ICID 2011 News Update 03


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The 3rd News Update of ICID 2011 events

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ICID 2011 News Update 03

  1. 1. Tehran SSC tries its best to hold this unique,Message of Supporting and Secretariat memorable, and scientific event by engagingCommittee (SSC) maximum capacities of private & public sectors soHaving issued the two previous Newsletters based that the honorable participants enjoy themselveson the importance of holding the 21st ICID during their stay in Iran.Congress on Irrigation and Drainage & 62nd IEC The supporting & Secretariat Committee invitesMeeting, IRNCID has considered an relevant professionals and students from all overOrganizational Chart Composed of High Council, the world to attend this great Congress. In case ofExecutive Board, and 5 Working Groups as any queries, please get in touch with us via:follows: icid2011@gmail.comSupporting & Secretariat; Technical; Tours;Propaganda & Communications; and Financial SponsorshipsCommittees. IRNCID seeks a limited number of sponsorships for entities interested in sponsoring the ICID- Tehran Congress and its side events during the period of the event in Tehran, Iran. Sponsorships include Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver levels each having its own benefits. Printing logos, installing banners, holding banquets & technical tours, distributing brochures, holding exhibitions, playingSupporting and Secretariat Committee (SSC) plays commercial movies, presenting statuettes andthe pivotal role on performing the Congress commemorative plaques and publications areaffairs such as supervising the engaged amongst the facilities provided by the Congresscontractors, answering the participants Secretariat to those interested in sponsoring thisquestions, preparing relevant news and activities event.on the Congress Website, Coordinating the Detailed information on the sponsorships ismeeting to be held as well as, following up the accessible via the Congress websiteapprovals of the other Committees. (www.icid2011.org).The Central part of this Committee composed of Introducing Tehran Congress Toursyoung professionals, shall benefit from 40 capable Tehran congress proceeds by two technical toursvolunteer students to enhance the Congress and two post-conference tours respectively totargets. Mazandaran, Khuzestan, Esfahan and Shiraz provinces. These tours have been anticipated to be scheduled for the interested delegates and accompanying persons of which the details have been informed through the congress website. Brief information on Khuzestan tour is pointed as follows: Khuzestan Tour (2 days and 1 night) This is a wonderful, attractive and unforgettable tour to south of Iran to visit historical and modern structures, large dams, over 3000 years old 1
  2. 2. historical hydro-structures of Shushtar watermills,Mizan weir, Chegha-Zanbil temple and itshistorical water treatment, together withirrigation and drainage system. STD telephone, swimming pool & sauna bath, self–service, 3 restaurants (including a traditionalTransportation: By plane one), coffee – shop, room service, medical office,Date: 24 and 25 Oct. 2011 internet & web –site, green space, round theThe following sites are planned to be visited for clock transportation service; hairdressers salon,this tour: handicrafts shop, bookstore, photography booth,  Gargar Irrigation System business center, etc.  Band-e-Mizan Weir  Shushtar Watermills or Gargar weir- bridge  Daryoun Canal  Safiabad-Dezful Agricultural Research Center  Dez Irrigation Network  Dez Reservoir Dam  Apadana  Susa historical palace  Shrine of Daniel the Prophet  Haft-tappah Agro-Industry Company  Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat The restaurant provides its unique blend of style  Ahvaz City and food with best possible services one canFor further information, please refer to the imagine to bring ones guests to spend the mostcongress website as follows: enjoyable and memorable moments during theirwww.icid2011.org stay in Iran.U UFacilities of Enghelab Hotel for Tehran Enghelab Hotel is located in the center of TehranCongress city and it takes about 40 minutes to reach theEnghelab Hotel, located at the commercial center venue of conference by car. However, freeof the city equipped with luxurious suites transportation service is available for therestaurants, seminars and saloons, gives its best participants.services to the local & foreign guests.This 4 star hotel, with 248 bedrooms and 25 Facilities for the participantsluxurious and classic suites, is equipped with Those interested in receiving further informationfacilities such as satellite, central video, T.V., may access the following e-mail or telephonerefrigerator; number: icid.congress@gmail.com U U Phone: +98 21-2236-6140, +98 21-2236-6230 2