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News Update 7 of ICID 2011 events

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News update 07

  1. 1. URGENT Message from IRNCID current issues in Iran Scientific and Engineering The Iranian National Committee on Irrigation Society. It is recommended that all managers andand Drainage (IRNCID) is processing the visa shareholders in water and agriculture sector tryrequests. As the visa formalities in some cases their best to hold this great event as glorious ascould be time consuming we would therefore like invite all those interested to participate in the H. E. Mr. Namjoo appreciated round-the-Congress to proceed sending their visa request clock attempts of IRNCID secretariat membersforms along with required documents cited in the and the active pentad committees for thecongress website ( by 30 registration of over 500 delegates from 43September 2011 the latest. IRNCID cannot countries. He stated that if the current trend ofguaranty the visa formalities to be carried out in registration continues, a great record will bedue time after this date although necessary expected on the number of participants in Tehranactions would be taken. Congress.The Second High – Council Meeting of Considering the congress time limit, theTehran Congress Congress High-Council (CHC) Meeting shall be The second high-council meeting of the 21st held twice more. The honorable CHC is composedICID Congress on Irrigation and Drainage, Tehran of high-level managers and professionals whoOct. 15-23, 2011, was held on the 30th Aug, 2011 carefully monitor the work process of the greatwith the presence of H. E. Mr. Namjoo, Minister of event.Energy; Deputy Minister of Jahad-Agriculture for A new record in the number of participant’sWater and Soil; Mr. Attarzadeh Deputy Minister of ICID Congressof Energy for Water and Wastewater Affairs, and The Congress Secretariat, during theChairman of IRNCID; IRNCID Secretary General; congress organizing committee held on Sunday 11Managing Director of Water Resources Sep., reported the last number of participants.Management Company; as well as, several other According to the data received by 10 Sep. 2011,public and private senior managers and experts. around 600 participants from 45 countries haveThe congress progress trend in various sectors registered in the 21st congress, whereasespecially the process of registration, and visa approximately one month remains for holding theissues, as well as, financial affairs were discussed event.and analyzed by the members. The report indicates that due to the increase in submitting registration forms during recent weeks, it is expected to bring up a new record in ICID annual meetings and congress since the last 62 years. Most probably the numbers of participants in the 21st congress would be over 1000. Useful Information about Tehran As you know, some information on Tehran was issued in the previous News Update. In this issue, further data on money and banking, as well as, telecommunication systems, safety and H. E. Mr. Namjoo, Minister of Energy pointed security considerations, recreation sites, food andout: Tehran event is one of the most important beverages, proper dresses and clothes, are also 1
  2. 2. pointed out to help you enjoy yourself and have a • Stay safememorable, scientific and fruitful presence in ICID Tehran is still relatively one of the safest2011 glorious event , Tehran, IRAN. cities to travel through, particularly considering• Money its size and security. Usual precautions against ATMs in Iran do not accept non-Iranian pickpockets in bazaars and crowds should becards except some which accept those from Arab taken. Never take unmarked taxis.state banks, so you may have all the money you Even late at mid-night it is safe in most partsneed in cash, preferably in US dollars or Euros. of the city while you will find the city still crowded.Once in Iran, changing your money to Rials should It is advisable not to take a private taxi fornot be a problem. instance at 2:00 AM. You can exchange your currency in most • Proper Dresses and Clothesbanks and also in the airport. If you know the As Iran is one of the Islamic countries,exchange rate then it is a better option to visit therefore obeying Islamic rules including Hijab orone of the many exchange offices on Ferdosi St Islamic dress-code is necessary in Iran. However,that begins from Imam Khomeini Square. these rules are not very strict, especially for• Eat tourists and foreigners. You must not worry about If you have not yet helped yourself to some maintaining your Hijab.kind of Persian dish, we advise you to ask There are some minimum requirements forsomeone who has. Iranian cooking roots from foreign women dress-code in public places:Irans great ancient culture. With a large territory 1. Color: There is no limitation in this respectand different culture. Iranian food varieties differ and we recommend using light colors in sunnyfrom north to south and from east to west. days. 2. Head: Hair should be covered. It does not mean you shall have a tight scarf around your head. Dont worry; it is very usual that some parts of the hair remain out of the cover. Scarf is the most common covering for head and is called The most popular dish of the city is ChelowKebab. Chelow Kebab is the most famous anddelicious cuisine in Iran. It is made of rice andground meat of lamb or beef (Kebab). There areseveral good international restaurants which offerChinese, Japanese, Italian, and French food, aswell as, vegetarian menus in Tehran.• Drink "Roosari" in Farsi. For all you coffee-starved travelers through 3. Body: Should be covered with looseIran, you can find the string of coffee shops on clothes like man shirt, coat or "Manteau". ArmsEnghelab St. and the south side of Jomhuriyeh and Legs should not be bare.Eslami Ave., a couple of hundred meters west of 4. Legs & feet: Legs should be covered downFerdosi Sq. to ankles. The quintessential Persian drink is Doogh. Itis a mixture of yoghurt, water, salt, & spices. It isoften consumed in the afternoon while eating Contact Uskebabs. Typically the flavour has a slightly subtle E-mail:,, U U U Umint flavor and is a good accompaniment to most U U Phone Numbers: +98 21 22257348foods. 2