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Smarter Cities Platform


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Presentació realitzada per IBM Barcelona a la jornada organitzada per l'ICGC "La ciutat: un ecosistema de dades" (18/07/2014)

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Smarter Cities Platform

  1. 1. Smarter Cities Platform Delivering optimal business outcomes through intelligent response and actionable insights © 2014 IBM Corporation Víctor L. Fandiño Business Analytics Leader IBM Innovation Center Barcelona
  2. 2. Smarter Cities Leaders create opportunities from today’s harsh realities Sustainability IInnnnoovvaattiioonn Investment Community Declining Increasing Aging Infrastructure Changing Populations Budgets Threats p 2 © 2014 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. Smarter Cities Big Data: the I3 environment Instrumented Interconnected Intelligent Volume Velocity Variety Veracity* Data at rest Data in motion Data in many Data in doubt Terabytes to exabytes of existing data to process Streaming data, milliseconds to seconds to respond forms Structured, unstructured, text, multimedia Uncertainty due to data inconsistency & incompleteness, g ambiguities, y latency, deception, model approximations 3 © 2014 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. Smarter Cities Leaders must innovate across services to meet and exceed citizen Planning and expectations Management Design and implement a city plan to realize full potential for citizens and businesses; while Government and Agency Administration Urban Planning Planning and efficiently running daily operations Infrastructure Public Safety Management Environmental Deliver efficient fundamental city services that make a city desirable for citizens Human Infrastructure Social and Health Energy and Water Human Provide effective services that support the economic, social and health needs of citizens Education Transportation 4 © 2014 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. Smarter Cities Recognizing the need to collaborate with business and external agencies Planning and Other levels of Government Management Design and implement a city plan to realize full potential for citizens and businesses; while efficiently daily Security Agencies Businesses Planning and running operations Management Hospitals Infrastructure Deliver efficient fundamental city services that make a city desirable for citizens Human Infrastructure Developers Human Provide effective services that support the economic, social and health needs of citizens Citizen Groups Universities Not for Profits 5 © 2014 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. Smarter Cities Agency specific and interconnections across systems are critical Better event planning eases traffic congestion & improves Public Safety Lower crime Govt Services & Transportation Education increases use p of public emergency response transit Water H l h Utilities Preventing water Enhanced quality Healthcare g pipe bursts reduces city disruptions q y of water improves health 6 © 2014 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. Smarter Cities Examples of Smarter Cities Solutions that exists in the 4 corners of the City of Zhenjiang:‐ Transportation solution to provide city managers world, ( in 12 languages ) Miami Dade:‐ Smarter Cities initiative to improve services for with a consolidated view of the transportation network, and initiate a new bus scheduling system residents and help agencies share information among the 35 municipalities within the county. Netherlands:‐ Digital delta is a big data driven water management system for better flood control. City of Rio de Janeiro:‐ New capabilities to further improve the city’s emergency response system, and give citizens access to information that will help them better manage their daily lives. 7 © 2014 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. Smarter Cities Challenges that are facing smarter city operations Lack of visibility inhibits the delivery of an optimal response which can increase budgets, create redundant resource requirements, and lengthen the time to resolution Di t dI id t Disconnected Incident Management Limited g intelligent STOP STOP Cross‐department response p collaboration challenges Lack of situational operations awareness City Big Data impacts 8 © 2014 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. Smarter Cities Smarter city operations business value for cross‐agency and line of business users: Faster time to value Actionable insight Intelligent response ….g driving p Improved Outcomes for Citizen Benefit, , Economic Vitality, Operational Excellence 9 © 2014 IBM Corporation
  10. 10. Smarter Cities A smarter city operations solution combines key capabilities: Multi Source Data Ingestion Advanced Situational Awareness Stakeholder Collaboration Leverage information p Anticipate p problems to Coordinate resources resolve them proactively and processes to operate effectively to make better decisions 10 © 2014 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. Smarter Cities A smarter city platform should allow to build integrated verticals on top of a robust, scalable and trusted foundation Water Transportation City Planning Video & Operations • Infrastructure planning •Permit optimization • Tax & license fraud •Water / wastewater operations •Water conservation •Water efficiency management •Transportation operations •Traffic prediction •Transit analytics Analytics •Event‐based surveillance •Automated video analysis •Real‐time alerts Operations Center Foundation • City wide situational awareness • Cross‐department collaboration • Intelligent Response via integrated standard operation procedures • Performance monitoring with Dashboards and KPI’s • Decision Support Analytics • Mobile Stakeholders Connections with Citizen collaboration and Social media analytics Improved Outcomes for Citizen Benefit, Economic Vitality, Operational Excellence 11 © 2014 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. Smarter Cities The evolution curve in sing large complex environments Corrective: Advanced correlation and analytics engines: autonomous decisions Data Process decisions, correct in real time Predictive: Operations issues are predicted and intelligent responses are generated Selective: Integrated view of operations & infrastructure: Situational Intelligence for better management Static: System and personal are centered in the same location with little system or data integration essing g g Stand alone technology: Video analytics, social media, citizen collaboration Single domains: Water, Transportation, Public Safety … Human Proce Basic sensor systems 12 © 2014 IBM Corporation
  13. 13. Smarter Cities Smarter City Platform Connect to your distributed data sources ( sensors, predictive, social media, video, etc) he process ild h i i l db i rts design th Build out the situational awareness and business intelligence of your monitored environment matter exper Intelligently Respond to events and issues based on the condition of your resources ( k h ld bl fi i l l i l i l Subject m stake‐holders, consumables, financial, metrological, social sentiment , urgency ) 13 © 2014 IBM Corporation
  14. 14. Smarter Cities Alert Management Integrated situational awareness Adaptive Business Enhanced User Experience Intelligence charting Traceability of user interaction Investigation Filtering Intelligent Response Advance Solution Development Platform High Availability Decision Support Analytics User Role based access Inline Help Files Non Technical setup Mobile Stakeholders Connections Step by Step data integration tooling “wizards” Performance Monitoring 14 © 2014 IBM Corporation
  15. 15. Smarter Cities The benefits of a Smarter City approach Smarter city attributes Collaboration between departments with decision-support systems to respond more effectively to city needs Use data driven decisions to drive new levels of operational efficiencies and citizen involvement in city y services Traditional approach Smarter approach Isolated city silos Lack of real-time situational awareness Citywide holistic solution Enhanced common operational picture Disconnected incident management Ineffective human processing of data Custom solutions, hard to Cross-city information sharing Analytics used to gain actionable insight scale e b e p at o , c o ce o de e y ode s Flexible platform, choice of delivery models 15 © 2014 IBM Corporation
  16. 16. 16 © 2014 IBM Corporation