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Keep clean user interface design in mind.
Rounded corners, bevels, and graphic buttons use a lot of p...
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Mobile App Design Trends: Top 10 Tips


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Designing products for mobile apps is different than designing apps for the desktop, the web or even the mobile web. Users have grown to expect a certain level of interactivity and are accustomed to certain design elements that we need to take into account. These tips hit on a few key points that are important to keep in mind when designing Mobile Apps.

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Mobile App Design Trends: Top 10 Tips

  1. 1. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Keep clean user interface design in mind. Rounded corners, bevels, and graphic buttons use a lot of processing power. Also, Android, Google, and Windows 8 are all leading the way to a cleaner design for mobile apps. Think straight edges, bold color, simple organization. Make apps swipe-friendly. If you can navigate the app with your thumb, you’ve got a winner. More and more, mobile apps are becoming swipe (and user) friendly. Keep content simple. Content should be to the point, useful, and functional—but not overly complicated. Craft an experience and a palette to match. Just because many interfaces are sporting cleaner design doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider your graphics. Apps designed with user experience in mind, and a palette to go along with it, will go far. Design for mobile on mobile. As much as possible, design your mobile apps on a mobile device— keeping you connected to the user experience every step along the way. Take advantage of what makes mobile unique. Maps and navigation. Photos and video. SMS and GPS. All of these mobile tools offer possible functionality for your apps. Be sure to take advantage of them! Don’t just duplicate your Website. An app should provide a useful and functional extension of your Website— not just a smaller version of it. Prototype it and test it—early on. Test early. Revise. Test again. Revise. Share and get feedback. Revise. You get the idea. Keep processing power in mind. The more complicated your graphics and the more media you use, the more mobile processing power your users will need for an optimal experience. So know what you need, and what you can do without. Know what you like and design to your taste. If you don’t love using your app, you can’t expect others to. Know what you love in an app, and keep that in mind. Of course, constructive feedback as you design also helps! Top Ten Mobile App Design Tips Brought to you by ICF International sms icfi.comCONNECTWITH US Jeremy Vanderlan n n +1.703.934.3256