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Sharing Medical Research Through Facebook


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Medical discoveries, diagnosing diseases, and research innovations all make for great content but if not shared correctly can go unnoticed. Effective use of social media directs the public, researchers, and policy makers to your organization's website for more in-depth information. Social media is a powerful tool to engage your audience and to foster trust and support.

Download the tipsheet to learn how to maximize your organization's presence on Facebook.

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Sharing Medical Research Through Facebook

  1. 1. Sharing Medical Research through FACEBOOK TIP SHEET Social media is a quick and easy way to share information and foster engagement with the public. Effective use of social media can also direct the public to your agency’s website for more in-depth information. Here are some ways to maximize your effectiveness on Facebook: CONTENT CONSIDERATIONS Posts between 100 and 250 characters (i.e., three lines of text or fewer) receive 60 percent more likes, comments, and shares. - Facebook, 2014 Visual content is the primary driver of @ # facebook World How most WHY Like Comment Share Does your agency need more social media tips? Contact Lindy Dreyer, Digital Strategist, ICF International | | @LindyDreyer Last Update: November, 2014 engagement on Facebook. - Hitz, 2014 Quotes get 26 percent more likes and 19 percent more shares. - Patel, 2014 TIME AND FREQUENCY Generally, around 1 p.m. gets the most shares and 3 p.m. gets the most clicks. - Patel, Jan 2014 Engagement rates are 18 percent higher on Thursday and Friday. - Patel, Jan 2014 Most effective posting schedule can be determined by testing different post times and days. Sharre Status Update M T W T F S New Photo New Message New Friend PLATFORM-SPECIFIC FEATURES @mention relevant users and pages to encourage sharing and dialogue. Use relevant hashtags thoughtfully. Optimize content for mobile devices. - Stec, 2014 CONTENT THEME AND WORD USAGE CONSIDERATIONS Search Logout Most sharable title words: Facebook, Why, Most, World, How, Health, Bill, Big, Says, Best. - Patel, Jan 2014 - Carter & Marketo, 2013 Facebook users prefer posts about positivity, technology, travel, health, and sports. - Patel, Jan 2014 Sharre BILL HbeailtghBEST Says A highly shareable Facebook post does at least one of the following: Advises (how-to), Amazes, Inspires, Warns, or Unites.