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American Home Sales Prefab Housing - EE in HOME Workshop


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American Home Sales Prefab Housing - EE in HOME Workshop

  1. 1. Nichoel Farris, American Home Sales 530.885.4555 our goal: create thoughtful, sustainable homes that are accessible to all. Homes for a healthy, green lifestyle
  2. 2. AMERICAN HOME SALES IS A DESIGN BUILD FIRM SPECIALIZING IN INNOVATIVE AND HIGH QUALITY AFFORDABLE GREEN HOMES. oDesign AHS blends green architecture, sustainable design and green building principles into every project. Climate-responsive design rediscovers the powerful relationship of buildings to place. oQuality oEach home is built using high quality materials and finishes with quality control at every building stage in the factory. oExperience Nichoel Farris Designs o Years of combined design experience, hundreds of homes installed, and half a century of factory production affords our clients the ability to work with respected and experienced professionals.
  3. 3. Sonoma House School House Nichoel Farris Designs Eco Home River Cottage Tahoe Chalet
  4. 4. “Between 40% and 50% of the homes built in 2010 are expected to be green.” -National Association of Home Builders Manufactured Home Site Built $ 50-$70 Sqft Cost $ 180 SqFt Avg 4-6 months Time 10-24 months Off site building technology Building Vulnerable to multiple increases quality control and Process contractor scheduling, weather building efficiency. Fewer delays delays and vandalism. Increased caused by the weather and embodied energy from multiple vandalism damages. Reduce build deliveries of materials. waste (less than 5% of wt.) Increased waste. Homes are built in a climate Maintenance Building materials left in controlled factory using high & Durability weather elements and quality materials and precise maintenance & durability are building techniques. Home is left to contractors building inspected for compliance prior to integrity. shipping.
  5. 5. AHS Green Building Standards Nichoel Farris Designs Energy Efficient Healthy & Safe Durable Water Efficient Environmentally Responsible
  6. 6. Green Building Benefits to Homeowner Nichoel Farris Designs
  7. 7. Benefits of Building Green with AHS Nichoel Farris Designs
  8. 8. GREEN BUILDING & SYNERGISTIC DESIGN APPROACH proper site placement for utilizing free natural resources climate-responsive passive design Increased day lighting Nichoel Farris Designs appealing elevations that harmonize with neighborhood and topography engineer homes for on-site generation of clean solar energy efficient appliances & mechanical systems to minimize energy dependency green home options: electric or golf cart charge, recycling drawer, LED lights, whole house water filter, occupancy sensors, CO Detectors, Solar Prep healthy indoor environments with increased day lighting and improved air quality provide high quality and durable home with steel roof and cement siding promotion within green building community
  9. 9. DAY LIGHTING Daylight offers the twin advantages of creating a high- quality environment while Nichoel Farris Designs reducing energy use for lighting. This will be gained thru additional windows, skylights, and solar tubes. Studies show that increased daylighting reduces stress, tardiness and sick days, and improves general dispositions.
  10. 10. DESIGN BLEND With our factory technology and talented designers, we have the ability to affordably design the home’s elevation to blend naturally within the surround environment and Nichoel Farris Designs neighborhood.
  11. 11. ENERGY EFFICIENCY & NATURAL RESOURCES Energy Star Qualified Home Region III Nichoel Farris Designs Efficient Mechanical Systems High Performance Windows Tight Construction and Sealed Ducts Low flow fixtures reduce water usage
  12. 12. IMPROVED INDOOR AIR QUALITY FOR OCCUPANTS LOW/NO VOC Paints & Adhesives Nichoel Farris Designs Low emitting finishes Formaldehyde-Free Insulation (And fire resistant to 350 Degrees) Air vents are covered during construction period
  13. 13. SUSTAINABLE BUILDING Formaldehyde Free Insulation is 30% post consumer recycled glass Lean building practices are in place to Nichoel Farris Designs utilize all building materials to fullest potential Predictable Scheduling Door moldings and trim are SCS certified post industrial recycled materials. Regional home builder and service team. Up-to-date on green building innovations and promotion within green community.
  14. 14. Nichoel Farris Designs QUALITY & DURABILITY
  15. 15. Nichoel Farris Designs Redevelopment Steps
  16. 16. Nichoel Farris Designs
  17. 17. American Home Sales (530) 885-4555 or Nichoel Farris Designs
  18. 18. Organic architecture seeks superior sense of use and a finer sense of comfort, expressed in organic simplicity. Nichoel Farris Designs -Frank Lloyd Wright