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Transformation of Federal Clearinghouses Infographic


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New Infographic from ICF International shows how traditional order-and-ship warehouses are giving way to dynamic online communities using data from 2009-2013.

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Transformation of Federal Clearinghouses Infographic

  1. 1. FEDERAL CLEARINGHOUSES THE TRANSFORMATION OF Taking advantage of a gold mine of insights to continuously improve the user experience. ANALYTICS Making sure that site search works—ensuring relevant results across common search terms and allowing users to further refine results. SEARCH +180% RSS Feeds HERE’S WHAT’S DOWN AND OUT HERE’S WHAT’S UP AND IN Fostering online collaboration, increasing the knowledge share, and incentivizing participation. COMMUNITY Understanding what your users want to do and what information they’re looking for when using various mobile devices. MOBILE +815% Twitter Integration +727% Facebook Integration +63% Online Chats Online Training +207% -9% Hard Copy Distribution of Materials 1 2 3 Do you have an efficient, cost-effective method of updating content? Do you know what your users want to do across different devices? How does social media fit into your overall site strategy? Questionsto ask before transforming your clearinghouse... ? Traditional order-and-ship warehouses give way to dynamic online communities -33% Online Libraries ICF International's latest benchmarking study reveals major shifts between 2009 and 2013. Research includes: Department of Health and Human Services sites 59 other federal and state sites 71 sites supported by ICF 20 Identifying key content that must be translated and published in multiple languages. LANGUAGES +20% Content in Multiple Languages +19% Subscription Services +207% Tagging and Bookmarking Consult with a leading expert in government clearinghouses to discover how to transform your traditional order-and-ship warehouse to an online community exchange. Copyright © 2014