News Update 04


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New Update of ICID 2011 events

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News Update 04

  1. 1. Accompanying Persons Tour complex, Reza Shah lived there in 1920s.In previous ICID events, the congress Afterwards, his son, Mohammad Reza Pahlaviaccompanying persons could only attend the moved there in 1970s.general invitations and meetings by paying the Some parts of the complex are used by the Iranianregistration fee without having specific schedule Cultural Heritage Organization which isfor filling their free time. responsible for most of the artifacts, locations,However, in Tehran congress, the organizing and cultural aspects of Iran.committee has considered various motivating,recreational tours simultaneous with the gloriousevent for the accompanying persons to visithistoric places, traditional and modern purchasingcenters, museums, etc. of Tehran city, without anyextra charge. Some of these interesting places tobe visited are as follows:Carpet Museum of IranThe Carpet Museum of Iran, with its beautifularchitecture and facade resembling a carpet-weaving loom is located in the center of Tehrancity. It is composed of two exhibition galleries. Theground floor gallery is assigned for permanentexhibitions and the upper floor gallery is Tajrish old Bazar and Tehran great Bazarconsidered for the temporary exhibitions of A bazaar is a type of marketplace, fulfilling manycarpets, kilims, and carpet designs. additional functions rather than merely trade. Tajrish old Bazar and Tehran great Bazar are two historical markets situated respectively in the north and center of Tehran.Saedabad PalaceSaedabad Palace is a palace built by Pahlavi Golestan Palacedynasty in Shemiran area of Tehran. The complex Golestān Palace pronounced in Persian "Kakhehwas first inhabited by Qajar monarchs and royal Golestān" is the former royal Qajar complex infamily in the 19th century. After expansion of the Tehran. 1
  2. 2. Golestan Complex consists of 17 palaces, connected Telecabin lines in the world accordingmuseums, and Halls. Almost all of this complex to the certification of the Telecabin constructor.was built during 200 years of Qajar Dynasty.These palaces were used for occasions such ascoronation and the other important celebrations. Milad Tower Milad Tower is the highest tower in Iran. Milad Tower, with its height of 435 meters, is the fourth highest telecommunicationsNiavaran Palace Complex tower in the world. TheNiavarān Palace Complex is a historic complex on first three floors consistthe north of Tehran, Iran. It consists of several of 63 trade units, 11 foodbuildings and a museum. The Sahebqraniyeh courts, a cafeteria and aPalace, from the time of Naser al-Din Shah of commercial productsQajar dynasty, is also inside this complex. The exhibition, which covermain Niavaran Palace, completed in 1968, was 260 square meters.the primary residence of the last Shah,Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and the Imperial family Beside the above-mentioned cases, Iran-Bastanuntil the Iranian Revolution. The main palace was Museum, attractive Darband mountains region,designed by the Iranian architect Mohsen Iran jewelry museum with priceless gold, jewelry,Foroughi. and diamonds of various ancient periods of Iran kingdoms, etc. are scheduled to be visited. All enthusiastic delegates are invited to refer to the Accompanying Persons Tour, Congress U U Website, for obtaining more information. Facilities for the participants Rah Kar Tejarat Company is responsible for registration, visa formalities, accommodation, Exhibition, Sponsorships, etc. Those interested in receiving further information may access the following e-mail or telephone number: U UTochal Telecabin Phone: +98 21-2236-6948, +98 21-2236-6948The 3 main Telecabin lines are approximately Fax: +98 21-2236-67897,500 meters long, which is one of the longest 2