No. workshop-namas-national-mitigation- ul.Pryanishnikova, 31a 127550, Moscow, 16, 06100 Cankaya, Ankara, Turkey, Tel/ planning-and-implementation-agriculture> Russia, Tel/Fax: +7 (499) 976-47-07; Fax:+ 90 312 425 4614, E-mail : tucid@ E-mail: , m INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON IRRIGATION AND DRAINAGE 48 Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021, India, Tel: 91-11-2611 5679, 91-11-2611 6837, 91-11-2467 9532 Fax: 91-11-2611 5962; E-Mail:; Website: Editor: Dr. V.K. Labhsetwar, Director; DTP: Keshav Dev Tanwar, Central Office4 ICID News Update June 2012
  5. 5. ICID Program at a glance – 23-28 June 2012, Adelaide, Australia Contact: Dr. V.K. Labhsetwar, Director; International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage, New Delhi, India5 ICID News Update June 2012