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News Update 6 of ICID 2011 events

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News update 06

  1. 1. Message from The IRNCID Secretary Useful Information about TehranGeneral Those who travel to Tehran for the first time Dear Friends and Colleagues: may be interested to get acquainted with Tehran Doing the honors of the glorious city traditions, rules, and regulations which shall events, I am pleased to invite you be followed up in this issue and the next one, so to the 21st ICID International that dear delegates get informed and enjoy Congress on Irrigation and themselves during their stay in Tehran event. Drainage Congress; 62nd IECMeeting; 8th International Micro-irrigation • IntroductionCongress; as well as, FAO Meeting on Water Tehran is the capital city of Iran. A bustlingManagement Modernization; Special Meeting of metropolis of 14 million people, it is situated atAustralian Professional Board; and a Special the foot of the towering Alborz mountain range.Meeting of Investment on Water and Energy Tehran is the largest city in the Middle East.Sector in the African Countries founded by FAO to Tehran is a cosmopolitan city, with greatbe held simultaneously during October 15-23, museums, parks, restaurants, and warm friendly2011 in Tehran, I. R. Iran. people. It deserves at least a few days of your During the great Tehran events, you will Iranian itinerary.engage not only in a very high level of technical, Tehran is also a city of parks and possessesscientific, and experimental phenomena but also more than 800 of them, all well-kept. The city isin recreational and enjoyable tourism schedules in nearly a mile high above sea level and as a resultgreen attractive regions on the north of Iran; is cooler than other cities in the Middle East.4000 year ancient historic structures on the south; Summer temperatures are around 32°C or aboutIsfahan and Shiraz cities with wonderful 90-95°F. The air tends to be very dry.architectures before and after Islam era; as well A combination of factors make Tehran aas, special recreational tour for the accompanying pleasant place to visit: The dry climate which ispersons that satisfies the whole spectrum of constantly cool (at least in the evenings), thetastes of dear participants. proximity of the mountains, the parks and Thus, on behalf of the Congress Organizing gardens where flowers blossom all through theCommittee, I cordially invite the interested year, the alleys of trees in the avenues or evencolleagues and friends, honorable professionals, smaller streets, and even the water that runsprofessors and students, as well as, down from the upper city along deep and wideaccompanying persons to attend such memorable gutters which look like small rivers during spring.unique events. The Alborz range on the north of Tehran, which Due to time constraints, it is recommended hosts the highest peak in Iran, provides fantasticthat the interested delegates complete the conditions for ski lovers in the winter. In winter,registration form and the visa application form the mountain hotels and ski-clubs at Shemshak,accessible in the Congress Website and send them and Dizine are full several days a week. Someto the Congress secretariat office as soon as specialist skiers consider the snow value inpossible by e-mail northern Tehran to be one of the most excellent Looking forward to meeting you soon in one in the world.Tehran event during October15-23, 2011. 1
  2. 2. (Terminal-e-Shargh) and South of Tehran (Rah Ahan square) directly to the North of Tehran (Tajrish square).• Get around Getting around traffic-clogged, sprawlingTehran is a true test of patience. While taxis areyour best bet, they are pricier here than the rest BRT has a lot of stations near main streetsof the country. A large local bus network will also (especially near the congress venue to south). Thetake you almost anywhere you need to go, as long women and men seats and queues are can make sense of the routes and Persian line • By taxinumbers. The true star of Tehrans transport The color of taxi is yellow or green. In each squaresystem however, is the brand new metro. you will find certain places where the private taxis• By metro are lined up in a queue and drivers call for Tehrans new metro system is comprised of passengers to a destination; you can also call taxifour lines that will whisk you quickly from one end on streets. But the best way is to go directly to theof the city to the other without having to deal hotel reception and ask them to call for a taxi.with the noise, pollution and chaos of Tehrantraffic. Each train has two women-only wagons at Do You Know?the ends. But it does not mean that women  The Congress Venue is one of the mostcannot use the other wagons. equipped centers of holding congresses, on the north of Tehran near the gorgeous Alborz mountain;  Some tourists prefer visiting Isfahan and Shiraz which shall also be arranged for them to fulfill their desires;  The number of summary papers received for Tehran Congress is approximately equal to the sum of 18th, 19th and 20th Congress papers in 2002, 2005, and 2008 respectively,• By bus that is, equal to 470 summary papers. Tehran has an expansive bus network. Each Facilities for the participantsbus line has certain and almost invariable path. If Rah Kar Tejarat Company is responsible foryou get in a bus and looking for a certain station registration, visa formalities, accommodation,or address to alight, ask one to help you-you will Exhibition, Sponsorships, etc. Those interested insurely find many people willing to help you find receiving further information may access theyour way most of the time!• following e-mail or telephone number:• BRT (Bus Rapid Transit);; The BRT buses are colored in red. BRTs have U U Phone: +98 21-2236-6948, +98 21-2236-6948special lines and travel very quickly from west of Fax: +98 21-2236-6789Tehran (Azadi square) directly to the East 2