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World Humanitarian Summit Innovation Factograph (3/4)


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ICF Mostra has produced a set of four factographs and a video for the European Commission's Humanitarian aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO) ahead of the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit.

In the face of rapidly changing global needs and challenges, the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) intends to adapt the humanitarian system to make humanitarian aid more efficient, effective, and inclusive. The summit is scheduled in May 2016 in Istanbul.

On the occasion of the WHS and the preparatory European consultation taking place in Budapest on 3-4 February 2015, ICF Mostra worked on an integrated communications project with ECHO. ICF Mostra produced a series of discussion tools aimed at raising awareness of the needs and challenges of humanitarian aid, as a means of stimulating engagement ahead of the regional and global consultations.

ICF Mostra delivered a package of four factographs structuring the thematic baskets/discussion topics of the WHS and an animated video clip informing the public about the European Union's efforts as a global humanitarian donor. Both products were produced in all 24 European languages as well as Turkish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

Follow the link to the factographs and more information about the European Commission’s involvement in the WHS:

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World Humanitarian Summit Innovation Factograph (3/4)

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