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Nup2011 8

  1. 1. August 2011 News from National From Secretary General’s desk... CommitteesDear Friends, BANCID (Bangladesh)With less than two months go forpre-Council meetings and 62nd IEC BANCID has drawn up a Work Plan for the yearin Tehran, Central Office is busy 2011 in which the following shall figure as the keywith the preparatory stretch for activities of the National Committee.assisting the various meetings ofthe workbodies, Central Office (a) Two Seminars related to Water ResourcesProfessionals are in touch with the Development and Management in BangladeshChairmen of the Working Groups to would be arranged by the seminar sub-firm up annotated agenda. I look content of the Draft that is in committee of BANCIDforward for your kind support. consideration as prepared by PH Bart Schultz. Your observations (b) A yearly Newsletter would be published byI shall be representing ICID in on the Task Force being the publication sub-committee of BANCID byseveral important meetings constituted by UN-Water on February, 2012.scheduled during World Water “Water Efficiency” which isWeek in Stockholm in the coming particularly concerned with a (c) An inventory of the studies on irrigation,week which, inter alia, include (i) globally acceptable water drainage, river training works, environmentUN-Water meetings in which ICID accounting terminology and and climate change would be prepared jointlyas a UN-Water Partner will definition, would also help me to by CEGIS and IWM. A student atparticipate, (ii) FAO coordinated interact during the meeting. undergraduate level of Department of Watermeeting of the Working Group on Resources Engineering, BUET would beWUE/WP, (iii) Inputs for the WWF6 I am sure that your preparations assigned as a part of his project work to– particularly on the ‘Thematic to join the 62nd IEC in Tehran are prepare an inventory on the above studies inPriority Area, Contribute to Food in full swing. Should you require consultation with CEGIS and IWM.Security by Efficient Use of Water’. any assistance, please do notA few other events in which ICID hesitate to contact IRNCID athas an invitation are GWP i r n c i d @ g m a i l . c o m , Greece (GRCID)Consulting Partners Meeting, and WWC. AFEID proposes Greek National Committee in collaboration withto organize a Seminar on “Which Last but not the least, let me other national organizations will be organizing anWater Quality for Which Use? – A invite your kind attention to the international training seminar – course onRegulator’s and Practitioner’s recently uploaded ICID Annual “Application of Satellite Remote SensingPerspective”. This will be chaired Report 2010-11 in our website. Technologies in Management of Land Reclamationby Mr. François Brelle, Chair, I hope that you find this interesting, Projects and Environmental Management” to beAFEID. A Special Session on “Water covering key aspects of our held in Athens from 1st to 30th of November 2011.and Food Security: Call for activities during the last year.Solutions” is also being convened The main objective of the Seminar is to intensivelyin which ICID will be represented in Best regards, train the participants to operate remote sensingthe panel. For more details on and GIS software packages and becomethese events, may I invite your Yours sincerely, competitive with the public as well as in privatekind attention to http:// sector. It is strongly felt that the experience Your (through such courses) all these years ofsuggestions, if any, particularly onTheme 2.2 topic which addresses implementing satellite and geospatial technologiesseveral subthemes, would be of M. Gopalakrishnan can be proved to be very useful and applicable ingreat value. Our website has the Secretary General other countries exhibiting similar requirements.1 ICID News Update August 2011
  2. 2. ICID National Committees/Committee thanks to Dr. Ragab Ragab, who has production. The conference theme willmay nominate participants in the seminar, relinquished the position of Chair, UK.ICID have three sub-themes and two panelsif desired. More information can be had after his 4-years term. covering various aspects of the mainfrom GRCID at Tel: 00 30 210 5294075, theme. Besides the Conference, aCell: 00 30 6945 800369, E-mail: MANCID Delegates Training Session on “ technologies of drip irrigation” will also be visit ICID held from 21 November to 3 December UK.ICID (United Kingdom) 2011. Central OfficeProf. Dr. Bruce Lankford has assumed MANCID delegation consisting of eight The deadlines to receive abstracts are –the role of ICID.UK Chairman, consequent Senior Level Officers led by Vice 31 August 2011, full papers for oral andto the stepping down of Dr. Ragab Ragab President Hon. Ir. Mohd. Azhari bin poster sessions are 31 October 2011.on 25 July 2011. Prof. Lankford is an Ghazalli visited the Central Office on For more information about theacknowledged scientist and had been 22 July 2011 and held discussions with Conference, please contact: Dr. Adamacontributing to ICID richly. His contact ICID Professionals. Dr S.A. Kulkarni, SANGARE, Secretary General,details are: Executive secretary welcomed the Association Malienne des Irrigations et delegates and briefed them on how ICID du Drainage (AMID), Au Modibo Keita, Dr. Bruce Lankford, Chairman, British Im Sulla and Fils, BP 1840, BAMAKO, has evolved over the years and role National Committee of ICID Mali. Tel: (223) 222 75 21, Mobile No.: (ICID.UK), Head of School/Sr. Lecturer/ played by MANCID in ICID. VPH Ghazalli then informed about on-going activities (223) 674 08 94, Fax: (223) 223 48 82, Consultant, School of Development E-mail:; Studies, University of East Anglia, of MANCID including the business arm of the MANCID. The delegates were taken, Website: http:// Norwich, NR4 7TJ UK, Tel: (44) (0) to visit the Water Technology Center at 1603 593378, Fax: (44) (0) 1603 451999, E-mail: Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi where they were introduced to 2nd Edition of theICID fraternity extends its warm welcome low cost irrigation equipments for smallto Prof. Lankford in his new capacity as land holding farmers. They also visited ‘Water for Life’Chairman of UK.ICID and expresses its the National Agricultural Museum located UN-Water Best in premises and were impressed with the exhibits. Practices Award New Additions to ICID’s UN-Water has just launched the 2nd TDS Database (July 2011) 3rd African Regional edition of the ‘Water for Life’ UN-Water Conference of ICID on Best Practices Award which will focus on The additions during the months to the the theme for World Water Day 2012 TDS Database are: Irrigation and Drainage “Water for Food Security”. Article Section – 48 additions (Articles / Papers) The 3rd African Regional Conference on The purpose of the Award is to promote Irrigation and Drainage on the theme efforts to fulfill international commitments (i) Irrigation and Drainage – The Journal “Food Security and Climate Change: made on water and water-related issues of the ICID, July 2011, Vol. 60, No. 3 (13 articles) How to Improve the Contribution of by 2015 through recognition of Irrigation” will be held at Bamako, Mali outstanding best practices that can ensure (ii) Journal of Hydraulic Research, 2011, 29 November to 05 December 2011. In the long-term sustainable management Vol. 49, No. 2 (15 articles) conjunction with the Conference, the of water resources and contribute to the (iii) Canadian Journal of Plant Science, 3rd African Exhibition of Irrigation and achievement of internationally agreed September 2010, Vol. 90, No. 5 (4 articles); November 2010, Vol. 90, Drainage (SAFID) will be organized by goals and targets contained in the No. 6 (4 articles) the African Regional Association of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), (iv) WMO Bulletin, 2011, Vol. 60, No. 1 Irrigation and Drainage (ARID). The Agenda 21 and the Johannesburg Plan (6 articles) Conference aims to answer questions of Implementation. such as — How to reduce the effects of (v) California Agriculture, April-June 2011, Vol. 65, No. 2 (3 articles) climate change on irrigation? What are The prize is awarded yearly in two the ways to enable irrigation to play a categories, one in best water (vi) Hydro Nepal, January 2011, No. 8 (3 articles) bigger role in food security without management practices and another one causing adverse impacts for the in best participatory, communication, Book Section – 11 additions; till date environment? awareness-raising and education 31836 additions have been made to TDS database. The Text Delivery Service (TDS) practices. The application period is open The conference theme, Food Security up to 30 September 2011. has received one request during the period from India. and Climate Change: How to improve the contribution of irrigation and More information is available at http:// The Text Delivery Service (TDS) database drainage? aims to propose strategies can be accessed by visiting ICID website: and policies that will allow the irrigation waterforlifeaward.html to fully play its role in securing agricultural2 ICID News Update August 2011
  3. 3. International Workshop The aim of the workshop was to probe, analyze the phenomena of floods in the Best Performing on Floods in Pakistan national and international perspective National Committee Award and to formulate a strategy to fight outPakistan National Committee of ICID the disastrous socio-economic fall-out. The Panel of Judges for the 4th Award(PANCID) / Federal Flood Commission There were 15 presentations made by for the Best Performing Nationalof Pakistan and ICID organized an foreign and local delegates and later the Committee (BPNCA-4) has selectedInternational Workshop on ‘Floods in the South African National Committee workshop made recommendations toPakistan in 2010 – Lessons Learnt & on Irrigation and Drainage (SANCID) Federal Government for improving flood for the Best Performing ICID NationalWay Forward’ on 12 March 2011 at the management in Pakistan. (Source: Committee Award (2008-2011). Theauditorium of Pakistan Engineering Pakistan Engineering Congress) performance of the SANCID was judgedCongress. This workshop was organized based upon its outstanding contributionsunder the leadership of Vice President towards the mandate and mission ofEngr. Husnain Ahmed, President of the Irrigation Australia ICID and impressive achievementsPakistan Engineering Congress in Conference 2011- during the last three years, i.e. between the 20th and 21st ICID Congresses.cooperation with Dr. Kamran Emami(Iran) Chairman of WG-CAFM. Countdown begins It may be recalled that a Rolling Trophy together with a Citation Plaque The countdown to Irrigation AustraliaThe event was presided over by Chief is awarded to the winning National Conference 2011 is on and if one is Committee in every Congress year.Guest, H.E. Syed Naveed Qamar, Hon’ble planning to attend, it is time to register. The Rolling Trophy remains with theFederal Minister of Water & Power and The theme of the conference, being held winning National Committee for agraced by Mr. Asjad Imtiaz Ali, Chief 22-25 August at Launceston, is Irrigation period of three years after which it isEngineering Advisor / Chairman, Federal – New Horizons, Fresh Ideas. There is a transferred to the next winningFlood commission / Chairman, PANCID Committee. The first Award was won great line up of presenters, excellent postand Deputy Chairman, National Disaster by the Korean National Committee of conference tours and this is a uniqueManagement Authority (NDMA). The ICID (KCID) in 2002 in Montreal, opportunity to see and hear aboutworkshop was well attended by experts Canada and the second Award by the developments in irrigation in the Apple Egyptian National Committee of ICIDfrom ICID and delegates from Isle, as well as catch up with policy and (ENCID) in 2005 in Beijing, China fromorganizations like WWF and others. technical developments generally. To whom the Trophy was passed on to check out accommodation options, the Iranian National Committee of N.D. Gulhati Memorial Lecture conference program, workshops and ICID (IRNCID) who won the BPNCA- more, access the conference link: 3 in 2008 at Lahore, Pakistan. The The N.D. Gulhati Memorial Lecture trophy will now be passed on from was instituted in 1981 in the loving IRNCID to SANCID as the winner of memory of late President Hon. N.D. the BPNCA-4. D9taT00MDI5NjYmcD0xJnU9NT Gulhati (India). The continuity of the Heartiest Congratulations to SANCID! Lecture stood interrupted after 1993 AyNzUxNzM4JmxpPTE5NjIzNDc but was restored in 2005 at Beijing, China. The Memorial Lecture is ‘Water Management in 6 themes: IWRM; Climate Change; Water intended to bring out significant global developments and world knowledge in Motion’ - DVDs on Pollution, Water Quality and Waste the fields of irrigation, drainage, flood Water; Rainwater Harvesting, Recharge, management and river training including Water-Management and Retention and Reuse; Groundwater all allied aspects like Environment, Sociology, Economics, etc. The Allied Topics Management and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene was developed. Memorial Lecture is delivered at each Since The Water Channel was launched triennial ICID Congress by an eminent in 2009, there have been considerable The package can be used for educational international personality. ICID Central Office had invited nominations from all demands for some of the videos are and training purposes, capacity building National Committees for nominees to made available on discs. Most of this activities, and as an advocacy tool. It will deliver the N.D. Gulhati Memorial demand came from educational be distributed free of cost among Lecture. institutions in developing countries, where individuals and institutions engaged in internet connectivity is often slow and water-related education. The project was A Selection Committee constituted for the purpose has proposed Dr. Charles limited. supported by Cap-Net, GWP, IFAD, Michael Burt (USA) for delivering the NUFFIC, RAIN, UNESCO-IHE and WGF. Distinguished Lecture on the occasion Then a survey was carried out among of the 21st ICID Congress at Tehran. members of Cap-Net, the international For a copy, E-mail: info@thewater Dr. Burt has opted to talk on “Challenges network for capacity building in IWRM, to or visit URL <http:// of the Irrigation Engineering shift to assess the exact nature and extent of Modernization, and away from option=com_content&view= Construction of Dams and Canals”. All this demand. Based on the findings, ‘Water Management in Motion,’ a set of article&id=51> for more info on the are cordially invited to attend and grace the lecture during the Tehran congress 6 DVDs containing videos and learning package. in October 2011. material covering important issues under3 ICID News Update August 2011
  4. 4. King Hassan II Great   Take advantage of Irrigation World Water Prize and Drainage OnlineThe Government of Morocco and theWorld Water Council invited candidatures The ICID journal, Irrigation and Drainage is S.P. Bhattarai, M.C. Palada, D.J. Midmore,for the 4th edition of the King Hassan II available online FREE via Wiley D. Wu and R. Salas InterScience® for all ICID Office Bearers, On-Farm Evaluation of Fertilizer BriquettesGreat World Water Prize which will be Workbody Members and Subscribers. and Low-cost Drip Irrigation for Smallholderawarded to an institution, organization, Vegetable Production in Cambodiaan individual or a group of individuals in • Papers are available in easy to readhonour of their outstanding contributions Hassan Rahimi, Nader Abbasi and Hassan PDF format Shantiato the development and use of water • Provides access to the full text of all Application of Geomembrane to Controlresources, in any aspect such as articles published in Irrigation and Piping of Sandy Soil Under Concrete Canalscientific, economic, technical, Drainage since 2001, as well as Tables Lining (Case Study: Moghan Irrigationenvironmental, social, institutional, of Contents and Abstracts Project, Iran)cultural or political during the triennially • EarlyView® service provides papers Guohua Lv, Yaohu Kang, Lan Li andheld World Water Forum. online as soon as they have been Shiping Liu accepted for publication, which can be Nutrient Distribution, Growth, and WaterWith the full nomination file, candidates several months earlier than the papers Use Efficiency in Maize Following Wintershould provide the completed application published in print Wheat Irrigated by Sprinklers or Surfaceform, which can be found on the WWC • Sign up for FREE Wiley InterScience Irrigationwebsite: http://www.worldwatercouncil. Alerts – receive the table of contents via Birendra K.C., Bart Schultz and Krishnaorg/index.php?id=1413 and return all email as soon as an issue is published Prasadmaterials no later than 31 August 2011. online: Water Management to Meet Present andThe winner will be invited to the Prize Future Food Demand Note: link to the renewed Wiley website:Ceremony in Marseille at the opening of Henk Ritzema and Bart Schultzthe 6th World Water Forum and will 10.1002/(ISSN)1531-0361 Optimizing Subsurface Drainage Practicesreceive a sum of US$ 100,000 in Irrigated Agriculture in the Semi-Arid andaccompanied by a trophy and a certificate. For 2011 Wiley has provided each ICID Arid Regions: Experiences from Egypt, Office Bearer, Workbody Member and India and Pakistan Subscriber a Membership RegistrationFor more information, contact the Prize Number. Your e-mail address is your User Bassim Abbassi, Kamel Al-Zboon, JamalSecretariat: +33 4 91 99 41 06 / Name and you can choose your own Radaideh and Alaa’ password. Using Constructed Wetlands to Improve Drainage Water Quality from Hydroponics Now available on the website Volume 60.3, Farms Forthcoming Events July 2011. Click on http://onlinelibrary. J.A. Rodríguez-Díaz, E.K. Weatherhead, Events J. García Morillo and J.W. Knox 0361 for direct access to the page with the Benchmarking Irrigation Water Use in Golf papers of this issue of Irrigation and Courses – A Case Study in SpainThe 21st Congress, 62nd IEC and Drainage at the Wiley site8 th International Micro Irrigation A. Taheri Tizro, K.S. Voudouris and A.S. Shakir and Nasir MaqboolCongress of ICID, 15-23 October 2011, K. Akbari Remodelling of the Upper Chenab Canal: A Simulation of a Groundwater ArtificialTehran, Iran. For details of Congress, Case Study from Pakistan Recharge in a Semi-Arid Region of Iranplease access Congress website <http:/ Sanidda Tiewtoy, Roberto S. Clemente,/>. Yu-Min Wang, Seydou Traore, Tienfuan Sylvain R. Perret, Mukand Singh Babel Kerh and Jan-Mou Leu and Sutat Weesakul Modelling Reference Evapotranspiration3rd African Regional Conference, Irrigation Sustainability Assessment of Using Feed Forward Backpropagation29 November to 05 December 2011 at Selected Projects in tha Chin Basin, Thailand Algorithm in Arid Regions of AfricaBamako, Mali. Contact: Dr. Adama Thomas Bouisse, Jean-Pierre BaumeSANGARE, Secretary General, AMID, A. Ghafoor, G. Murtaza, A.A. Maann, and Mahamoud Gassama M. Qadir and B. AhmadTel: +22366740894 Fax: +22320284883 The Use of Hydraulic Models to Optimize Treatments and Economic Aspects ofand E-mail: For the Rehabilitation of an Open Channel Growing Rice and Wheat Crops Duringdetails of Conference, please access Irrigation System: The Example of the Reclamation of Tile Drained Saline-Sodictheir website <>. Senegal River Delta Irrigation System Soils Using Brackish Waters INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON IRRIGATION AND DRAINAGE 48 Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021, India, Tel : 91-11-2611 5679, 91-11-2611 6837, 91-11-2467 9532 Fax : 91-11-2611 5962; E-Mail :; Website : Editor : Dr. Vijay K. Labhsetwar, Director; DTP : K.D. Tanwar, Central Office4 ICID News Update August 2011